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Collection TitleCL 80 Al Mallette PapersCreatorChemung County Historical Society
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Fritzie Zivic 140 pounder from Pittsburgh his 230 fight career 1931 - 1949.Newspaper Clipping060429
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1965. Keane Wouldn't Mind Yank-Card Repeat. Johnny Keane, who played for the Elmira Red Wings of 1934 and voted the NYP' all-star shortstop.Newspaper Clipping060501
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 29, 1965. Earl Weaver played for the Elmira Pioneers. Earl Weaver 1965 - 1983.Newspaper Clipping060502
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette January 23, 1966. Tommy Holmes enters Elmira Baseball Hall of Fame. Tommy Holmes 1966 - 1983. Newspaper Clipping060503
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette June 24, 1983. Pioneer notebook. The ex-Elmira Pioneers who will return to Dunn Field for Chemung Canal Trust's Oldtimers Day:Newspaper Clipping060504
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1963. Change Pace. Ex-Pioneer Ray Roche Dies April 10, 1941.Newspaper Clipping060505
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette February 1, 1963. Change Pace. "Piersall - That's All". Jimmy Piersall holds the title of baseball's merriest madcap.Newspaper Clipping060506
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette August 9, 1964. Dunn Field Ceremonies August 17, grossman, Coioper, Cohen Head 8 Elmira Hall Inductees.Newspaper Clipping060507
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1964 "The Gashousers". The 30th anniversary of a the 1934 World Series, The St. Louis Cardinals against Detroit Tigers.Newspaper Clipping060508
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette May 5, 1964. Bob Nieman, a Journalism Major managing in baseball.Newspaper Clipping060509
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 10, 1964. "MacPhail Visit". Lee McPhail president of Elmira's parent club Balitmore to catch a glimpse of the Pioneers at Dunn Field.Newspaper Clipping060510
Newspaper clipping, Great Moments in Sports by Al Mallette. Bill Nailen and Jerry Morrell made local bowling history March 30, 1949, when they both blasted 700 triples in the Rossi Commercial the two 700 on the same night and the same league, never happened before or since.Newspaper Clipping060510
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette May 1965. A lesson Learned by Elmira third baseman Frank Peters.Newspaper Clipping060511
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette August 12, 1965. Dalton Talks, The Balitmore director Harry Dalton.Newspaper Clipping060512
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette August 17, 1965. The 99th year Elmira made Baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown with 27-inning tie victory over Springfield the longest game in history of professional baseball.Newspaper Clipping060513
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette November 11, 1965. Gillick Returns. Pat Gillick an Elmira resident in 1962. He was a southpaw pitcher for the Elmira Pioneers.Newspaper Clipping060514
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 30, 1967. Voting Time. Elmira's baseball fans get the opportunity to select the 1967 entrants into Elmira's Hall of Fame.Newspaper Clipping060515
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1968. "Poor Tommy". Tommy Richardson warbling about an eight-team Eastern League for 1968.Newspaper Clipping060516
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette October 6, 1968. "Wild Town" The 1968 World Series the Tigers vs Cardinals. The ticket situation was almost impossible. Your reporter and friends did get tickets.Newspaper Clipping060517
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette August 18, 1968. "Near Perfect". Pittsfield's Dich Baney came within a step of becoming the second pitcher in Eastern League history to pitch a perfect baseball game.Newspaper Clipping060518
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette October 8, 1969. "Billy the Kid". Billy Martin, cocky, calls it like it is and honest.Newspaper Clipping060519
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette November 19, 1967. Jack Kimball Heads Parade of six into Elmira's Baseball Hall of Fame. Heisr, Fisher, Caldwell, Keane, Blair and others. Newspaper Clipping060520
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1969. "True Dream". New York Met's baseball's World Champions over Balitmore Orioles.Newspaper Clipping060521
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette May 24, 1970. "Best of Foes". Bud Ryll wrote stories on the old-time Elmira Pioneers. Newspaper Clipping060522
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1970. In 1964 Eddie Watt made Elmira and Eastern League History for the Pioneers and Weaver by becoming the first and only EL pitcher to toss a pair of no hitters.Newspaper Clipping060523
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