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Collection TitleMC 24 Elmira CollegeCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByRachel Dworkin
Date Completed:October 2009

The items in the Elmira College Collection were donated the Booth Library by various individuals. 

Terms:Education; Elmira College; Elmira (N.Y.); Women's colleges
Historical:Elmira College - Elmira College, located in the City of Elmira, was chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York on October 23, 1853 and opened in October of 1855.  The College was origianally known as Elmira Female College during its early years.  It was the first college in the nation designed to offer women a four-year degree.  Elmira College became co-educational in 1969.  College presidents have included Dr. Augustus Cowels (1856-1889); Dr. Wilson Phraner (1889); Dr. Charles Van Norden (1889-1893); Dr. Rufus S. Green (1893-1896): Dr. Alexander MacKenzie (1896-1915); Dr. John Balcom Shaw (1916-1918); Dr. Frederick Lent (1918-1935); Dr. William S.A. Pott (1935-1949); Dr. Lewis Eldred (1949-1954); Dr. John Murray (1950s).
Scope:The Elmira College Collection consists of material relating to the college, its students and alumnae including programs, newsletters, promotional publications, financial reports, course catalogs, booklets and student publications ranging in date from 1838 to the present.
Extent2 linear feet
Date Span1838-2009
AbstractThe Elmira College Collection contains newsletters, certificates, programs, booklets, directories and other documents relating to the institution and its former students.

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Booklet - Elmira College Bulletin: You and Elmira College Forever, December 1957.BookletD0301
Booklet - It's a Two-Way Street, Elmira College Fundraising, circa 1960s.BookletD0302
Booklet - Numbers, Quality and the Individual by Dr. J. Ralph Murray, September 8, 1965.BookletD0303
Booklet - Twelfth Decade Program, Elmira College fundraising, circa 196os.BookletD0304
Receipt from Elmira College for tuition received from W. Griffin, February 9, 1903.ReceiptD0401
Receipt from Elmira College for tuition received from Mabel S. Allen, February 6, 1906.ReceiptD0402
Blank donation form for the Elmira College $200,000 Fundraising Campaign, 1917. DocumentD0403
List of checks received by the Elmira College Bursar for the fundraising campaign, April 18-May 7, 1917.DocumentD0404
Flyer - Elmira College Lena Guilbert Ford Memorial Fund, circa 1920.FlyerD0405
Elmira College Library Fund bond, circa 1920s.DocumentD0406
Booklet - Elmira College Bulletin: Elmira College Report of Treasurer 1920-1921, May 9, 1921.BookletD0407
Booklet - Elmira College Bulletin: Report of the President and Treasurer of Elmira College for the Year 1922-23, October 1923.BookletD0408
Rules and Regulations Governing the Annuity Department of Elmira College, no date.DocumentD0409
Booklet - Circular, Catalogue and Report of the Elmira Female Seminary; Under the Care of the Misses Cleeves, April 1838.Booklet D0501
Booklet - Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Pupils of the Elmira Seminary, 1851.BookletD0502
Booklet - The Fourth Annual Catalogue and Circular of the Elmira Female College, 1859.BookletD0503
Booklet - The Sixth Annual Catalogue and Circular of the Elmira Female College, 1861.BookletD0504
Booklet - The Seventh Annual Catalogue and Circular of the Elmira Female College, 1862.BookletD0505
Booklet - The Sixteenth Annual Catalogue and Circular of the Elmira Female College, 1871.BookletD0506
Booklet - The Seventeenth Annual Catalogue and Circular of the Elmira Female College, 1872.BookletD0507
Booklet - The Eighteenth Annual Catalogue and Circular of the Elmira Female College, 1873.BookletD0508
Booklet - The Nineteenth Annual Catalogue and Circular of the Elmira Female College, 1874.BookletD0509
Booklet - The Twenty-Sixth Annual Catalogue and Circular of the Elmira Female College, 1880.BookletD0510
Booklet - The Forty-Fourth Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Elmira College, 1899.BookletD0511
Booklet - Elmira College Catalogue, 1941-1942.BookletD0601
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