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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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This folder contains photos relating to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church: exterior views, various dates; Rev. Trautlein, pastor, 1900; booth at a church bazaar; rctory at 315 Lake St, c. 1983; unidentifed clerics; main altar during Mass; church rectory at E. 2nd and Lake, c. 1900.Photographs39B06
This folder contains the following images of St. Casimir's Roman Catholic Church (1000 Davis St., Elmira): exterior views, various dates; renovations, 1987; sanctuary, 2001; First Communion class, 1912; choir, 1920 & 1926-7; brotherhood at Notre Dame Retreat House, ca. 1960s; Rev. Joseph A. Balcerak (pastor 1918-1933); Rev. Agan, 1990; Rev. Scott Kubinski & Bishop Matthew Clark, 2011; parishioners including Peter Chalk, J. Arthur Kieffer, and Dorothy & Katherine Kubiniski. Photographs39B08
This folder contains the following images of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad (DL & W): Elmira passenger station, various dates; Lowman (Lowmanville) station; Pocono steamboat; wreck outside Corning, July 4, 1912; wreck in Wayland, N.Y., August 30, 1943; Madison Ave. & Church, Lake & Sullivan Sts. overpasses, 1932; Engine 409 & crew, 1956; at-grade crossings at Washington Ave, 5th St, Madison Ave., Oak St., Lake St., Sullivan St., East Clinton, Dickinson, Thurston St., State St. & unidentified, pre-1932; freight house workers, 1896 & 1940; aerial view of tracks & station; Thurston St. tower; bridge in Eldridge Park, ca. 1900; Engines #408, 409, 501, 1154 & unidentified. Photographs400101
This folder contains the following images related to the elimination of at-grade crossings along the Erie Railroad: crossing on Water Street & 2nd; train on temporary bridge; tracks on Southside; pulling up tracks on Water Street; celebration on October 26, 1934; elevated tracks, ca. 1935. Photographs4002
This folder contains the following images of the elimination of at-grade crossings along the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad (DL & W) in 1932: at-grade crossings at Dickinson St. & Water St.; (25) construction of viaducts and removal of old track; elevated track near Kennedy Valve; train on viaduct; engineers on the project - C.S. Doolittle, J.H. Schoonover, W.A. Durrell, W. Scowden, G.A. Albeck, H.W. Machemer, R.B. Kohnston, A. Moore & F. Martin.Photographs4003
This folder contains the following images of Conrail and Norfolk Southern Railroad: (3) Freedom Train in Scranton, PA, 1976; (2) Conrail repairs of the old Erie Deport, ca. 1980; (3) Save the Depot festival, 1980; (18) semaphores and crossings at Waverly, Chemung & Elmira Heights, ca. 1980s; (8) Conrail train yard, Elmira, 1991; (8) Conrail train at old Erie depot, 1983; Berkshire steam engine on Elmira viaduct over the Chemung, 1988. Photographs40B01
This folder contains the following miscellaneous railroad photographs: (2) Freedom Train in Elmira, 1947; railroad worker & small boy, ca. 1940s; (2) abandoned rails, ca. 1970s; Engine #1088 & crew, unknown line, ca. 1890s; Myers & McWilliams Engine #21 in Lancaster, Pa, ca. 1890s; unidentified rural train station.Photographs40B02
This folder contains the following images of the Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railroad; Lehigh Valley Railroad; and Utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railroad: (4) Lehigh Valley depot, 5th & Baldwin, Elmira; Lehigh Valley depot, Van Etten; Lehigh Valley station, Horseheads; (2) Lehigh Valley station, Breesport; (2) Lehigh Valley station, Erin; Lehigh Valley tracks, Lake Street, Elmira; (3) Lehigh Valley wrecks, 1911; wreck near Van Etten, 1972; (2) Elmira, Cortland & Northern tracks in Elmira; assorted engines, a 3 lines. Photographs40B03
This folder contains photos of the Erie Railroad: Erie Station, Elmira, various dates; Henry Street Station, Southport; Railroad crews; Lowman Station; depot staff; "The General," Civil War era locomotive; Office Staff, 1880; tain yards, 1880; track repairs after June 1889 flood; Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, 1900; crossing of Tioga branch just west of South Creek; Railroad bridge,Water Street, Elmira; viaduct dedication, 1934; Arnot & Morris Run depot; soldiers at the station, 1951; Phoebe Snow; Erie Limited; Erie-Lackawanna freight train on Centertown overpass, 1974; misc. unidentified Erie Railroad locomotives and trains, various dates.Photographs40B04
This folder contains the following photographs associated with the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad: (3) Erie Depot, ca. 1960s; (1) Phoebe Snow; wreck on E. Henry St., Elmira, 1970; (7) assorted engines through Elmira, ca. 1960s-70s.Photographs40B05
This folder contains the following photographs associated with the Pennsylvania Railroad: (12) train yards in Southport; crossing at Miller Street, 1927; view from Canton Ave. bridge, 1955; freight station at 5th Street; (2) rural crossing; (2) plow car; rural tracks; engines number 273, 295, 1880, 1196, 3381, 4090, 4617, 4637, 4646, 5218, 5456.Photographs410101
This folder contains images of local Railroad Employees: Engineers on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western crossing elmination project, 1932; Erie Depot supervisory panel; Erie Depot office workers; Thomson Houston Station, 1883; men with engine #4033, no date; U.S. Express men, 1910; 5 men with Pennsylvania caboose #185190; round house employees with Erie RR engine, 1913; Erie RR workers, 1890;Erie RR maintenance crew,no date; Erie maintenance crew, Southport yard, no date;Erie employees, 1896; Erie RR shop workers at Southport Yard,no date; unidentified workers, 1896; Bath-Corning RR surveyors; Trainmaster's Office, Southport Yard, 1912; Erie RR workers on caboose; Elmira Coal Yard of the Hanmores, 1941; locomotive engineer; hook that grabs mail bags at"no stop" stations; Erie RR men at work; underpass repair at Elmira Yard, no date.Photographs410201
This folder contains: photos of the Elmira,Water Light & R.R. Company Trolley; 3 xerox of photos;small sepia of Water St winter scene c. 1910;sepia c. 1919 of first"One man safety car";large sepia of trolley,Sullivan St?, c. teens;large sepia of car at end of Water St line,Clark's Glen;large B&W of car #50;large sepia of trolley interior,no date;c. 1975,old trolley converted to farm building;mid 20's interior of plow car;large sepia of car 352,no date;B&W 1920's car about to cross Lake St Bridge;2 sepia late 1920's model 300 car converted to plow;large B&W of car 67 at Rorick's Glen entrance;large sepia of car "garage"on East 5th Street;trolley on Main St passing Park Church c. 1937;eastbound on Water,turning into Lake,c. 1938;2 B&W photos of March 11, 1939,last trolley being drawn off street by horsre.Photographs4201
This folder contains the following trolley/street car images: (20) trolleys in various locations in Elmira, Horseheads and Watkins Glen, 1890s, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939; (3) 1st double track cars, c. 1899-1900; double decker trolley; horse drawn West Water St trolley; College Ave trolley; Fair Grounds Trolley; views of Lake & Water(2),Main & Water(1); Elmira,Corning & Waverly Railway; crowd awaitig first street car at Southport Corners, June 1911; Railroad work trolley; trolley track removal at Water & Main, 1940s; trolley interior, c. 1920s; Elmira "Easy Rider" trolley c. 1980-90's.Photographs4202
This folder contains: photos of the Elmira Water Light & Railroad Company:1890's epia of cars at Water & Lake; car 59 at Baldwin & Water,no date;sepia of Lake & Water, c. 1890;large sepia of car c. 1912;;advertising car at E. 5th;cars at fairgrounds,(2)14th St in Heights,Madison Ave c.1913,Watkins Glen Rte. c. 1914,5 at Rorick's Glen c. 1911-19; picture of EWL&RR employees,no date;4 photos of cars in or near 5th St car barn;3 small B&W of sweeper car,cars on Main & Water St(2),Miller St, all c. 1930's; Main & Water 1939;14th St at Erie RR crossing c.1937,Main St 1937;Horseheads 1939...................Photos of Elmira Corning and Waverly Railroad:Big Flats 1911;near car barn,no date;Rorick's Glen,no date;B& W of large car and passengers(first run?)substation at Chemung,NY;3 photos of car derailment near Fitch's Bridge due to landslide,no date;2 photos of car at Main & Water;5 small photos at or near car barn;2 photos above Narrows Rd;1925 photo of car with Waverly Hill4 in background;car at City Line,no date;large sepia of car on Old Sing Sing Road,no date;4 large B&W of RR track & overpasses(@ photos c. 1958);small B&W of old car in field off Bird Creek Road.Photographs4203
This folder contains the following Maple Avenue Railroad images: Maple Ave RR car,c. 1899; (2) Maple Ave RR car traveling west on Water St., 1898; D L & W Transfer 17; Maple Ave RR car barn c. 1890's.Photographs4204
This folder contans: photos of the Elmira & Seneca Lake Railway:six photos of varied sizes, E. 5th St car barn;sepis & B&WB&W southbound in Millport,c.1900; car on Lake St Elmira c. 1900;2 photos of line opening c. 1902(?);car approaching date;race betwe troley & train,no date;publicity view of trolley car;large publicity photo of trolley car; picture of railway tracks after 1906 flood;trolley in Millport about 1910;interior view of trolley car;cars in Hshds Hanover Square after 1907;trolley "bridge" in Millport,no date;2 large sepia of line opening c. 1900;sheet with photos of car 2010 in Watkins,no date2 small trolley photos c. 1921;large downtown trolley scene i Elmira, no date.Phhotographs42B01
This folder contains photos of of the Westside RR & the Elmira Horseheads R.R.: car at Lake & Market; (5) assorted Westside trolley cars; car on Water & Baldwin; (5) double decker trolley; (2) trolley sweeper car; trolley car on Sulllivan St., 1899. Elmira Horseheads Line: (5) assorted trolley cars, 1890's; Elmira Heights trolley; (2) trolley on Lake St by Court House; line repair wagon & workmen, 1900; Elmira trolley car shop; car barn of Elmira/Horseheads trollry line; EW&L RR cars, one of Elmira & Seneca Lake RR, 1901.Photographs42B02
This folder contains the following images of horse drawn vehicles: horse drawn trolleys (7); assorted commercial vehicles, furniture, lumber, etc, (24), circa 1880; dairy wagon; safe being hauled into an upper story of the Robinson Building; U.S. Express Company's "Famous Four-in Hamd, the rig that took 1st prize at the World's Fair (2); assorted unidentified rigs. Photographs4301
This folder contains the following images of hearses: 1860 German model; Herrington models (3); Civil War hearse; children's white hearse, 1900; 1908 hearse on auto chassis; WWI hearse; Rockfalls hearse, 1921; side servicing car, circa 1920; Ford 1924; Dodge 1925; Sayers & Scovill 1926; Studabaker Superior 1929; Cunningham Co. 1934; Buick 1936; Cadillac Fleetwood 1940; unidentified funeral homes (6); various unidentified hearses from the 1860's to the 1940's.Photographs4302
This folder contains the following images of civic groups & orgnaizations: Finger Lakes State Parks Commission; Members of Chamber of Commerce, 1904;(2) Chamber of Commerce Members, 1915; Chamber of Commerce, 1918; Daughters of the American Revolution, circa 1920; cartoon sketch of New England Kitchen Luncheon Group, Kitchen Klub Kickers; Volunteers Settlement Home, Sullivan Street, 1933; Arctic League Directors, 1940; Volunteers Aid of America building, High Street, 1965; Joe Prunier & Charles Bright going over Arctic League Book; Chemung County Government officials, circa 1970; City Mission; Spring Field Day at Decker Parkway, 1921; Remington Rand outing, no date; (2) United Way annual meeting, 1975; (2) Arctic League broadcast, circa 1950.Photographs4401
This folder contains the following political images: 1894 Republican Candidates;sketch of political speaker c. 1899's; stone medallion engraved George Washington, President 1793;wall bas relief engraving "Chemung Valley of the Big Horn"; nighttime views of people downtown waiting for election returns,no date; Wendall Willkie Campaign in Elmira, 1941; Chemung County Legislative members, no date; Senator Robert Kennedy's visit in Elmira, September 1964; unidentified people.Photographs4403
This folder contains: several small B&W photos of masons plying their trade in the years 1942,1946,1947,1948,1949,1950,1952(the most pics),19531954 all with names; five B&W with names but no date;three color photos of Southside Urban Renewal, December 2004.Photographs4501
This folder contains pictures of fraternities and sororities: Kappa Sigma Soroity, 1904; Alpha Chapter Kappa Sigma, Ithaca; Kappa Alpha Nu Fraternity, 1915; Lambda Sigma Fraternity, 1916 & 1920; Elmira Free Academy (EFA) Theta Phi Fraternity, 1910; Alpha Sigma members, 1939 and 1940; Adelphic Camp, 1906.Photographs4502
This folder contains the following Kiwanis Club images: Kiwanis volunteers in Washington Park, Elmira, 1924; Governor F. Roosevelt visiting Reconstruction House, circa 1928-29; club outing, 1919; 35 year members; 40th anniversary Charter Club members, circa 1990; members in kitchen for 4 H Club gathering, 1961; softball team, ca. 1970s; past presidents from 1924 to 1955.Photographs4503
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