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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 26 Health Care/ Hospitals/ MedicalCreator
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Letter - To: R. Bancroft, M. D. From: The Office of Hygienic Laboratory, Brooklyn, New York, J. Hawley, M. D., regarding, Pepsine for the digestive system; dated 1875.LetterD0904
Letter - Dated May 6, 1893 and addressed to Dr. Boyd, regarding his sister, Mrs. McDowell, and her illness.LetterD0905
Letter - Dated May 23, 1893 to Mr. McDowell, concerning his wifes illness. Also talks about Dr. Mann, of Buffalo who saw her last.LetterD0906
Invoice - Dated March, 1894, from J. S. Mosher, M. D., in the amount of $26.00, received from Mrs. Hulslander. InvoiceD0907
Certificate - Issued to Floyd Eugene Woodhouse, M. D., in recognition of fifty years devoted to the service of the public in the practice of medicine. Signed by Lewis H. Bauer, President, of the Medical Society of the State of New York on May 7, 1947.CertificateD0909
Brochure - Describing "Foster House Medical Affiliates", July, 1978. Includes History, Type of Care, Choice of Physician, Appointment Scheduling, Insurance, Reappointments, Delays in Scheduling, Credit Policy, Confidentiality of Records, Phone Calls, and the Listing of Doctors. The Doctors are: John C. Roemmelt, M. D., G. Alan Preucil, M. D., Bernard J. Feinberg, M. D. and Frederic R. Skinner, M. D.BrochureD0910
Brochure - Gastroenterology Associates of the Southern Tier, 1989. Describes the Doctors, Dr. Bruno Mazza and Dr. John Rominger, and other information regarding gastroenterology.BrochureD0911
Handbill - A price list for "Plate Work", for the mouth, in 1872.HandbillD1001
Brochure - From the Goodyear Dental Vulcanite Company of New York, 1873, discussing the use of rubber in making plates for the mouth. It lists all the Licenses held in New York that can legally use this rubber.BrochureD1002
Bill - Made by J. S. Root, Dentist, to Mr. H. W. Straug, on October 1, 1879, for services rendered in February, April, and May.BillD1003
Bill - From Frank B. Danby, Dr. to Mrs. Dr. Hull for services rendered in September, 1889. Date of bill December 28, 1889.Bill D1004
Booklet - Directions for Installing and Operating the Folding Bracket Dental Engines, No. 5 and No. 55, manufactured by Electro Dental Manufacturing Company, 1920.BookletD1005
Cartoon - Drawn by Eugene Zimmerman, early 1900's, of Dr. Henry A. Moore, holding a big molar.CartoonD1006
Newsletter - For the Chemung Family Dental Center, Spring, 1990.NewsletterD1007
Brochure - Chemung Family Dental Center, with Richard Castor, D.D.S. and Richard Dunn, D.D.S., 1007 Broadway, Elmira, New York. It describes their staff and services.BrochureD1008
Documents - A cover letter from Bessie Spencer, January 4, 1961, to Mr. Wilcox, enclosing a handbill about J. L. Pollak, Practical Optician, Elmira, New York, entitled "Improve Your Sight". Date of Handbill around 1886.DocumentsD1101
Booklet - Physical and Industrial Training of Criminals by Dr. Hamilton D. Wey, 1888. (2 copies)BookletD1101
Booklet - Physical Training of Youthful Criminals by Dr. Hamilton D. Wey, 1888. BookletD1102
Booklet - Criminal Anthropology by Dr. Hamilton D. Wey, 1890. BookletD1103
Letter from James L. Woods to Dr. Hamilton D. Wey praising him for his work, September 27, 1888. LetterD1104
Brochures - Bethany Village, founded in 1973, has numerous services for quality senior living. Includes information on Orchard Homes, Bethany Manor, Home Care, Knoll Apartments, The Village Shoppe, The Day Club, and Personal Care Services.BrochuresE0101
Invitation - To the Dedication of Woodbrook, Home for the Aged, at 3 p.m., followed by an English Tea and Open House from 3 - 5 p.m. on Friday, June 1, 1990, 1250 Maple Avenue, Elmira, New York.InvitationE0102
Newsletters - Woodbrook Life Times; Spring, 2009, Volume 14, No. 1 and Spring, 2010, Volume 15, No. 1.NewslettersE0103
Handbill - Barton's Adult Home, 301 Grove Street, Elmira, 2011.HandbillE014
Newsletters - CCNF Good-News-Letter: December, 1991, Volume III, No. 5; January, 1992, Volume III, No. 06; February, 1992, Volume III, No. 7; March, 1992, Volume III, No. 8.NewslettersE0201
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