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Current Exhibits

Bank Gallery

In the Valley of the Big Horn: A History of Chemung County

In the Valley of the Big Horn tells the history of the county from the earliest days of settlement by Native Americans through the end of the 20th century.  Come and explore important events from the county’s past through objects, historic images and hands-on interactives. 



Mark Twain's Elmira

Mark Twain’s Elmira focuses on the people and places that the author knew during his time here.  The exhibit features artifacts used by Mark Twain and his family and historic images of Elmira during the late 1800s. 



The Towns and Villages of Chemung County

Chemung County, as it is today, is the product of centuries of history.  Each town and village within the county has its own unique past.  This rotating exhibit will tell the histories of the towns and villages and of their people. 

Click here to see past Towns and Villages exhibits.



Currently on display: Millport

On Display through January 2019



Brick Barn Gallery

It's Electric

Electricity revolutionized the world and forever changed the everyday lives of people in Chemung County. Was this change always positive? Learn how electricity impacted how people lived, worked, and played from the first introduction of electricity in Elmira in 1882 to the electrification of the entire county in 1940.


On Display through May 2019



Howell Gallery

Elmirans Abroad

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, people had the opportunity to travel around the world like never before. The new exhibit, Elmirans Abroad, tells the stories of local men and women who traveled for both work and pleasure during that time. Learn about explorers, businesspeople, entertainers, and missionaries who visited the far corners of the earth. “At the Jewish Table” is an exhibit inspired by the Elmira Jewish Community’s most well-known public event, the Jewish Food Festival (to be held April 15, 2018).  The festival is not only an opportunity to cook and share favorite Jewish foods, it is also an expression of the long history of Elmira’s Jewish community.


On Display through April 2019 



Frances Brayton Education Room

Flood of '72 

Learn about the history of the Flood of 1972 and its aftermath in the exhibit created by 6th grade students at Horseheads Intermediate School. 

On Display January 10 - February 16, 2019