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Collection TitleCL 55 Lowman Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKatie Button

Lowman Family - Jacob Lowman, his wife, Hilda, and and his younger brother, Martin, first came to Chemung County in 1788. 

Seymour Lowman - Seymour Lowman, son of John and Fanny Lowman, was born October 7, 1868 in the town of Chemung.  On September 7, 1893, he married Katherine Harding Smith.  Their children include Caroline (b. May 31, 1904) and A. Marshall.  Lowman served in the New York State Assembly from 1909 to 1910 and the State Senate from 1918 to 1924.  He was Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1925 until 1927 when he became Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury.  During prohibition, he was in charge of enforcement until he was forced to resign in 1933.  He retired to Elmira and became president of the Elmira Savings Bank until his death in 1940. 


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Invitation, Mr. and Mrs. Vandenberg, Miss Vandenburg At Home, December 3rd, The Florcatine, Wardman Park Hotel. Accepted December 3rd. (Lowman)Invitation 020255
Invitation, The Secretary of Commerce and Mrs. Lamont request your company at the wedding reception of their daughter Gertrude and Mr. Charles Eskridge Saltzman, 2125 Kalorama Road, Washington District of Columbia. Accepted 13th.Invitation020256
Letter, Washington Bachelors Cotillion, Washington D. C. November 11, 1929. From William E. Horton, Brig. Gen. U. S. Army Ret. A cordial invitation to be one of the first ladies to receive at the first Cotillion to be held at The Mayflower December ninth, you and Assistant Secretary Lowman will be our guests for that evening. Accepted November 12.Letter020257
Program, Offical Program, Forty Fifth Commencement, United States Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut. May 10 - 15 inclusihe 1931.Program020301
Program (Banqet). Tendered by National Customs Service Association To Honorable Seymour Lowman, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Honorable F. X. A. Eble Commissioner of Customs, Monday April 13, 1931. Florentine Room - Jung Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana. Cigars on the menu.Program (Banqet)020302
Postal Telegraph - Commercial Cables, Congratulations on your appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasuer in charge of Prohibition. From Charles D. Hilles and Arthur M. Booth, and Dwight L. Goewey, May 20 - 21, 1927. He replaces General Andrews.Postal Telegraph - Commercial Cables020303
Western Union, May 21, 1927, Congratulation To Seymour Lowman on your Appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasurer in Charge of Prohibition from Abraham Grenthal, William Leary, Milo D. Hayes, Charles E. Heitman, Perry Vanhorne, and Sol Ulman.Western Union020305
Western Union, May 21 - 23, 1927 Congratulation to Seymour Lowman on your Appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasrer in Charge of Prohibition. from Henry C. Miller, Rev. E. Rex Flack, Merle D. Thompson, James J. Lyons, A. B. Parker, William H. Hill, and Ella A. Boole.Western Union020306
Letters,May 21, 1927, Congratulation to Seymour Lowman as Assistant Secretary of the Treasurer in Charge of Prohibition, from Vincent C. Hart, T. M. Ripley, John Knight, John J. McInerney, Richard B. Smith, Ernest E. Cole, H. L. Gardner and H. Moseson.Letters020307
Letters, May 21, 1927, Congratulations to Seymour Lowman on his Appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasurer in charge of Prohibition from Orville S. Poland, E. H. Colburn, H. E. H. Brereton, H. N. Babcock, DeHart H. Ames, Letters020308
Letter, May 21, 1927. Congratulations to Seymour Lowmanon the Appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury from Orville S. Poland,E. H. Colburn, H. E. H. Brereton, H. N. Babcock, DeHart H. Ames, William Lincoln Shearer, H. H. Griswold, J. S. Kennedy, Letter020308
Letter, May 21, 1927. Congratulations to Seymour Lowman, as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in Charde of Prohibition from David ----, George K. Morris, C. W. Taft, H. J. Rigney, T. F. Connelly, E. O. Eldredge, Charles Ric. Keeler, John M. McDowell, Arthur F. Bouton.Letter020309
Letters, May 22, 1927, Congratulations To Seymour Lowman as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in Charge of Prohibition, from Seabury C. Mastick, Mary E. Woulfe, T. M. RipleyLetter020310
Letter, May 23, 12927. Congratulations as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in Charge of Prohibition, from Rev. Herman Hageman, Albert Berwin, B. C. De Witt, William Duke Jr., Robert B. -----, Jacob W. Winters, Dana F. Stark James ----- and Samuel S. Koenig.Letter020311
Letters, May 24 - 25, 1927. Congratulations to Seymour Lowman as Assistant Secretary of the Treasuer from Rev. William Harman van Allen, Frederic H. Hill, Homer W. Tope, Frederick D. Bidwell, Samuel A. Berger, W. F. Zumbrunn, Albert Ottinger, and Cyrus W. Phillips.Letters020313
Letter, December 26, 1939. Office of the Mayor City of Binghamton, C. Kress. In the dreariest Christmas season I have ever known, the realness of Seymour Lowman has been a bright vision of Faith, Hope and Charity which I shall never forget. Letter020314
Letter. May 7, 1927. To Honorable Seymour Lowman from John Dyott, After meny years of suspended acquaintance, if I could have the opportunity of again associating with you, even from different points of the compass.Leter020315
Letter, November 13, 1925. To Honorable Seymour Lowman From British Consulate General, New York. In appreciation on behalf of the Society of the Foreign Consulein New York for your presence and Mrs. Lowman.Letter020316
Letter, May 4, 1927. To Honorable Seymour Lowman from Ralph D Webster. You are mentioned as a possible successor to General Andrews, as Prohibition Commissioner. If I can be of any assistance to you at any time please call. Letter020317
Letter, June 1, 1927. Congratulations to Seymour Lowman upon your Appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury of the Internal Revenue affairs including Prohibition form N. B. Payne.Letter020318
Letter, May 9, 1927. To Honorable Seymour Lowman from Thomas Mangan, Binghamton , N. D. By the papers you are slated for enforcement officer in charge of National Prohibition I am writing to express my great pleasure in the news. So much controvertedat at the present time, will rejoice to know that it is handled by a man of your broad intelligence, great judgement, political experience and essential honesty.Letter020319
Letter, To Honorable William H. Hill, June 9, 1927 from Seymour Lowman. My clipping service brings to me a copy of the Binghamton Sun a very splendid editorial on my position as Assistant Secretary.Letter020320
Letter, June 9, 1927. To Professor E. A. White, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. From Seymour Lowman and Mr. Koenig, they furnished superintendents for greenhouses in our section.Letter 020321
Letter, May 25, 1917. To Honorable Seymour Lowman, from R. H. Berry. Very pleased in your appointment to the Treasury of the United States. You will have many positions to fill by appointments you will take my name under consideration. Having experience in assisting Federal officers in the enforcement of the Volstead Act. Letter020322
Invitation, Tuesday evening May 5th. In Honor of the Delegates to the Sixth General Congress of the International Chamber of Commerce, The Director General of the Pan American Union. Request your company at a Concert of Latin American Music. Accepted April 22.Invitation020323
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