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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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"Abstract of Title", premises: Second National Bank; begins dated December 17, 1877, J.J. O'Connor and Mary, his wife to W.R. Judson. Last entry is recorded Dec. 31, 1912, Second National Bank of Elmira to Aaron and Jesse Samuels, husband and wife,property: a river bank lot known as "Wisners Town Plot" on the south side of East Water Street.Abstract of TitleB0101
Fragmented tally sheet, no date.DocumentB0102
"Deed", Second National Bank as succrssor trustee to Arthur H. Harris, recorded March 30, 1922,consideration: two dollars, property:Baldwin & Carroll Streets, Elmira, included are 3 cancelled checks to A. H.Harris, totalling $24,000.DeedB0103
Typed legal property description, dated June 21, 1915, for 557 & 559 East Water Street, Elmira, N.Y.DocumentB0104
"Deed", Cecille Samuels to Mae Samuels, dated May 29, 1935, consideration: one dollar, property known as 101 West Water Street, Elmira, N.Y.DeedB0105
N.Y. State Dept. of Public Works, Elmira Flood Protection Protection ,Sect. no.2,Chemung River. Re: map 548,Parcels 817,818, Aaron Samuels Estate(Reputed Oener) Total area= 0.007+/-acres.DocumentB0106
Notice by J.S. Beebe(?) Sales(?) Agent, Nephew N. Mune(?), dated August 1, 1838(?). Re taxes paid(or not) in the N.W. and S.W. section of Township No. One of the 12 Townships,Steuben County, lands to be sold in May 1839 for "arrears of Taxes" in 1831,1831, 1833, 1834 & 1835.DocumentB0107
"Township No. 7, S.W. Quarter", dated January 22, 1816. Appears to be a list of land sections in this area, and taxes due on each owned by Ben Johnson and receipt of $32.21, total paid.DocumentB0109
"Deed": Eli D. Abbott to Julius Seelye,recorded Tioga County September 17, 1822.Consideration:$100.00,property: Town of Deerfield, County of Tioga, PennsylvaniaDeedB0110
Hand written mortgage dated May 15, 1812,between Charles Wilkes and Janet,his wife,Lewis Simond and Francis, his wife,all of the first part to Stephen B. Munn of New York City, consideration:$9,942.75, property: situate in the twelve townships, Tioga County, New York,S.W. quarter of Township no. sevenDocumentB0110
"Deed", Charles & Janet Wilkes,Lewis & Francis Simond To Stephen B. Munn,recorded January 19,no description of property or consideration is included.1829,"Eccemplified(?) Copy of Deed". DeedB0111
Bill for arrears of taxes on "1811, Tioga Co. Watkins & Flints Purchase Township 8, E. Section" in the amount of $39.82. dated Albany April 3,1815. Receipt on bottom of full payment by Stephen B. Munn dated April 4, 1815DocumentB0112
Typed purchase agreement dated December 2, 1920 for house, lot and barn on the N.W. corner of Copley & Conklin Streets by Gary & Cathryn VanKuriss for $2200.DocumentB0116
"Deed": Edwin & Sarah Lockwood to Horton Frost, dated October 29, 1833, consideration:twenty dollars, property:Town of Veteran, Lot No. 6,bounded by "Elmira Turnpike"(on one side).DeedB0117
Printed income tax form(filled out) for 1863, William T. Post, tax due: 3% of $1700.DocumentB0118
"Warranty Deed", Simeon Benjamin to Francis Hall, recorded January 18, 1868, consideratin: $6,300.00. property:North line of Water Street & Carroll Street,Elmira, mentionedDeedB0119
"Deed": Lester W. Reimsnyder to Lester W. Reimsnyder and Elizabeth R. Reimsnyder, dated September 25, 1956,property known as 310-312 Woodlawn Avenue,also Lot No. 15(1894), Case Map No.399(1917).DeedB0120
"Deed": Lester W. & Elizabeth R. Reimsnyder to Louis N. Caldarelli, recorded February 21, 1973, property known as 310-312 Woodlawn Avenue, Elmira,also Lot No. 15(1894) and Case Map 399(1917).DeedB0121
"Deed": Emma A. Sanford to Lester W. Reimsnyder, dated September 17, 1937, property known as 310-312 Woodlawn Avenue, Elmira,also Lot No. 15(1894) and Case Map No. 399(1917).DeedB0122
Hand drawn map showing the location of the Hendy Cabin site on Roricks Glen Parkway.MapB0123
Hand drawn sketch of "Original site of Hendy Cab." by Harry Butter(or Butler).SketchB0124
Small typed card with pencil drawn sketch re "Colonel Hendy's cabin site"DocumentB0125
Printed scrap of paper denoting written information on the envelope containing the deed to Col. John Hendy's propertyDocumentB0126
"Lease, Farm on Shares" between LeGrand Carr and Fred Bement,dated March 2, 1901, property known as the Ezra Rockwell Farm and fifty acres of land known as the Armstrong lot. Lease to run until March 2, 1902.LeaseB0127
Booklet(Hand written), titled "Township No. 1, Southwest Quarter". Contains physical descriptions of Lots 1 through 37:size, some topography and kinds of trees,etc.BookletB0128
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