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Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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This folder contains photos relating to fires in the area: Elmira Advertiser fire, 1888; Barker, Rose & Gray Hardware Store (corner of Lake & Water), 1890; Lake Street fire, 1890; Wellsburg fire, 1912; Erie Railroad depot fire; Masonic Temple Fire, 1914; fire at Elmira City Hall; downtown Elmira fire; Clifford's Fire, 1941; Elmira Telegram fire; Church Street fire; fire at Main & Water, 1973; Pennsylvania Avenue fire, 1976; demolition of old Market St fire hall; Tompkins Corners' Marian Prince fire, 1974; Newberry fire, 1978; Van Etten Banfield Store fire, 1982; Southport fire, 1981; Bedrosian fire on Pine City Road, 1940; unidentified fires.Photographs30B02
This folder contains portraits of local fireman: Jonathan O'Brien,Rowell R. Moss,(2)Benjamin F. Hancock(1859),Milton Maxon(1865) & John E. Nicks(1866),W.P. Sherman,Hector St Stossoon(?),Frank M. Matthews(1868),Dr(?) Bruce Goodell.M.S.Decker & W.P.Sherman,Patrick Ronan(1864),Washington Marsh(EFD 1861-63),H.W.McIntyre,James A.Brown(1940),Bill Volker & Chief PrallPhotographs31A01
This folder contains photos relating to early and contemporary fire companies: very small sepia of Goodell Volunteer Hose Co. No. 5 c. 1871 with names;large sepia of "Elmira Exempt Firemen";large sepia of "Ours Four"firemen:J.Hobbie,J.Bartholomew,R.Comstock,C.Houck,A.Fitch & H(or "X") Brooke;large sepia of "Ever Ready No.7";large sepia of 7 firemen on horse drawn fire wagon;large B&W of fire company assembled in front of house; large sepia of Wellsburg Firemen with names c. 1939;large dark photo of "Zim's" firemen cartoond;large B&W of W.Elmira Fire Engine C. 1935;2 large B&W of firemen at work;small B&W of W.Elmira firemen at work;large B&W of Elmira Fire Station c. 1957;oversized B&W of firemen's band ina parade"prior to 1900" with some names;small and oversized B&W of what appears to be grads or members of the Fire Academy;oversized B&W of Elmira Fire Dept building with men & equipment in front,probably 30's or 40's;oversized B&W of 3 firemen aboard a "LaFrance Brockway Torpedo".Photographs31A02
This folder contains photos relating to Elmira Firemen and firefighting equipment: fire station prior to 1891 and one c. 1911; portraits: Chief Charles Rice c. 1907,John H.Espey,unidentified,Robert H.Walker c. 1864,3 unidentified men,Meeker & Campbell of Elmira Hose Co.No.1,Ben Robbins & Charly Smith,Walker,Callahan,Bell & Woodruff,O.N.(?)Smith,Foreman,Hose #3:Rosenbaum,Bentley Monry(?) & Janett;"P H & L No.1 c. 1871:Swan,Wormley,Palmer,Landy,McKinney,Fisher & Dewitt;3 large B&W printed copies of8 men:"Officers of Elmira Exempts and Ex-Chiefs of Elmira Volunteers",1880-990's(?);large sepia of Lanry,Walker & Hyde c. 1875; firemen in front of old bell tower; Volunteer Hose Co. No. 5 c. 1871; fire company with some names readable; fire company standing in front of fire hall; "Elmira Exempt Fireman" c. 1903; horse drawn steam apparatus; firemen's parade; Firemen's Reunion(?) on City Hsll steps; "last of the fire horses"; "Exempt" outing c, 1941 with some names on reverse; men with hook & ladder truck,1920's(?); Fire Station #3 men with "new" hook & ladder truck, c. 1920; LaFrance horse drawn steam engine,built in 1906;of horse drawn hose wagon c. 1889; "Platform One" c. 1974; old time firemen's "dorm"; contemporary firefighters and equipment.Photographs31A03
This folder contains the following images of the Elmira Exempt Fire Association Monument, Woodlawn Cemetery: recovery of stolen statue, 1975; (9) redication of monument, 2008; misc. views. Photographs31A04
This folder contains photos relating to the Elmira Fire Department:a medium sepia of the 1890 firemen with names on back; a large sepia of Elmira's first "Chief's Car"c.1913;large sepia of men putting out a fire,1890's-early 1900's?;;medium sepia of firemen c. 1915 with names on back;oversized B&W of "Headquarters on Market Street",firemen & engines,names on back,c. 1920's-30's?; oversized B&W,roster of `932 ire Dept. with names;medium B&W of firemen at work c. 1947;2 large B&W of EFD No.4,corner Grand Central & Maxwell Place,prior to opening in 1897;large color portrait of Fire Chief;4 large B&W,4 large color of contemporary fire dept. with names on reverse.Photographs31B01
This folder contains photos relating to horse drawn & motor driven fire fighting equipment: 7 sepia horse drawn,circa 1880's;small B&W on way to a fire c. 1912;6 photos of early fire equipment;4 large B&W of horse drawn fire wagons in action;large B&W of Firemen on parade c. 1911-1912;a sheet of 5 small B&W motor driven fire engines, c. 1949-1952.Photographs31B02
This folder contains photos relatin to firemen & fire companies: an oval sepia of an old time fire chief;small B&W & sepia of horse drawn in action;large sepia of horses,men & equipment in front of "fire stables";oversized B&W of horse drawn hook & ladder;large B&W of old American LaFrance fire wagon,c. 1910;B&W of fireman on parade,1911-1912;8 color drawinga of fire "engines" c. 1830 to 1884;large sepia of "steam" engine;large B&W of fire station switchboard.Photoraphs31B03
This folder contains: 2 sets published by the Elmira Telegram 0f the 1889 Elmira flood titled "Elmira's Inundation" and a single sepia photo/Photographs32A01
This folder contains:18 large sepia photos of the 1889 Elmira flood;3 smaller pics(2 sepia) of the 1889 flood.Photographs32A02
This folder contains: 7 medium sepia photos of the 1889 Elmira flood;20 large sepia and 3 B&W copies of the 1889 Elmira flood.Phhotographs32A03
This folder contains photos relating to the 1902 Elmira flood: 17 sepia photos of various sizes; 21 small photos of varied shapes,most are sepia. Photographs32B01
This folder contains photos relating to the 1946 Elmira flood: 5 sheets B&W,8 each of approx. 2" X 2";4 sheets B&W,8 each,medium size;48 individual sepia of flood scenes; 21 B&W of varrious sizes;4 medium B&W with newspaper legend;14 oversize B&W of flood scenes;a sheet with six small B&W pics with handwritten legend;2 large sheets with 12 very small numbered pics each and a typed legend describing each one;versized exterior view of Ernfred Anderon's house lost in the flood; 3 sheets,8 photos each of 1975 Elmira hurricane & 0ne 4 pic sheetPhotographs3301
This folder containsphotos relating to the 1972 flood in Elmira: Lake Street; aerial view of downtown; men working in jail basement; John Agan & large pump(?); Walnut Street, Lake & Water; aerial view of downtown; (5) clean-up at Hygeia Refrigerating Co.Photographs3401
This folder contains images of the 1975 flood in South Corning, Horseheads and Big Flats.Photographs3402
This folder contains photos relating to the 19178 snowstorm in Elmira: a large B&W of identified men shoveling out, a large B&W of a damaged mobil home;seven medium color shots of scenes in and around Elmira.Photographs3403
This folder contains additional photos of the 1972 Elmira flood: 3 B&W sheets,6 photos each; one B&W sheet with 4 photos;one B&W sheet with 8 photos;6 color sheets with 8 photos each.Photographs3404
This folder contains more photos relating to the 1972 Elmira flood: Overhead views of downtown Elmira; damage to the following businesses, Maple Farms Dairy, American LaFrance Foamite plant, Eldridge park, Chemung Canal Trust Co., Marvin's, Newberry's;damage to various unidentified homes; damage to the Erie Railroad Bridge, Walnut St. Bridge, Main St. Bridge; N. Main St., Church St.Photographs3405
This folder contains the following medical images: Old Breesport Infirmary; new Guthrie Clinic on Arnot Road, 1996; Dr G.Murphy treating children, c.1935-36; Psychiatric Center, 1974; sketch of Elmira Surgical Institute, 1872; St Mary's Parochial Residence and St Joseph's Nurses' Home; building of Dr. L.E. Bishop, Physiatrist; Chemung County Farm, Breesport, 1969; Elmira Sanitarium, ca. 1900; Pratt Private Hospital, Sanitarium & Dispensary.Photographs3501
This folder contains images of local MD's(Medical Doctors):Dr Mary Potts; Dr William C. Wey;large B&W of man with a child in rocking chair; Chemung County Medical Society, 1915, 1940, 1942; medical students including Dr Booth; assorted unidentified doctors, Hoffman Medical building & sign.Photographs3501
This folder contains the following images of St. Joseph's Hospital: School of nursing students, 1927, 1941, 1969, 1970 & 1973; Dunn Memorial Building, ca. 1920s; Nuns, ca. 1920s; (4)Construction at the hospital, 1930; rehabilitation unit, 1972; proposed hospital building, 1972; (2) nurses strike, 1983; misc. views of staff & patients including Madelyn Winterhue, Kathleen Swinsick, Sharon Kurz, Tom Costello, Bonnie Huether, Virginia Mochin, Bonnie Jo West, Mary Houlihan, Mary Strykowski, Penny Rice, Mary Kelly, Mary Gingrich, Ellen Murray, Margaret Andrew.Photographs3502
This folder contains photos relating to Arnot Ogden Hospital,now Arnot Ogden Medical Center: original hospital(built in 1888); razing of the original building, 1972; interior shots of patient treatment and wards; horse drawn ambulance,1895; hospital's "Old Barn",razed in 1942; unidentified doctor's office; men's ward;cornerstone installation for new hospital, 1926; "new" building, 1928; ambulance, 1931; Wey Memorial Library, 1953; hospital construction workers, 1954; young woman laying cornerstone, 1954;Board of Managers, 1979; hospital addition construction, 2003; views of various versions of the hospital.Photographs3504
This folder contains photos relating to the Elmira Water Cure(Gleason Health Resort): Doctors Rachel & Silas Gleason; resort buildings and grounds; interior views of parlors and patient rooms; unidentified patients; patients playing croquet; assorted treatments.Photographs3601
This folder contains images of the Elmira Tuberculosis Sanitarium.Photographs3602
This folder contains photos relating to the Gleason Health Resort (Elmira Water Cure): Buildings & grounds; interior parlor; unidentified patients and guests; nursing staff c. 1935.Photographs3603
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