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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Printed form: "Warrant of Trustees", dated December 20, 1880,signed by Chandler Brink, to Collector of School Dist. 10(N.D. Horton) Veteran, to receive taxes from people on foregoing list/lists provided.(No list included).DocumentB0156
Printed form: "warrant of Trustees:, dated April 4, 1882 by Hiram E. Wheeler,Trustee to Collector of School District No. 10, Veteran to receive taxes from eligible inhabitants on list/lists provided.(No list included).DocumentB0157
Release of Mortgage: Chemung Canal Trust Company to Frank and Anna Liberatore, recorded July 27, 1916, property: Lots No. 5 and 6 fronting on Magee Street,Elmira,N.Y., each being approx. 50' by 100'.Release of MortgageB0158
Cancellation of tax sale: Lots 3 & 4, Roe Avenue, Elmira owned by Frank & Filomena Liberatore, dated June 14, 1916,"has been paid & redeemed."DocumentB0159
Release of Mortgage: Chemung Canal Trust Company to Frank and Anna Liberatore, dated January 31, 1917, property : Lots No. 3 & 4, bounded on east by Magee St & bounded o north by Roe Ave., each approx 99' by 100.8'.DocumentB0160
Giovina Liberatore to Chemung Canal Trust Co., dated July 1926 for ten thousand dollars, property:a parcel east bound by Railroad Avenue, South bound by Fifth Street,approx. 22' by 65',also a lot with 65' front on West Fifth Street and ninety feet deep "or thereabouts".MortgageB0161
Printed Abstract of Title, "Land for Church St. extension West of Hoffman St.", first entry: William T. Post to Reuben Lovell, recorded June 19, 1871, last entry:Rebecca Lovell & Hiram H. Lovell and Wife to Adella F. Lyon. dated recorded December 3, 1901.DocumentB0163
"Deed": Mary Stobo to Minnie L. Post, recorded May 22, 1889, consideration: $2,900, property:Lot No. 6 on the east side of Harmon Streetin Block "F".DeedB0165
Note dated May 11, 1830 to Mr. Lyman Couch from A. Gates White, with enclosed money.DocumentB0166
"Deed": hand written Convers White to Darius Bentley, dated March 6, 1815, consideration: one dollar"final" sum:six hundred dollars), property:Town of Elmira, County of Tioga,"bounded by Bidleman's land on north, heirs of Livingston on east, Nathan More on south and heirs of Livingston on west"DeedB0167
Receipt dated September 30, 1809, twenty dollars received from P or D(?)Williams, signed by C. Barton.ReceiptB0201
A pledge to pay two hundred dollars to the "Chemung County War Chest Association", dated April 19, 1919. Signed by C>F> Vegard, J.C. Conlon and T.J. Maley.DocumentB0202
cover inscribed "Field Book of the S.W. Section of the 7th Township, one of the 12 towns in the County of Tioga in the State of New York". Contains individual descriptions of lots therein:size,location,topography,timber,etc. Nodate found.BookletB0203
Stock Certificate :"Wistar Mountain Coal Company"(Elmira), dated July 1, 1867 with coupons(one cut out).Stock CertificateB0203
"Deed", dated November 6, 1813, between John J. & Jemima Barton of Big Flats and William North of Elmira, consideration:one dollar,property: Town of Big Flats,"about one quarter of an acre". DeedB0204
"Deed": between Comfort and Abigail Bennettof Big Flats and Samuel Partridge of the Town of Elmira, dated February 2, 1847, consideration:$300.00, property:the North side of the Canal, formerly belonging to David Bennett, consisting of"seven acres and one rod and six perches of land".DeedB0205
An agrement dated May 1, 1846 between Horton Frost and Ripha Warden that Frost will act as agent for Warden in the sale of "land near Millport of the Widow Greeno(?)" to Joseph Middaugh.DocumentB0206
Re: Lot 138, Chemung County," 162 acres - 112 acres,"previously Lot D,consideration: $150.00 with repayment schedule.DocumentB0207
"Agreement" dated April 19, 1827 between Reuben Nash and ELnathan(?) Mudge,property: one acre of land in Columbia, repayment in three years of approx. $50.00 plus interest.DocumentB0209
"Lease": dated March 20, 1849,house on Wisner Street(now occupid by James Dempsey), term one year,yearly rent $65.00,payable monthly, signed by James Creed(?)& N.McDonald(?), T. N. Wilbur, Tenant.LeaseB0210
Ledger pages of tax arrears of several properties, dated 1814 to 1820 in the "numbered" Townships, Tioga County.DocumentB0211
"Warranty Deed": dated December 19, 1854, between Thomas & Hannah Noyes,Town of Corning and Fordyce Harrington of Addison, consideration: $650.00, property:Town of Big Flats,"containing 88 perches of land, more or less",most very faded and dificult to read.DeedB0212
"Mortgage": Horton & Editha Frost to John Kingsbury, dated October 1, 1833,consideration: $150.00,property: Town of Veteran, part of lot No. two, S.W. quarter of Township No. 3 of the 12 townships,and part of lot no. 5, Green Bentley's farm.MortgageB0213
"Articles of Agreement", dated May 16, 1840, between William Buell and John Williams, Trustees of Warham Whitney, deceased.They are appointed by the last will and testament of said W. Whitney,there are six "Articles" regarding the disposition of the Estate's real and personal propery.DocumentB0214
Agreement dated May 16, 1840 , William Buell & John Williams with J. S. VerDalia."In consideration of $2,000, Mr. V. assigns all his interest etc. in the "annexed article" to J. Rowley of Big Flats.DocumentB0215
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