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Collection TitleMC 22 CelebrationsCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKimberly Richards, Owen Dean, Rachel Dworkin
Date Completed:Winter 2006-2007

The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by various individuals.

Extent1 linear foot
Date Span1845-2010

The Celebration Collection contains handbills, programs, invitations, tickets, booklets, correspondence, and administrative paperwork relating to various fairs, festivals and parties in Chemung County including the Elmira Historical Pageant, the Sullivan-Clinton Expedition Sesquicentennial, and the Chemung County Bicentennial.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Letter from G. Thomas Tranter (Manpower Coordinator) to Ernest Hemingway (Director of Chemung County Human Relations) dated April 15, 1975.LetterC0516
Letter from Frank Givens dated April 12, 1975.LetterC0517
Letter from Ernest Hemmingway to Dr. Blostein dated April 10, 1975.LetterC0518
Letter from J. Arthur Kieffer to Paul R. Zaccarine (Superintendent of Schools) dated March 17, 1975.LetterC0519
Memo from Vincent D. Burdulis to All Members of the Oral Ethnic Committee dated February 13, 1975 regarding the Oral Ethnic Organizational Meeting.LetterC0520
Copy of a handwritten letter to Mr. Hemmingway from Gould Coleman dated February 10, 1975.LetterC0521
Memo regarding a telephone call from Barbara B. Block dated February 7, 1975.MemoC0522
Letter from Ernest E. Hemmingway to Gould P. Coleman dated January 29, 1975.LetterC0523
Letter from Ernest E. Hemmingway to Barbara B. Block dated January 29, 1975.LetterC0524
Copy of a handwritten letter to Mr. Hemmingway from Herbert Wisbey dated January 27, 1975.LetterC0525
Memorandum from Dr. Wisbey to Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Hemingway and Dr. Brady dated Jan 7, 1975 regarding the Bicentennial Oral History Project and Ethnic History of Chemung County.MemoC0526
Letter from Gene S. Cesari (Elmira College) to H. Peter Harpending (Chemung County Commission on Human Relations) dated July 2, 1974.LetterC0527
Letter from H. Peter Harpending to Gene S. Cesari dated May 22, 1974.LetterC0528
Letter from Ernest E. Hemmingway to J. Arthur Kieffer dated May 1, 1974.LetterC0529
Letter from J. Arthur Kieffer to Ernest Hemingway dated April 11, 1974.LetterC0530
From the Oral Ethnic Committee a transcription of an interview with Linda Bomysoad interviewed by Lena Nader, March 1, 1976.DocumentsC06
From the Oral Ethnic Committee a transcription of an interview with Nils G. Bjorck interviewed by Olga Bjorck, September 27, 1975.DocumentsC07
From the Oral Ethnic Committee a transcription of an interview with Lina Kaukinen interviewed by Susan Kacala, June 5, 1976.DocumentsC08
From the Oral Ethnic Committee a partial transcription of an interview with Frank P. Robinson interviewed by Frank Givens, June 16, 1975.DocumentsC09
From the Oral Ethnic Committee a transcription of an interview with Mrs. John Cherry interviewed by Bonnie Foltman, January 11, 1976.DocumentsC10
From the Oral Ethnic Committee a transcription of an interview with Mr. Moilanen interviewed by Susan Kacala.DocumentsC11
Program of Exercises Commemorating the 100th Birthday of Elmira, N. Y. Held Tuesday May 22nd, 1928.ProgramC1201
Letter from Mrs. George M. Diven to Descendants of Settlers who should be in Episode Four dated June 9, 1923. Included is a ticket.LetterC1203
Poster for the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Sullivan Expedition.PosterC1204
Poster fro a Labor Day Celebration at Southport Corners, September 7, 1903.PosterC1207
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