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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Notice of tax arrears for Watkins and Flints Purchase (No. 7), years of 1811 and 1812, bottom half missing.DocumentB0129
Hand drawn diagram of "Great lot No. 187"and how it was subdivided. No date.DocumentB0130
Written description of "Great Lot No. 187", containing 104 acres,by Daniel Tillotson(?).DocumentB0132
Document by Ripha Warden, naming Horton Frost of Veteran his "my true and lawful agent or attorney" in the sale or lease of a house owned by Warden in Veteran, dated October 17, 1844.DocumentB0133
"Deed", Joseph Mosher to Horton Frost,dated February 26, 1839, consideration: three hundred dollars, property:one quarter part of Lot No. 33 in the S.W. section of Township No. three in the twelve townships of the old County of Tioga.DeedB0134
"Deed", Joseph Mosher to Horton Frost,dated February 26, 1839, consideration: three hundred dollars, property:one quarter part of Lot No. 33 in the S.W. section of Township No. three in the twelve townships of the old County of Tioga.DeedB0134
"Letter" adressed to S.C. Whittaker, North Chemung,Chemung County, N.Y., dated Southport February 22, 1849, signed Simeon Jones(?). Written over the remainder appears to be an "indenture" ,dated March 30, 1849,beween Anthony Collson & Paul Whitaker, a lease to farm "the north part of the south half of lot No. Sixteen on the Lenoxburg tract".LetterB0137
A printed lease form, dated October 11,1869,for William Beach to rent rooms on the third floor of 20 & 22 Lake Street, rent is a quarterly payment of $150.00, signed by John G. Copley & Arthur Stitch(?).LeaseB0138
A printed lease form, filled out: Agnes Musgrove to William Gleason,to rent No. 42 Gray Street, Elmira. One year lease to begin April 1, 1866, yearly rent of $260, payable quarterly in advance.LeaseB0139
Printed lease form, made out between Georgianna G. Clark and A.C. Decker, dated February 21, 1906, to rent the "brick building at No. 406 East Water St. in the City of Elmira to be used as a saloon and dwelling",beginning May 1, 1906, for one year, rent is $550 yearly payable $45.84 per month.LeaseB0140
"Deed": between George & Katharine Frost and Horton Frost, dated March 8, 1839, consideration: one hundred dollars, property:part of Lot No. 33 in the S.W.section of Township No. three in the twelve townships.DeedB0141
Agreement: between Horton Frost & Langdon Collins, dated August 6, 1839 at Millport that he(Frost) will provide a "good and sufficient warranty deed to "part of lot No. 33, containing 2 & 79/100 acres together with sawmill & mill privilege".DocumentB0142
"Deed": Lathan(? Mosher to Horton Frost & George Frost, recorded August 22, 1838, consideration: thre hundred dollars, property: part of Lot No. 33 in the S.W. section of Township No. 3 of the twelve Townships in Watkins & Flint Purchase.DeedB0143
Typed letter on Charles H. Couch and Son, Banker, Odessa, N.Y. letterhead, dated May 13, 1909, to Mr. Charles S. Lattin from H.J.Couch.LetterB0144
Typed letter from Harvey Couch to Euclid Improvement, Elmira, N.Y., dated June 5, 1909 regarding purchase of "its entire capital stock".LetterB0145
Proposition accepted to "cause the entire capital stock of the Company to be issued for the said real estate", no date, signed Harvey J. Couch, Chairman and Charles S. Lattin, Secretary.DocumentB0146
"Call and Waiver of Notice For First Meeting of Directors of Euclid Improvement Company", dated June 15, 1909 and signed by Harvey Couch, Charles B. Mortonsod(?) and Charles S. Lattin.DocumentB0147
Typed Minutes of the "First Meeting of Directors of Euclid Improvement Company" dated June 15, 1909.(Four pages).DocumentB0148
"Minutes of First Meeting of Stockholders of Euclid Improvement Company", dated June 15, 1909, three pages.DocumentB0149
Letter, Couch and Son, Odessa, N.Y. letterhead, dated June 23, 1909, Harvey Couch to Charles S. Lattin. re sale of several lots in Elmira.LetterB0150
Deposition by Charles S. Lattin, dated July 10, 1911, that a report required by "Section 38 of the act of August 5, 1909" for The Euclid Improvement Company was deposited by him with A.D. Sanders, I.R.S. collector,of the 28th District of New York.DepositionB0151
Notarized affadavit signed by Charles S. Lattin, Treasurer, that "foregoing report and several items" regarding gross and net income of the company are correct. Dated February 18, 1914,at State of Ohio, County of Lucas.DocumentB0152
Printed Tax Form"Return of Annual Net Income, Miscellaneous Corporations", filled out and dated December 31, 1913 by Euclid Improvement Company.Tax FormB0153
Printed Tax Form: filled out and dated December 31, 1912 by the Euclid Improvement Company,"Return of Annual Net Icome, Miscellaneous Corporations".Tax FormB0154
Hand written abstract of title(no property given) first entry is August 15, 1871, latest entry: Ellen Jennison to David Chapman, dated March 10 1976, L49 P188.DocumentB0155
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