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<May 2016>

Civil War Lecture Series
Nearer to Hades: Death and Dying in the Elmira Prison Camp
May 26  7:00pm

“Nearer to Hades: Death and Dying in the Elmira Prison Camp,” Gary Emerson, Binghamton University

Gary Emerson will discuss the many illnesses that prisoners endured, such as smallpox, pneumonia, dysentery, and scurvy.  Medical care was often lacking and poorly administered.  The diet of the prisoners was restricted at times causing more men to become ill and the environment also contributed to rising numbers of sick and dying men.  The prison camp was only in existence for a year, yet nearly 3,000 Confederate soldiers died at Elmira making it one of the deadliest prison camps in the North. 


Free and open to the public. Call 607-734-4167 ext. 205 for more information.