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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

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These slides are if the interior of the museum from 1984-1996: Research Room, 1985; collection storage, 1984; Photos by Rachel Maines of storage (1), object records(2), Artifacts storage (1); Booth Library; 1996 clothing collection area; Collections (8); Research room (2).SlidesD2415 E. Water Street06
These slides are of the interior of the museum building: Booth Library, 1992; Archive Room, 1991; Collections' storage; museum entry, 1982; painting of the archives, 1991 (2); Collections' storage, 1995 (4); 3 ladies in the library; Gift Shop, 1995; Gift Shop, 1984 (2); committee meeting in the Window Gallery; Entrance to Reception for Christmas Past, 1983.SlidesD2415 E. Water Street07
These slides are of the renovation of the Old Chemung Canal Bank, 1979-1982: inside renovations (6); moving, 1982 (3); view of building outside before renovations, June 1979; working on outside of windows; outside, building project supplies 1979; working inside collections, 1983; 1980 research assistant, helpng with clothing; Arthur Reeds shop, exhibition cases, 1981; storage area, 1982, Skip Reed, Cabinetmaker, 1981; elevator and fire stair area; Carriage Gallery door.SlidesD2415 E. Water Street09
These slides are of the opening reception in 1981 of the new home of the Chemung County History Museum at 415 E. Water Street: a pianist; decorative table with open bank vault in the background; Christmas tree in Bank Gallery (5); harpist (2); 2 gentlemen by tree and piano; view towards front door of Gallery; pine boughs and ribbon on stairs at front entrance; views of some of the guests (4); caterer; looking down into the punch bowl.SlidesD2415 E. Water Street21
These 19 slides are of the 1984 archological dig at the present CCHS building: east facade; efflorescence of east, room 121; repair of stone foundation (potico) is falling off; deterioration of brickwork near roof, west facade; mortar deterioration on north wall of main block; window and brick problems, east facade; the alley (west); efflorescene of east wall, room 121; south wall of room 121; view to back of lot; efflorescence on north wall of "pigeon room"; deterioration, east facade; window sash in need of repainting; brickwork problems, west facade; third floor hall; wall joint in "pigeon room". SlidesDrawerARCHOLOGICAL DIG 198403
These slides are of the following churches: Holy Trinity Lutheran anniversary ad for 1974; c 1975 Holy Trinity Lutheran; 3 exterior views of Holy Trinity Lutheran, 1986; c 1975 Our Saviour's Lutheran, Horseheads; 4 views of Our Saviour's Lutheran, 1986; German Evangelical 1875-1924 muntage (3); 1891, 1st United Church of Christ; c 1900, 1st United Church of Christ; c 1910, 1st United Church of Christ; c 1880 1st United Church of Christ. SlidesDrawer Churches48
These 19 slides are of the 1985 re-enactment of a Civil War battle held in Elmira.SlidesDrawerCivil War05
These slides are of covered bridges: 1853 Newfield, NY, 1966 (2); Bennett Bridge, Wilson Mills, ME, 1970 (3); 1867, Lovejoy Bridge, South Andover, ME, 1970; 1862 Lancaster, NH, 1970 (2); 1852 Groveton, NH, 1970 (2); Starke, NH, 1970 (3); Mt. Orne, S. Lancaster, NH & Lunenberg, VT, built 1911 to replace several former bridges, 1970 (4).SlidesDrawerCovered Bridges01
These slides are of Native Americans: Construction of Iroquois mocassins; Indian words; Spirit of Winter Frost; Spirit of North Wind; Iroqouis False Face Dance; tableau of False Face Ceremony (2); Iroquois False Face Ceremony; Iroquois clearing land for corn; painting of Joseph Brant; Indian Toadalio; "The Bow Makers" by Ernest Smith, Seneca Iroquois artist 1939, Rochester Museum and Sicence Center; Onondaga brave with long rifle, typical Iroquois warrier; white woman of the Genesee; white Indian, Wyoming, PA, July 1, 1978 (2).SlidesDrawerNative Americans03
These slides are a continuation of the Elmira Centennial Parade on June 13, 1964: numbers 11-29SlidesDrawerParades03
These slides are the Elmira Reformatory: guard staff (3); portrait of Zebulon R. Brockway (1876-1900); parade ground with groups of men at attention; early view of buildings from the street (7); public view of building incased in a decorative frame; THE SUMMARY, inmate publication; Elmira Correctional Facility; arrival of new inmates; Auburn State Prison history from a book; Twin Towers of State Hopsital, 1973; Sing Sing Prison history from a book. SlidesDrawerReformatory02
These slides pertain to railroads: overpasses(10); billboard on the side of a store that is attached to a house; aerial view of a large crowd at the dedication of the new elevated RR track system in Elmira; locomotive crossing Chemung river at ground level next to an iron bridge.SlidesDrawerTrolleys & Railroads11
These 7 slides are of chandeliers and lamps, 1958: candle making at old Fitch House, Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA; bayberry wax candles being made at the Governor's Palace, Williamsbrg, VA; tin candle mold; candle stick with device to raise candle plus 2 candle scissor snuffers, Dewitt Historical Society, Ithaca; candle stand, threaded shaft; candle chandelier, Antique House, Ithaca; tin and glass lantern, Dewitt H.S.SlidesDrawer 2CHANDELIERS/LAMPS03
These slides pertain to the Civil War: U.S. Hospital 1861-65, Clinton St.; line drawing of men at prison camp; camp marker, Water St.; Main Entrance to camp; rear of Guard House; Barricks; East marker for Prison Camp(Tom Byrnes' photo); wooden markers for Confederate dead; modern grave markers at Woodlawn National Cemetery; unkown soldier at Woodlawn; brass plaque in Woodlawn National Cemetery.SlidesDrawer !Civil War04
These slides are of the 125th Anniversary of Chemung Co. parade.SlidesDrawer 1 Chemung Co. 125 Anniversary01
These slides are from the Baxter Collection: JMB & LHB plus a little girl; air academy; Colorado Springs, 1957 (2); Pfaesers, 1957, little girl; Pikes Peak, 1957; Henderson Harbo (3); Lake Ontario, 1957; Madison Barricks, Sachetts Harbor, 1957; John Metcalf; Ginny Pollack, Jack Fassett; Mrg. Ausliu; George & Inez Dusterdieck; The Probsts; B.W. Winner; Pollocks, Greens, Winners; Hallie & Broaned Pruikston; The Hitchcocks, 1957. SlidesDrawer 1Baxter Collection01
These slides are from the Baxter Collection: Kelloggs, Middlebury; Waterbury, Marnier House; Lilli Child's pool, Farmington; Yale 25th Reunion, 1957 (9); Dulce Henning; Pugl Plaulation; Lilli & Louise McElroy, 1957 (2); Marge Lowman & Paul Kilgore.SlidesDrawer 1Baxter Collection02
These slides are from the Baxter Collection: Rita Brownback & Ann Welles; Marg Mellor, Lucy French, & the Murrays-Marge & Lowneau; Rip Lowman; Hathe Fassett, George Dusterdieck; Betty McLeod, Dutch Hoffman; Newtown Group; Ella & Chef; Child's pool, Farmington, 1957; Betty & Jim Wood, Mary Ann Lewis; Newtown, M. Mellor & the Garretts; unidentified people (3); Newtown, K. Hoffman, May 1956; Marshall Lowmn, Lee Pierce; Perry's Party, July 1956; J.M.B.; Rita Brownback, Jack McLeod; pool.SlidesDrawer 1Baxter Collection03
These slides are from the Baxter Collection: Kathy Hoffman, Rip Lowman; Jack Fassett, Al Underhill; group of men; J.M.B.; the Lunts, 1956, as played by L.H. & J.M.B.; Betty Searl. February 1956; C & R Kennedy, February 1956; Katy P., Dutch, Meg, Rosie, & L.H.B.; Katy Hoffman, Lois, Betty, & Kae H.; unidentified man; J.M.B.; Rosie, February 1956; Katy Parker, "Canasta Girls" for Hoffmans; Red & John, February 1956; Lois, Betty & Katy; C. Kenned's birthday dinner, Morriseys & Kennedys; Mary Morrisey; Charles & curtains; Lilli in pajamas, still with braids, February 1956.SlidesDrawer 1Baxter Collection04
These slides are from the Baxter Collection: firescreen; fire place; LHB at work, February 1956; Lilli, 1st picture with hair cut, February 1956; Jack & Lorana Sullivan, 1956; John in kitchen; Lille, living room, Christmas 1956; little girl in a pink chair (2); Christmas 1956; man in pink chair, other people; family group, Christmas 1956; G. Pearsons, October 1956; family Christmas 1956; Pearsons, October 1956; Grand Prix 1956; Pearsons, October 1956; George Pearsons, October 1956; Grand Prix 1956; party at Ra__ts for Dick & Cathy Williams.SlidesDrawer 1Baxter Collection05
These slides are from the Baxter Collection: John at Ruth Piersons, 1956; Raitts, Keuka Lake Labor Day 1956; July 1956 Blued Sale (2), Geneva, NY; Raitts, Labor Day 1950; Raitts terrace, September 1956; Gannon (?), 1950; Liz Noble, May 1956; Lee Sullivan, Grand Prix 1956; Craigs; pretty white house; B. Brodie's, Pam & Rob (children), spring 1956, Watertown; party for Bill Parker, August 1957; Pam, Rob, & Lilli, Watertown; B. McLeod; Laurie Smith's wedding, Syracuse; double exposure, August 1957; Mrs. Dueslaus, Syracuse, June 1956; Craigs 1956. SlidesDrawer 1Baxter Collection06
These slides are from the Baxter Collection: group of unidentified people; D. Pfaelzer, 1957; 2 unidentified ladies; Betty Woods, Jim Morresey; Betty Wood, JMB; Clarence Brobst, Caroline Gattett; group of people (8)Perry's swimming party,1956; Nancy Marks, Joe Eberle, Billy Bowers; Hattie Fassett, C. Kennedy; Petty, 1957; Slew, Colorado Springs, 1957.SlidesDrawer 1Baxter Collection07
These slides are from the Baxter Collection: pool; Colorado Springs, 1957; Brownie, JMB, 1957; Petty, Belle, AHB at Broadmoor, Colorado Springs; Petty, Belle, Colorado; Broadmoor, 1957; Colorado Springs, 1957; suite at St. Regis, Easter 1956; outside St. Regis, Easter 1956; Men of Distinction, St. Regis, 1956; poor-worn out man-after party, February 1956; J. Riggs; Easter 1956, flowers from Jock; JMB & Charles Austin; Blind Shop, February 1956; Canasta game, February 1956; Searls, John & Lilli, February 1956; Jerry Searl & Lilli, February 1956; Bill & Ann Burdick at shower for them, February 1956.SlidesDrawer 1Baxter Collection08
These are a collection of Canal slides: Chemung Canal with barges (2); Deep Cut, Chemung Feeder, 1963; USS Chemung, one of the three ships shown; Chemung Canal with 2 barges as viewed from the Washington Ave. bridge; painting of a canal dock; old coal slip, Watkins Glen, NY, 1963; the Chemung Canal looking north from McCann's Blvd., Elmira Heights, January 1985; Chemung Canal near Junction Canal; Chemung Canal map (1963); Junction Canal at town of Chemung; Canal Map 1833-78; T. Briggs Brewery, canal days; barges tied up at a manufacturing site; 1862, Elmira and Chemung Canal with Junction, looking south; 1862 Elmira, Chemung Canal and Junction Canal, looking north; Chemung Canal at Rolling Mills; Map of PA canals with the Chemung Canal tie-in; Junction Canal at Athens, PA at Tozer's bridge. SlidesDrawer 1Canals01
These slides pertain to the Chemung Canal and its feeders: Preemption Line marker, Old Route 17, Big Flats, April 1958 (2); site of junction of feeder and Chemung Canal at Horseheads, April 1958; state dredging channel at north end of Chemung Canal at south end of Seneca Lake, May 25, 1958; Camden Ave., Elmira Heights, not the canal, April 1958; group of people; man out on a couple of logs in canal or feeder; canal, south from Lenox Ave, Elmira Heights, April 1985; canal aquaduct, near Millport. April 1958; canal feeder. SlidesDrawer 1Chemung Canal and Its Feeders01
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