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The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 26 Health Care/ Hospitals/ MedicalCreator
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Press Releases - Elmira Psychiatric Center, September 11,1974. A total of 9 releases. 1) What Is It? 2) A Community Mental Health Center 3) Interesting Facts and Figures 4) New York State Department of Mental Hygiene, by Alan D. Miller, M. D. 5) Robert A. McKinley, Associate Commissioner for Mental Health 6) Decision-Makers Session Planned at Psychiatric Center 7) Open House Saturday at Center 8) Human Services Seminar 9) Psychiatric Center Dedication September 19, 1974.Press ReleasesE0301
Program - Dedication of the Elmira Psychiatric Center on September 19, 1974.ProgramE0302
Invitation - Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital, Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, to formally open the E-Wing, on Saturday, June 14, 1997, at 10:00 A.M, at the E-Wing Main Entrance.InvitationE0305
Booklet - The Gleason Health Resort, describing the new improvements made within the past year to make the house more convenient and the methods of treatment more efficient. These include an Incandescent Electric Light Bath, a Russian Blue Light Therapeutic Lamp, Apparatus for High Frequency Currents, Vibrator and the Nauheim Bath.BookletE0403
Booklets - The Gleason Health Resort, three in total. 1) Listing John C. Fisher and Edith Flower Wheeler as Resident Physicians. 2) Listing John C. Fisher, John C. Doyle and Gertrude Davies Doyle as Resident Physicians. 3) Listing John C. Fisher and Fanny Hurd Brown as Resident Physicians. All three booklets describe information, references, rates, etc. BookletsE0404
Booklet - The Gleason Health Resort, Elmira, New York. The Resident Physician is John C. Fisher. Opened in 1852, a booklet describes the offerings of the resort.BookletE0405
Booklet - The Gleason Health Resort, Elmira, New York. Gives all the particulars of the institution including services, diseases treated, climatology, etc. BookletE0406
Bills - From the Gleason Health Resort to Miss Gertrude Case, dating from December 30, 1911 - July 28, 1912, for her stay at the resort. BillsE0407
Document - The Gleason Health Resort, case history for Mrs. Louise Mertell. 1) December 7, 1920. 2) December 11, 1920. DocumentE0408
Letters - From the Gleason Health Resort, Elmira, New York, regarding Louise Mertell. 1) To Mrs. Willow, September 28, 1922, from Fanny Hurd Brown, M. D., regarding Mrs. Mertell's health. 2) Mrs. Willow, August 26, 1922, from Fanny Hurd Brown, M.D., regarding Mrs. Mertell's health. 3) To Mrs. Mertell, November 3, 1922, from Fanny Hurd Brown, M.D. asking her how her long journey home went.LettersE0409
Handbill - Elmira Water-Cure, 1853, a poem by Horace S. Rumsey, "O! Come, Come Away" for the Gleason Health Resort.HandbillE0410
Journal - "The Water-Cure", June, 1853, Volume XV. No. 6. a Herald of reforms, devoted to Physiology, Hydropathy, and the Law of Life. JournalE0411
Handbill - Elmira Water Cure, run by S. O. Gleason, M. D. and Mrs. R. B. Gleason, M. D., 1867, discussing the new Bath-Rooms that have been made in the Ladies Department.HandbillE0413
Sketch of Elmira Water Cure.DrawingE0415
Shares - Elmira Premium Land Sale: 1) $3.00, for the Benefit of City Hospital, Elmira, New York, No. 59894, signed by F. L. Pattinson. 2) $3.00, for the Benefit of City Hospital, Elmira, New York, No. 59895, signed by F. L. Pattinson. 3) $3.00, for the Benefit of City Hospital, Elmira, New York, No. 861, signed by S. G. Stryker. 4) A letter to John McKnee from F. L. Pattinson, discussing the shares, January 27, 1872.SharesE0501
Reports - Annual Reports for St. Joseph's Hospital, Elmira, New York, dated June, 1971 and September, 1983.ReportsE0601
Invitation to the St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing Commencement exercises, sent to Eva Derby by graduate Wilma E. Dutenhoefer, May 24, 1936. Includes envelope and calling card. InvitationE0701
Handbill - St. Joseph's School of Nursing, ca. 1950. HandbillE0702
Booklet - St. Joseph's Hospital Bulletin of the School of Nursing for 1980-1982.BookletE0703
Newsletter - St. Joseph's Alumni Association Newsletter: Winter 1982. NewsletterE0704
Book - History of St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing, 1908-1988. BookE0705
Program - St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1951 50th Year Reunion at Hilton Hotel, May 5, 2001. ProgramE0706
Newsletter - The Heartbeat of St. Joseph's Hospital: March, July, August 1971; May, Summer (flood edition), December, 1972; February, October & 65th Anniversary issue, 1973; January & April 1974.NewsletterE0801
Newsletters - The Heartbeat, St. Joseph's Hospital: Winter, 1990; Spring, Summer & Fall, 1991; Spring, Summer & Winter, 1992; Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, 1993; Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, 1994; Spring, Summer & Winter, 1995; Summer; Spring/Summer, 1996; Spring/Summer, 1997; Winter, 1997; Spring/Summer 1998; Emergency Care Center, 1999. NewslettersE0901
Newsletter - St. Joseph's Hospital, September 18, 1983, presenting a 75th Anniversary "Message of Wellness and Emergency Care Guidelines". Describes a list of Emergency Care First Aid Proceedures.NewsletterE1001
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