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<May 2017>

Civil War Programming Series
“The Accursed Ills I Cannot Bear”
May 4  7:00pm

“The Accursed Ills I Cannot Bear,” Confederate Veterans & Their Families: Suicide and Suffering in the Defeated South, Dr. Diane Miller Sommerville, Binghamton University


Professor Sommerville will examine the return of Confederate veterans to the homefront after the Civil War and discuss the difficulty many faced making that transition. She will address manifestations of war trauma (commonly referred to as PTSD) including depression, anxiety, and paranoia that resulted in social & personal pathologies like alcoholism & addiction, domestic violence, and, in extreme cases, suicide.


All programs are free and open to the public. Call 607-734-4167 ext. 205 for more information.
This series is generously sponsored by Welliver.