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Collection TitleCL 80 Al Mallette PapersCreatorChemung County Historical Society
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Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette May 30, 1971. "Remember Raid" Mickey Vernon a key figure still holds as the biggest "raid on talent" in Eastern League history in Dunn Field.Newspaper Clipping060524
Newspaper Clipping, By Al Mallette July 16, 1972. Ex-Players to Be Enshrined. O'Donnell, Sherwood, Pope, Wood head Hall of Fame.Newspaper Clipping060525
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1972. Jim Bunning his second tour of duty in the Eastern League. Newspaper Clipping060526
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette May 7, 1978. They were 1948 Elmira Teammates Rogers, Kromer remembrance differ on Pete Gray.Newspaper Clipping060527
Newspaper cliping, By Al Mallette July 7, 1974. "Card Collector" Baseball card collection are a lucration hobby in these days nostalgia and Cy Grosvenor knows it. Newspaper Clipping060529
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 12, 1974. Mace Brown is in his 33rd year as an employer of the Boston Red Sox.Newspaper Clipping060530
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette August 4, 1974. Elmira baseball never has matched flamboyant 1930's. Charley Morey a specialist writer for the Associated Press. Newspaper Clipping060531
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette August 1974. Jerry WAring in 1955 was general manager of the Elmira Pioneers.Newspaper Clipping060532
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1976. Carl Fazio Former Elmira Pitcher in a recent visit to watch Firdych kid with the Tigers.Newspaper Clipping060533
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette November 1976. Elmiran Mark Williams is a baseball school Grad.Newspaper Clipping060534
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette, November 4, 1976. "The Malmberg I knew". Harry Malmberg manager of the Elmira Pioneers 1970 - 1971.Newspaper Clipping060535
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1975. 12 ex-baseball standouts gain Elmira Hall induction. This is the year of the pitcher, Klobuchowski, Ogrodowski, Baker, Malonoski, Hollenbeck, Chorney, Larson and Bauer.Newspaper Clipping060536
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette April 6, 1979. "Call from a legend". Bob Feller former Hall of Famer.Newspaper Clipping060537
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1980. Tom Brookens is a major leaguer.Newspaper Clipping060538
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1981. Charley (Broadway) Wagner a connoisseur of pitchers.Newspaper Clipping060539
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 7, 1982. Sam Horn was first picked by Boston Red Sox in June draft.Newspaper Clipping060540
Paper clipping, By Al Mallette July 14, 1982. Tony Stevens and Ron Oddo had all the tools to make the majors. Newspaper Clipping060541
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 19, 1982. Sam Natille the first Elmira professional baseball record-breaker since Mike Johnson in 1971.Newspaper Clipping060542
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 19, 1981. Johnny Sekella and Dean Place semi-pro baseball are the 1981 inductees into the Baseball of Fame. Besides baseball inductees will come from softball, football, basket, coaches, tennis, wrestling, track, contributors, golf and Women's catgeory.Newspaper Clipping060543
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 21, 1982. Dick Berardino grads make top team. Berardino sets record for longevity. August 4, 1982 Berardino feats to be rewarded.Newspaper Clipping060544
Newspaper clipping, Flashback by Al Mallette 1983. 3 memberable openers. Pioneers pitching gems. Lew Krausse May 1, 1936, Art Fabbro April 25, 1951 and Darrold Knowles 1963.Newspaper Clipping060545
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette March 22, 1983. Jim Greengrass a rare baseball talent from Addison to Majors. (New York Yankees.Newspaper Clipping060546
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette September 20, 1984. Tigers made ol' Al's year. 1984 they are American League East Champs with the best record in major league.Newspaper Clipping060547
Newspaper clipping, Flashback by Al Mallette October 14, 1984. Tony (Prescott) Malone recalls Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig News York Yankee World Series heroes in Elmira October 17, 1928.Newspaper Clipping060548
Newspaper clipping, Flashback by Al Mallette July 28, 1985. 34-1 for Colonels in 1956 Elmira's finest ball team. The semi-pro Elmira Colonels remains one of the most successful baseball seasons ever.Newspaper Clipping060549
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