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Collection TitleMC 20 Rotary - Organizations and ClubsCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByDavid Leopold
Date Completed:Spring 2006
Provenance:The Rotary Collection is a series of donations made by various Rotary Members.
Extent1 linear foot
AbstractThe Rotary Collection, contains newsletters, programs, booklets, reports and other documents relating to this organization.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Rotary Club. A copy of the Roster, Constitution and By Laws of the Elmira Rotary Club. Dated: July, 1921.DocumentsC0301
Rotary Club. A memorial for Thomas Johnson Bolger, President of the Elmira Rotary Club, 1922-1923.DocumentsC0302
Rotary Club. A copy of the Constitution and By-Laws for the Elmira Rotary Club. Dated: June 6th, 1971.DocumentC0303
Rotary Club. A copy of the Rotary International Golden Anniversary program. Dated: October 4th, 1966.ProgramC0304
Rotary Club. A copy of the Elmira Rotary Club's Americanization Meeting program. Dated: February 12th, 1926.ProgramC0305
Rotary Club. Elmira Rotary Club Fortieth Anniversary Booklet. Dated: September of 1956.BookletC0306
Rotary Club. A copy of Elmira Rotary Club's Elmira Little Theatre's Production of "Send Me No Flowers" program. Dated: April 26th, 1962.ProgramC0307
Rotary Club. A copy of the Elmira Rotary Club's Silver Anniversary Dinner program. Dated: November 13th, 1941.ProgramC0308
Rotary Club. Elmira Rotary Club Membership List. Dated: September 25th, 1934.DocumentsC0309
Rotary Club. A copy of the Tenth annual report of the secretary and treasurer of the Elmira Rotary Club. Dated: April 30th, 1926.ReportC0310
Rotary Club. A copy of Rotary International Policy and Procedure Report for the Elmira Rotary Club. Dated: April, 1968.ReportC0311
Rotary Club. Rotary International Committee Presents Horace Reed In Rotary RIP. No date.DocumentC0312
Rotary Club. A copy of the Third Annual Boy's Hobby Fair program. Dated: April 29th, 1937.ProgramC0313
Rotary Club. 2 copies of A 25-year History of the Elmira Rotary Club. Dated: 1941.BookletC0314
Rotary Club. An official ballot of the Elmira Rotary Club. Dated: December 22nd, 1992.BallotC0315
Rotary Club. A copy of the Sweetheart Dinner Dance program, hosted by the Chemung Co. A.M. Rotary. Dated: February 18th, 1994.ProgramC0316
Rotary Club. 34 membership cards from the Elmira Rotary Club.DocumentsC0317
Rotary Club. An official Elmira Rotary Club ballot. Dated: December 13th, 1977.BallotC0401
Rotary Club. 4 copies of rosters with pictures from the Elmira Rotary Club.DocumentsC0402
Rotary Club. Copies of old papers including letters, and financial statements belonging to the Elmira Rotary Club. Dated: all through the 1920's.DocumentsC0501
Rotary Club. A letter to Ray Simmons from Richard Dalton. Dated: October 18th, 1979. LetterC0601
Rotary Club. 2 letters from the IRS district director to the Elmira Rotary Club. Dated: September 10th, 1979. LetterC0602
Rotary Club. A booklet of songs for the Rotary International Club. Dated; 1966.BookletC0603
Rotary Club. A copy of Rotarians Working to Build a Better Elmira program. Dated: 1980.ProgramC0604
Rotary Club. A copy of the International Festival program, hosted by the Elmira Heights Rotary Club. Dated: March 6th, 1983.ProgramC0701
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