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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Warranty Deed, no date, not signed, Edwin Munson & Wife to Edmund H. Bartholomew, property:part of Elmira known as "Wisnerburgh", bounded on the North by First Street, on the west by Columbia Street.DeedB0217
"Warranty Deed": recorded May 1, 1851, Benjamin Wickham & David H.Tuthill & his Wife to Edmund Munson, consideration: $200.00, property:Village of Elmira, known as Wisnerburgh,bounded north by First Street and west by Columbia StreetDeedB0218
License to "Have & Possess Pistol, Revolver or Firearms", to Roy S. Terwilliger, dated March 29, 1915, Otis H.Gardner, Recorder of Elmira.LicenseB0301
License to "Have and Carry Pistol, Revolver or Firearms" granted to Roy S. Terwilliger, datd April 1, 1926, signed by B.L. Herman,Chemung County Judge.LicenseB0302
Wallet "coupon", showing Roy Terwilliger had been issued License no. 2717, dated 4-1-26, to carry a weapon.DocumentB0303
Picture I.D. of Roy Terwilliger dated Jan. 27, 1932, "License toCarry Pistol is Hereby Granted"ID CardB0304
"Liquor Lcense" granted to Michael J. Clahessy, dated September 25, 1913, business address: 423 Railroad Avenue, Elmira, N.Y.Liquor LicenseB0305
Pistol license issued tp Ethel M. Gilson, 310 Walnut Street, Elmira, dated April 28, 1932.LicenseB0305
Last Will &testament of Calvin W. Bradley, dated May 5, 1877,affadavit of witnesses to the will,acknowledgement of the decedent's will, March 7, 1892, "rewrite of will in Florida, March 11, 1885WillB0501
Will of Calvin W. Bradley(Item 9th) leaving his "residual estate" to several nieces and nephews, dated February 1893.WillB0502
Inventory of the "effects"of Calvin W. Bradley, deceased, dated Tallahassee, Florida, March 8, 1892.InventoryB0503
"Deed", M.Doyle Marks Co. Inc. to The Elmira Savings Bank,recorded October 4, 1933, property: 309 East Water Street, Elmira, N.Y.DeedB0601
"Lease" between Carlton K. Hevener and M. Doyle Marks Co. Inc., dated April 1, 1923, expires March 31, 1928, yearly rent $4,800, payable at $400 per month property: 311 East Water Street, Elmira,N.Y., "a four story, metal roofed brick building">LeaseB0602
"Lease" between Carlton K. Hevener and M. Doyle Marks Co. Inc. term: October 1, 1917 to March 31, 1923, property: 311 East Water Street, Elmira, N.Y., a four story metal roofed brick building, rent: from 10/1/1917 to 3/31/1920,$2300 per year,$191.66 per month, remaining three years: $2500 per year, $208.33 per month.LeaseB0603
"Deed": Charles W. Ufford to Kate M. Gillett, recorded January 31, 1913, known as 309 East Water Street(Then occupied by D.S. Andrus & Co.)DeedB0604
Letter dated January 4, 1913 to Mr. M. Doyle Marks by C.W. Ufford for Kate Gillett, offering to sell him 309 W. Water St. on February 1, 1919 at the previously offered price.LetterB0605
"Assignment of Mortgage" Between George Robinson and Olivia L. Clemens, dated February 2, 1880, mortgage: dated January 1, 1873:"Charles B. & Anna B. Stuart and Daniel & Anna S. Ufford to George Robinson, amount: $8,475.))".Assignment of MortgageB0606
"Warranty Deed": dated February 1, 1873, Tracy & Mary Beadle to Charles B. Stuart & Daniel E. Ufford,recorded June 2, 1875, consideration" $450.00, property: City of Elmira, East Water Street,north side.Warranty DeedB0607
"Mortgage": between Charles B. & Anna B. Stuart,Daniel E. & Anna Ufford and George Robinson, recorded July 13, 1873, amount: $8,475, property: City of Elmira, Noerth side of E. Water Street,five yar term, interest paid semi-annually.MortgageB0608
"Warranty Deed", Tracy & Mary Beadle to Charles B. Stuart & Daniel E. Ufford, recorded June 2, 1875, consideration: $8,250,property: City of Elmira, North side of East Water Sreet, 18+feet by 120 feet.Warranty DeedB0609
"Bond": Charles B. Stuart & Daniel E. Ufford to George T. Robinson, bond amount: $16, 950.00, amount owed: $8,475, in five years, interest payable semi-annually, dated February 1, 1873.DocumentB0610
"Assignment of Mortgage" Ida C. Langdon to Kate M. Gillett, recorded January 31, 1913, original mortgage: Charles & Anna Stuart,Daniel & Anna Ufford, to George T Robinson,dated February 2, 1880,assigned to Olivia L. Clemens, assigned to Ida C.Langdon February 1, 1883, amount $8,475.00.Assignment of MortgageB0611
"Assignmen of Mortgage", Olivia L. Clemens to Ida C. Langdon, recorded January 31, 1913, amount: $8,475.00,Mtg. L41 P288,recorded July 16, 1873.Assignment of MortgageB0612
Document titled "Deduction of Title From Robert Morris To the Holland Company".an estimated Abstract of Title of land "off the western parts of each of the townships in the sevenh range and the whole of the townships in the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth,thirteenth, fourtenth and fifteenth ranges of the townships"(about three million three hundred thousand acres), dates beginning 1792, up to 1829.DocumentB0701
Typed document entitled "Early History And Development Of Land Titles In Western New York".It appears to have been given as an address, but no dates or name of the speaker is given. 31 pages,"Southern New York Abstract Corporation"printed on each page.DocumentB0702
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