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Collection TitleMC 64 PeopleCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByRachel Dworkin
Date Completed:December 2015

The Ethel Shaver Collection was donated to the Booth Library by Betty Vondracke in 2007.  The Griswold Family Collection was donated to the Booth Library in 2001.  The Jenkins Family Collection was donated by Grace Jenkins in 2015.  The Joseph Grover collection was donated to the Booth Library in 1971.  The Rosencrans Family Collection was donated to the Booth Library by Heather Bescheler in 2010.


Bradford County (PA); Elmira (N.Y.); Jewish Americans; Recipes; Southport (N.Y.); United States.  Navy; World War, 1939-1945


Ethel Shaver was born in Canton, Pennsylvania in 1890.  She was married to Guy Shaver, a barber, and lived on Elmira’s Southside. 


Griswold Family was established in Chemung County by Elijah Griswold (1719-approx. 1800) who settled here was in the 1790s.  His descendants are scattered throughout upstate New York including in Elmira and Cortland. 


Jenkins Family – Nelson Jenkins served in U.S. Navy from 1940 to 1946 aboard the U.S.S. Langley.  His brother Richard Jenkins served in the Army in the Pacific during WW II and was killed in action in September 1944.


Joseph Grover, originally of Springfield Township, Pennsylvania, fought during the Revolutionary War.  He later settled on a farm in the Town of Southport.    


Rosencrans Family – During World War II, Seymour Rosencrans served as an officer in US Army Air Corps.  He later worked as salesman and was killed in a car accident in 1957.  His brother Herbert served as a baker with the Army Quartermaster and was stationed in India.  Both were members of Congregation Shomray Hadath, Elmira’s Orthodox Jewish temple.   


The Ethel Shaver Collection contains recipes, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous personal papers, 1862-1963.  The Griswold Family Collection includes genealogical information, familial correspondence, and family newsletters, 1890-1961.  The Jenkins Family Collection includes materials associated with Nelson and Richard Jenkins’ service in World War II, British War Relief material, and miscellaneous family papers, 1860-2007. The Joseph Grover Collection includes Grover’s financial and legal papers, 1820-1833.  The Rosencrans Family Collection includes Seymour Rosencrans’ personal papers, 1945-1957; Herbert Rosencrans’ World War II photograph album; and miscellaneous family papers and photographs. 

Extent.5 linear feet
Date Span1820-2007
AbstractMC 64 contains five collections: Ethel Shaver Collection; Griswold Family Collection; Jenkins Family Collection; Joseph Grover Collection; and the Rosencrans Family Collection. 

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Ethel Shaver Collection - 30 recipes RecipesA01
Ethel Shaver Collection - Notes on Shaver genealogyNotesA0201
Ethel Shaver Collection - Stalter family bible page with a record of family births and deaths, 1862-1897. DocumentA0202
Ethel Shaver Collection - Shaver family bible page with a record of family births, 1850-1885. DocumentA0203
Ethel Shaver Collection - Discharged Certificate for Pvt. Lewis Stalter, Company E, 2nd Regiment of the New Jersey Volunteers, July 11, 1865.DocumentA0204
Ethel Shaver Collection - Birth Certificate for Guy Egbert Shaver, February 18, 1885.DocumentA0205
Ethel Shaver Collection - Pension records for Lewis Stalter from the Department of the Interior, 1885-1893.DocumentsA0206
Ethel Shaver Collection - 2 affidavits swearing to the identity of Ethel L. Shaver sworn by Mrs. Carrie Ketchem and Clarence Barnes, May 6, 1942.DocumentsA0207
Ethel Shaver Collection - Letter from Guy Shaver to his mother describing his life in Elmira, March 26, 1914. LetterA0208
Ethel Shaver Collection - Christmas Postcard from Pfc. Joseph H. Kay to Mr. & Mrs. Shaver, December 1944.PostcardA0210
Ethel Shaver Collection - V-Mail letter from Pfc. George Terry wishing Mr. & Mrs Guy Shaver Merry Christmas, December 1944.LetterA0211
Ethel Shaver Collection - Newspaper clippings regarding Stalter family; Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing; Terry White; world news, 1955-1963. NewspapersA03
Griswold Family Collection - Genealogical chart showing the descendants of Elijah Griswold (1719-1800). DocumentA0401
Griswold Family Collection - Marriage announcement for Guy Griswold & Mabel Rothe, February 5, 1890AnnouncementA0501
Griswold Family Collection - Letter from John W. Griswold to his cousin Abner regarding genealogical research, November 9, 1920.LetterA0502
Griswold Family Collection - Letter from Nate Hanford to Guy S. Griswold regarding treatment at the Gleason Sanatorium, December 5, 1930.LetterA0503
Griswold Family Collection - Correspondence between Emma Lee Walton and Jennie Griswold regarding family genealogy, June 1937. LetterA0504
Griswold Family Collection - Letter from John Kilpatrick to John Griswold regarding Captain James Griswold, January 12, 1961. LetterA0505
Griswold Family Collection - Order of services for First Presbyterian Church of Cortland, New York, April 7, 1929. ProgramA0601
Griswold Family Collection - Eulogy for Reverend Tracy Beadle Griswold (1869-1959), January 12, 1959.BookletA0602
Griswold Family Collection - "Grizzygraph," Griswold Family annual newsletter: 1940; 1951; 1954; 1955; 1957; 1959; 1961. NewslettersA0701
Griswold Family Collection - Letter from Clayton Griswold to his cousin Abner with family news, April 11, 1929. LetterA0801
Griswold Family Collection - Handmade Christmas card sent to Abner Griswold from the Cortland cousins, December 1935. Greeting CardA0802
Jenkins Family Collection - (8) Photographs of the U.S.S. Langley and crew including Nelson Jenkins and Johnny Thanos, 1940-1946. PhotographsA0901
Jenkins Family Collection - Membership certificate in the Dolorous & Downtrodden Doghouse Dwellers issued to Nelson Jenkins, December 6, 1940. CertificateA0902
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