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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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This slides are of credits given to interviewers, Houses of Worship, Chemung County Historical Society, New York State Council of the Arts, scripts and photos, audio tape regarding Mark Twain, CCHS archives.SlidesD1Credits01
These are slides of credits given to oral history interviewers, and WENY radio station.SlidesD1Credits02
These slides were made for using in a document program: advertisement for BROWN'S EUCALYPTUS OINTMENT; handbill or program cover for a Benefit of the Industrial School; Report of the Police Matron; Chemung Co. History logo.SlidesD1Document Program01
These slides are of floods: 1902, street scene; 1972, unidentified street; 1972, flooded street, possible 1st Baptist; flooded street with men pushing a car, in front of the Armory on Church St.SlidesD1Floods01
These slides are of people that County Historian J. Archie Kieffer donated to the Booth Library: Henry Rogers; Paul Switzer and Senator William Smith, both of Big Flats, 1971; Bill France; Henry Farrell and Honorable John Hazlett, 1971; Bill Trimbrill, surveyer, 1969; Dignataries at the Bicentennial, July 4, 1975; Board of Directors of the Bicentennial Celebration; Don Cole, speaking at the Bicentennial; Francis (Frank) Rash, of American LaFrance Co., June 1969; John Galmacher at Ruth Ann's wedding; Dr. Blostein, Bicentennial Tree; 3 pro golfers-Ryback, Socash, Shepard, 1971; Hazelett, Flory, Gridley, Smith, December 3, 1973. SlidesD1Kieffer Collection01
These slides are maps of the following: the disputed Pre-emtion Line; 1790 Genessee Lands; Wayne Co. Highway System; Schuyler Co. Highway System; Yates Co. Highway; North Chemung Map; 1869 Horseheads; example from City Atlas; 1840 Orange Co. (2); close up of 1840 Orange Co.; 18__ NY State; 1835 NY State (2).SlidesD1Maps02
These slides are of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) from the following years: 1853, 1859, 1861, 1863, 1885, 1890, 1900-1907. SlidesD1Mark Twain01
These slides are related to Mark Twain (Sam Clemens): Mark Twain 1909 & 1910; sketches and cartoons of Mark Twain; F.X. Brown as Mark Twain; Sam Clemen's pilot's certificate; page of Clemens family bible; Newspaper article about Twain's bankruptcy, 1894; Twain's last letter, April 1910; Mark Twain's funeral; Sam & Huck statues; reading room of Mark Twain Archives, Elmira College. SlidesD1Mark Twain02
These slides are related to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens): Orion & Mollie Clemens; Jane Clemens; Olivia "Livy" Langdon Clemens; Mrs. Olivia Langdon; Susy, Clara & Jean Clemens; Langdon Clemens; Clara Clemens-Ossip Gabrilowitsch wedding, October 5, 1909; Patrick McAleier, coachman; Katy Leary; Twain's Viginia City print shop; Riverdale on the Hudson; 21 5th Ave, New York; Stormfield; Langdon family library; Quarry Farm.SlidesD1Mark Twain03
These slides are related to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens): Mark Twain in his study, 1903; Study at Elmira College; Clemens family watering troughs; Quarry Farm.SlidesD1Mark Twain04
These slides are related to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens): Mark Twain Society display, 1975.SlidesD1Mark Twain05
These 4 slides are of movie posters: Bette Davis in "Jezebel"; Deanne Durbin in "3 Smart Girls"; Humphrey Bogart in CRIME SCHOOL "Dead End Kids"; Victor Moore in " Marriage Business".SlidesD1Movie Posters01
These slides are of the following people: Mr. Zim and his house in Horseheads; Ernie Davis with trophys (2); Ernie Davis with 2 other men; Dr. Eldridge; Zebulon Bockway; unidentified people.SlidesD1People05
These slides are of people: Helen Bullock, repoduction; an unidentified woman, wearing a Poke Bonnet, repoduction (2); George and Lillis Lowman; Melissa Hollester, CCHS staff cataloger; Seymour Kornfeld, oral history, 1988; a group of actors and actresses in costume; a man posing with young to older girls dressed in white; a large group of women, most of whom are dressed in white (2); Orphan's Home, kids on stilts, c 1929, (in 1963 Historical Journal, page 3595; Orphan Home's house with large group of children in front. SlidesD1People08
These slides are of people: Robert Peary; S.P.E.B.Q.S.A. (Society for the Preservation & Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, Inc, slide #1; slide #2 shows Art Gott and Don Buis; Amelia Earhart; William Lewis and horse drawn garbage wagon.SlidesD1People09
These 14 slides are if the exterior and interior of China Dynasty in 1986; located on Grand Central Ave., Elmira Heights.SlidesD1Resturants01
These slides pertain Ross Marvin's trip to the North Pole: Captain Barlett with Eskimos (2); Proteus (2); Perry's party near pole (2); on board the Roosevelt (2); Ross Marvin with two sled dogs; Marvin & sister (2); Greeley Crew (3); They stop for lunch (2); My last words to Marvin (2).SlidesD1Ross Marvin04
These are rural scenes found in and around Chemung Co.: fishermen, Catherine Creek on April 1st, 1986 (2); winter 1985 (4); photo of a winter scene, from a calendar; snow and barn; winter, road off Rt 352 to glider field, near Put's house; summer, Horseheads, road along creek; summer, view from hill of Elmira and river; Toll House on Plank Road, Pine City; Tioga Point, flooded, 1978, Tom Byrnes' photo; spring or summer field; Chamung Valley in the fall.SlidesD1Rural Chemung County01
The following slides are of rural scenes in and around Chemung Co.: Stephens Mausoleum at Woodlawn Cemetery; site of Clinton's built dam in Cooperstown, how it looks today; General Clinton's road being built from Canajoharie to Otsego Lake, painting; back yards and gardens on river bank; Port Deposit, MD (2); hotel or grange, Sullivanville, Chemung Co., NY; tree top view of the tower at Chemung Co. Clerk's Office; Kahler Rd. Big Flats, 1870's oilpipe line taken up May 1, 1975 (3); Mr. Weis, Mr. and Mrs. Wood accepting markers for the pipeline.SlidesD1Rural Chemung County 02
These slides are of rural Chemung County and surrounding areas: oil pipe line exposed prior to removal in 1975, Rural Cemetery, Big Flats; view of Elmira and Chemung River from Mt. Zoar Hill; fall (2); Elmira from East Hill; arial veiw of Chemung Valley; winter; sunset (2); street scene, Port Deposit, MD; view from Waverly Hill of Chemung River Valley; Lowman from Wellsburg Rd., D.L.& W. Station; Newtown Ck near Horseheads; farm scene of hay being loaded on a horse drawn wagon, near Elmira.SlidesD1Rural Chemung County 03
These slides are of the schools in Chemung County: #4 Lake St. north of 5th St.; EFA Class of 1902; Lowman 1902; Old Horseheads High School; Memorial Alcove Elmira College Library; collage of old prints of Elmira College.SlidesD1Schools01
The these slides are of the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign: Green Mountain Ranger, September 1775; Major, 3rd New Jersey Regiment; Subaltern, 3rd New Jersey Regiment, 1776; Colonial uniforms; Colonial uniforms with artillary; Colonial uniforms with horse; site where Clinton built dam, as it looks today, Cooperstown; Clinton's camp (for 3 nights) at Onaquasa Island; Revolutionary Union stone monument with metal plaque commemorating the meeting of 2 armies, Endicott; Clinton camped at confluence of Susquehanna & Chanango Rivers, stone monument with metal plaque; Sullivan's 4th encampment Vanderlip's Farm, 14 miles from Tunkhannock, stone monument with metal plaque; Clinton & Sullivan, stone monument with metal plaque; Tioga Point, PA, arial view; map of Fort Sullivan; litho of Iroquois Indians watching scouts for Sullivan; Battle of Newtown an oil painted by E. N. Clark; Newtown Dorama; Cornwallis Surrender at Yorktown(litho), final battle of Revolutionary War; weapons found at Newtown Battle, 2 swords, and a bayonet (hand fashioned); historical marker regarding burning of Owego. SlidesD1Sullivan-Clinton Campaign
These slides pertain to railroads and trolleys: D.L.& W. Railroad Station and steam locomotive; trolley track removal at N. Main & Water Streets, after 1939; trolley track removal, N. Main St., after 1939; Maple Ave. RR Co. trolley car; Erie RR Station early 1900's, ladies dressed in white providing lunch to passengers;5th St. Erie crossing before elevation, 1930 Fred Loomis photo; Pennsylvania RR tracks leaving Erie line, Tioga Division branched off, also, c. 1930; Van Etten, NY, Station; Swartwood, NY, Station; Swartwood RR Water Tower. SlidesD1Trolleys & Railroads05
These are slides of the exterior of the building from 1982-1995. One is of a terra cotta column.SlidesD2415 E. Water Street04
These slides are of the interior of the museum from 1983-1994: elevator, 2nd floor, 1992; upstairs corrider with a desk, 1989; Carousel Show, ribbons around front entrance door, 1991; Howell Gallery, 1985; Gift Shop, 1994; Artifact Storage (2); museum shop (5); view from inside vault looking out at the exhibit in the Howell Gallery; 1st floor renovated exhibit area, Dec 1981; building maintenance man cleaning; 1985 view of research room; 1986 view of the north wall; 1987 view of the research room. SlidesD2415 E. Water Street05
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