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Collection TitleCL 54 Diven Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKatie Button
Date Completed:December 2009
Extent1 Linear Foot

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Newspaper Clipping. The Transport Thomas Brings Liscum's Body Home. Three woe-begone little regimental mascots came back from Manila on the Transport Thomas, all three boys will be sent to their former homes.Newspaper Clipping020509
Newspaper clipping. With Military Horors. The Remains of Colonal Liscum Interred At Arlington. President McKinley, Members of His Cabinet, and Prominent Army Officers Witness The Ceremonies Ritual of the Episcopal Church Read by the Rev. Mackay Smith.Newspaper Clipping020510
Newspaper clipping, The last photograph ever made of Colonol Liscum, who fell on July 13 leading the heroie Ninth Regiment United States Infantry in an attack upon Chinese fortifications at Tientsin. Newspaper Clipping020512
Newspaper Clipping, June 13, at the parsonage on William Street, ElmiraRev. David Murdock age 60 years by his first sickness has fallen.Born at Bonhill near Glasgow, Scoutland in 1800. In 1832 he came to Canada. Trouble with the Colony he removed to the States. Here he laid the scene for his late book "The Dutch Dominie of the Caatskills. In June 1851 he became pastor of the first Presbyterian Church in Elmira, December he became pastor of the second Presbyterian Church. As a preacher Dr. Murdock had few equals.Newspaper Clipping020601
Newspaper Clipping. Matrimonial Matters Diven - Murdock. The marriage of Mr. Eugene Dive eldest son of Hon. George M. Diven, to Miss Jeannette Pettibone the youngest daughter of the late John Murdock. Mr. and Mrs. Diven left via the Delaware, Lacawanna and Western for an extended eastern trip.Newspaper Clipping020601
Newspaper Clipping, The Echoes, Society. Two of Elmira's oldest families were united by marriage Miss Jesnnete Petibone Murdock and Eugene Diven which occured at the brides Mother Mrs. John Murdock.Newspaper Clipping020702
Newspaper Clipping, General E. H. Liscum. He won his star in volunteer establisnment by gallantry on San Jaun hill in the Santiago Campaign he was wounded compelled to retire from the field. His career is followed with great interest in Elmira. He served in the Civil War. The secret of General Liscum strength is his love of country. Newspaper Clipping020801
Newspaer Clipping. May 1922. Arnot Art Gallery of Elmira, New York under the conservatorship of Jeannette Murdock DivenNewspaper Clipping 020801
Newspaper Clipping, General Liscum was in command of the last important engagement with the rebels in Luson.Newspaper Clipping020901
Newspaper Clipping, The Liscum Bowl, The prized relic of another warlike affair in China. Held pricelessin the esteem of the ninth infantry now at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The battle took place July 13, 1900. July 15, 1900 a regiment discovered smoldering ruins of a mint which stored silver ingots worth $376,000. Prince Ching realized the prompt action of the infantry transporting to a safe place. He presented the ninth infantry pieces of ore.It was decided the ore be melted down and made into a bowl. the bowl wasn't completed until November 11, 1902. Newspaper Clipping020902
Obituary, Colonel Emerson H. Liscum.Obituary020903
Card, Memorial Tablet.Card021001
Document, From Commandant, Third Naval District. To Alexander Samuel Diven. Subject: Award of Victory Metals. Approved by Act of Congress May 13, 1908. Badges to the officers and men of the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States who deemed worthy of such commemoration.Document021101
Certificate. War Service Certificate United States Navy. Certifies that Alexander Samuel Diven performed honorable active service in the United States Navy from June 26, 1918 to January 9, 1919. Signed by E. Delavy USN.Certificate021102
Document. Discharge, Certifies Alexander Samuel Diven The United States Naval Reserve by reason lack of funds,September 30, 1921 Brooklyn, New York. Active duty June 26, 1918 to January 9, 1919.Document021103
Letter, To Mr. Alexander S. Diven from Alfred D. Flinn, December 21, 1922. Apprication for your helpness in our association for the pass year and the good work well done.Letter021201
Letter, To J. Leo Skelley, American Red Cross, Department of Recruiting Personnel, 222 Fourth Avenue, New York, New York. April 25, 1918. From Henry S. Drinker. Mr. Alexander S. Diven, 3rd, informs me that he is desirous of associating with the Red Cross to take up work abroad. He prossesses qualification which in my opinion will make him a desirable addition to your staff, I heartily endorse his application.Letter021301
Application, The Secretary, American Society of Civil Engineers, 33 West 39th Street, New York, New York. Alexander Samuel Diven 3rd, 528 Riverside Drive, New York, New York. September 1931Application021301
Letter, To Whom It May Concern. December 7, 1918. From The American Red Cross, Clyde A. Platt. Mr. A. S. Diven, 3rd is leaving our service, expects to enter foreign sevice , either with the goverment or orther wise. I gladly recommend him for your best consideration.Letter021304
Letter, To Whom It May Concern. From The American Red Cross, Brooklyn, New York. December 19, 1919. Mr. A. S. Diven was in the employ of the American Red Cross From October 1917 until about June 1918, when left to enter the Navy. I take great pleasure in recommending Mr. Diven to anyone. Letter021305
Letter, To Major J.F. Miller, President, American Society Mechanical Engineers. December 22, 1919 From Alfred E. Forstall, Forstall and Robison Consulting Engineers. Mr. Bullock has requested that I write you my opinion of the capabilities of, Mr. A. S. Diven, 3rd. I would have no hesitation in trying him in a position that is under consideration in the office of the A. S. M. E.Letter021306
Letter, To Mr. A. S. Diven ,3rd, We, the undersigned, employes have learned you are about to resign as office manager, we wish you every success in the administration of your new field.Letter021308
Letter, To A. S. Diven. August 31, 1921. We the undersigned pour forth our grief and abiding sorrow of your departure. Mariette B. Nash, Elizabeth Jackson, and Amy Rafern.Letter021309
Letter, September 1, 1921, Mr. A. S. Diven, Officer Manager. I congratulate you on the greater opportunity and responsibility, and I assure you that the very best wishes of the Society and of myself, personally, come to you in your new work. Alvin W. Rice.Letter021310
Resune (Experience) and Refernces. Alexander Samuel Diven, 3rd, 345 West 70 Street, New York.Resume0213 11
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