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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 26 Health Care/ Hospitals/ MedicalCreator
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Document - Dr. C. L. Squire discusses a case of Pelvic Lecllutitis in patient Mrs. S, age 22, in the year 1888. There are handwritten notes along with transcribed typed notes of this case.DocumentD0701
Document - A paper written by Dr. C. L. Squire entitled "A Few Thoughts in Relation to the History, Nature and Treatment of Diphtheria". He recalls the first epidemic in 1862, and gives case histories of families affected. There is a handwritten report along with the typed version of same.DocumentD0702
Documents - C. L. Squire recalling a case of a 3 year old shot in the head by her 7 year old brother. It describes her wound, symptoms, reactions, and the treatment of the wound. Events occured on September 24, 1892, and after seemingly to have recovered, she died in January, 1893. There are two copies, one handwritten, the other typed.DocumentsD0703
Documents - A paper written on the Treatment of Fractures written by the Elmira Academy of Medicine, February, 1897. There is one handwritten copy and one typed copy.DocumentsD0704
Document - Read before the Chemung County Medical Society on June 26, 1877, a report on the Physical, Clinical, and Microscopical Analysis of the urine, by C. L. Squires.DocumentD0705
Document - Read before the Chemung County Medical Society on June 16, 1874, by C. L. Squires, a paper of Abstracts from the experiments of M. C. Lyons.DocumentD0706
Document - written by C.L. Squire, 1898, a paper about the prostate, its diseases and the treatments.DocumentD0707
Document - A paper written by C. L. Squire, describing a case of Peritypnilitis, the operation and the autopsy of Henry Ross, aged 14, in March, 1891.DocumentD0708
Document - Written by C. L. Squire, August 4, 1892, regarding Mr. Fincher, aged 66, and his symptoms of bowel strangulation. He expired.DocumentD0709
Document - written by C. L. Squire, March 13, 1891, a case history of Grace Sincoe, with Eclampsia, her rapid delivery and recovery.DocumentD0710
Document - Written by C. L. Squire, regarding "The Steel Sound and Uretural Stricture", 1880 - 1890.DocumentD0711
Document - "Two Cases of Fracture in the Forearm and their treatment", by C. L. Squire, year unknown.DocumentD0712
Document - Written by C. L. Squire, March 21, 1891, regarding patient R. P. Watts, aged 73. The rupture of his right ventricle, his death in twenty-five hours, and his Autopsy.DocumentD0713
Document - A report on Spinal Narcosis, written by C. L. Squire on November 15, 1900.DocumentD0714
Document - Written by C. L. Squire, 1900, a report about Gravis disease. DocumentD0715
Document - A case history on John Ryan, aged 47, diagnosed with Typhoid Fever, written by C. L. Squire in June, 1892.DocumentD0716
Document - A report on the use of Bloodletting in the treatment of Pneumonia, County Medical Society, written by C. L. Squires, on November, 17, 1891.DocumentD0717
Document - Written by C. L. Squire, June, 1876, regarding an obstetric case and the use of Chassagny's Forceps in the delivery of the baby.DocumentD0718
Document - Written by C. L. Squire, around 1880, regarding "Fractures of the Forearm". DocumentD0719
Documents - Written by C. L. Squire, around 1800, a list of different types of fractures, and names of patients listed under each type of fracture.DocumentsD0720
Document - Written by C. L. Squire, year unknown of Cerebral Topography. Also has a hand drawn picture of the brain.DocumentD0721
Document - Written by C. L. Squire on April 2, 1902, it's a paper entitled "The Cure of Chronic Brights Disease by Operation".DocumentD0722
Receipt - For services rendered to Mrs. M. Klearn, by Dr. Henry Flood on August 29, 1876. Money received by Dr. Flood was in the amount of $20.00, for medical attendance.ReceiptD0901
Invoice - From Dr. William C. Wey, for the account on A. Derby, July 1, 1882.InvoiceD0902
Brochure - From Dr. A. P. Ayers, selling Uterine Pastile. A guarantee given in writing with eight boxes of medicine for $5.00. This brochure was printed in the late 1800's.BrochureD0903
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