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<May 2016>

Civil War Lecture Series
War Trauma, Suicide, and Confederate Soldiers
May 12  7:00pm

“War Trauma, Suicide, and Confederate Soldiers," Dr. Diane Miller Sommerville, Binghamton University

Dr. Diane Miller Sommerville will discuss the psychological and emotional impact of the war on Confederate soldiers: How did war trauma affect soldiers? How did those around such soldiers react?  What prompted suicidal behavior in some soldiers? And how were soldier-suicides treated in the press? Sommerville argues that expectations for martial comportment by men caused some to be more fearful of failing in combat than dying by their own hands. And that families and comrades tended to treat suicidal deaths sympathetically and honorably, not as acts of cowardice or sinfulness, as was typical in the antebellum period.


Free and open to the public. Call 607-734-4167 ext. 205 for more information.