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Collection TitleMC 01 Francis Hall PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByCarol Knowlton
Extent1 linear foot
AbstractInventory still in progress

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Letter with envelope(no stamp),postmarked Ithaca,NY, December 23, 1920 to Carolyn Hall in Elmira and signed "Love to all & Happy New Year" Florence.LetterE1509
Letter with stamped envelope dated Buffalo,NY October 23, 1917 to Miss Carrie Hall at Glenora on Seneca Lake from "Your devoted friend May N. Rawlings"(?).LetterE1601
Letter to Miss Carrie Hall of Elmira with envelope postmarked U.S. Army Post Office, November 14,1918 and signed "Your affectionate brother Julius".LetterE1602
Letter to Carrie(Hall) dated December 14, 1918 and signed "Lovingly,Rob".LetterE1603
Letter to Carolyn Hall of Elmira with envelope postmarked Washington, D.C. January 23,1919 and signed "With lots of love,Rob".LetterE1604
Letter to Miss Carolyn Hall of Elmira with stamped envelope postmarked Montour Falls,NY March 10,1919. signed "Very cordially yours, Francis MacDonald(?),Librarian or Historian?LetterE1605
Letter to "Dear Carolyn"(Hall) dated Sunday, March 9, 1919 and signed "Love again,Rob".LetterE1606
Note with envelope to Miss Carolyn Hall dated May 2, 1919 from M.Allie Brooks.NoteE1607
Letter to Miss Carolyn Hall of Elmira with envelope postmarkrd Washington,DC,May 18, 1919, and signed "Your loving friend, E.W. Brownell(Sp?)LetterE1608
Letter to Miss Caroline(sic) Hall of Elmira with envelope postmarked Clinton,NY,June 16,1919 and signed "Heaps of love to you all, Eunice".LetterE1609
Letter to Miss Carolyn Hall of Elmira with stamped envelope postmarked "Oak Park,Ill.,July 2, 1919 and signed "Your loving friend, Salie E.W, Brandt(Mrs. S.C.).LetterE1610
Letter to Miss Carolyn Hall of Elmira with stamped envelope postmarked Marblehead,Mass. July 3, 1919 and signed "Devoted always,Dorothy"(2 Wymar Road in Marblehead).LetterE1611
Postcard to Miss Carolyn Hall of Elmira postmarked NYC, July 18, 1919 and signed by Clara M. Robinson.PostcardE1612
Letter to Caroline(sic) Hall in Glenora,NY with envelope postmarked Elmira,September 1,1919, and signed "Most sincerely your friend, Anna J. Bixbee".LetterE1701
Letter to Carolyn Hall in Elmira with envelope postmarked Phelps,NY August 4, 1919. The letter is signed "affctly Olivia".LetterE1702
Letter dated Hambourg,November 1919 written entirely in German to "Mein lieber Fraulein Hall" and signed P.W. Diehl.LetterE1703
Letter addressed to Miss Carolyn Hall c/o Charles F. Hall in Austiss(?)Ill. and postmarked Glenora,NY August 5, 1916, It opens "To all the dear ones left behind" and is signed Lovingly,could be "Mother" but hard to decipher.LetterE1704
Small note paper with colored illustration and envelope postmarked Syracuse,NY, January 13,1916 sent to Miss Carolyn Hall of Elmira,written to "Dear Aunt Carrie" and signed "Your loving Migy".NoteE1706
Letter to Miss Carolyn Hall in Elmira,NY, postmarked Chicago, March 17, 1913,written on "Hotel Tuller,Detroit" letterhead stationary to "My Dear Carrie" and signed "Yours affect.,Olivis" LetterE 1707
Letter to Miss Carolyn Hall in Elmira,with envelope postmarked Chicago,August 9, 1903, to "My Dear Carrie" and signed "Lovingly,Kathryn".LetterE1708
Short letter "My dear Miss Hall" on notepaper with the address "The Rectory, Trinity Memorial Church,Ambler,Pa. It is signed Very sincerely yours, C(or A) B. RuddLetterE1709
Letter to "My Dear Carolyn"(Hall), no date or place. Signed "Lovingly,Olivia.LetterE1710
Letter to Carolyn Hall with envelope postmarked Syracuse,NY,November 1, 1920(yr?), written to "Dear Auntie Carolyn" with "love & kisses to everybody,Migy" and thanks for my new "wheel"(bicycle).LetterE1711
Letter to "My Dear Carrie"(Hall) no date and no signature found but letter appears to be from "Migy"'s Mother.LetterE1712
A card with a printed poem "In the Dark o' the Year" on one side and a note to Carrie(Hall) on the other from Angeluet A. Milros(?) a college classmate.CardE1713
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