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Collection TitleCL 136 United Baptist Church CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByRachel Dworkin, Kristen Goble
Date Completed:December 2014
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by the United Baptist Church in 2011. 
Terms:Elmira (N.Y.); Churches, Baptist


Official recognition of First Baptist Church took place in 1829.  The first church building went up in 1830 on land donated by Geoffrey Wisner.  Membership grew steadily in the church and by 1847 it became necessary to build a second, larger edifice.  Also in 1847, escaped slave John W. Jones came to Elmira and began his fifty years of service as Sexton for First Baptist Church.  In 1892, the church spent over $70,000 on a third and final building, which still stands today. 


Southside Baptist Church began around 1888 when residents of the south side of Elmira opened their homes for Friday evening prayer meetings.  Soon, attendance at these meetings warranted the building of a permanent church home.  In 1891 the Baptist Mission Sunday School was formed and Wednesday evening prayer meetings were held in a rented store on the corner of Pennsylvania and South Avenues.  Three years later Southside Baptist Church was officially organized.  In 1895 the lot where the temporary church was located was bought and construction on the church building began.  An addition was built in 1953 to accommodate the flourishing membership.


First Baptist Church and Southside Baptist Church combined around 2011 and now form United Baptist Church.


The United Baptist Chuch Collection is broken down into several series.

Series I: First Baptist Church Membership Files - Church membership files, 1950s-2000s, featuring genealogical information, newspaper clippings and photographs.

Series II: First Baptist Church Collection - Church administrative documents, annual reports, programs, newsletters, photographs and assorted documents.

Series III: Southside Baptist Church Collection - Church administrative documents, programs, photographs and assorted documents. 

Extent13 linear feet
Date Span1829-2009
AbstractThis collection contains the records of the First and Southside Baptist Churches of Elmira.  From the First Baptist Church, it includes membership files, programs, newsletters, photographs and miscellaneous records.  From the Southside Baptist Church, the collection includes programs, newsletters, photographs, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous records.   

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
First Baptist Church Collection
Manuscript - First Baptist Church of New York by Alice M. Oakes, 1967. ManuscriptI1101
Document - Transcription of Conduct Services At First Baptist Church Opening, published by Star Gazette, November 2, 1931.DocumentI1102
Newspaper Clippings - First Baptist Church observes 125th Anniversary, Elmira Sunday Telegram, November 14, 1954.Newspaper ClippingsI1103
Documents - Funeral service records for non-members, presided over by First Baptist Church clergy; William F. Benjamin; Daryl Sue DeLappa; Craig L. Henderson; Alfred G. Richards, Jr.; Mildred Pinckney; Mamie June Tillman; Margaret L. Wood; Nina P. Nichols; Gloria Montanye; Harold H. Stone, Sr.; Lloyd E. Greene; Kenneth J. Martin; James Michael Fowler; Iris B. Wilcox; Joan E. Hazlett; Lester R. Kieffer, June M. VanTuyl; Alyssa Mae Baltimore; Floyd E. (Bud) Wise; Joseph E. VanTuyl; Florence L. Kittle; Harold H. (Stoney) Stone, Sr.; 1993-2000. DocumentsI1201
Meeting minutes of First Baptist Church, 1852-1935.MinutesJ0101
Meeting Minutes of First Baptist Church, 1917-1929.MinutesJ0201
Membership rolls and meeting minutes of First Baptist Church, 1854-1895.Membership Rolls and MinutesJ0301
Meeting minutes of First Baptist Church, 1894-1924.MinutesJ0401
Church letter stubs from First Baptist Church, 1943-1947.LettersJ0501
Church letter stubs from First Baptist Church, 1948-1970.LettersJ0601
Meeting minutes of First Baptist Church, rewritten,1822-1935. MinutesJ0701
Meeting minutes of First Baptist Church, rewritten, 1932-1972.MinutesJ0801
Documents pertaining to First Baptist Church Handicapped Housing Project, 1977-1978.DocumentsK0101
Specifications for First Baptist Church buildings, 1951, 1961.SpecificationsK0201
Meeting minutes of First Baptist Church Marburn Class, 1945-1957.MinutesK0301
Photographs of First Baptist Church reverends including: Rev. Charles Roush; Rev. Hugh Chamberlain Burr; Rev. Meredith Dallman; Rev. Dr. Howard Stewart; Rev. Rolland Dutton; Rev. Harold Geistweit; Rev. Roland Hudson; Rev. Robert Gray; Rev. Ritchard Lyon; Rev. Roger Covell, Rev. Donald Mills; Rev. Robert Markham; Rev. James Grant; Rev. Clayton Barlow; Rev. Kim McDowell; Rev. Claudine Crooks; Rev. Dennis Christiansen; 1918-2001.PhotographsK0401
First Baptist Church documents related to the Estate of Phyllis Winkelman, 1994-1995.DocumentK0501
Agreement between First Baptist Church and George Misch regarding stained glass windows, 1891.DocumentK0601
First Baptist Church documents regarding employee expectations, 2001.DocumentK0701
Incomplete record of names, addresses, and phone numbers from First Baptist Church, page 4 only, 1976.DocumentK0801
First Baptist Church monthly Church Clerks Reports, 1993-1999.ReportK0802
First Baptist Church Clerk's record of members, 1999-2006.DocumentK0803
Membership Roll for First Baptist Church, 1837-1919.Membership RollL0000
Membership rolls for First Baptist Church, 1985-1997.Membership RollM0001
Membership rolls for First Baptist Church, 1882-1995.Membership RollsM0002
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