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The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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Document titled "A Historical Review and Analysis of 301 Sing Sing Road, Horseheads, New York". Contains a detailed history of the property from raw land(1829), through house,etc. construction with diagrams and reproduced photographs to the owners of record 1960(R. & B. Squiers}.DocumentB0801
Photocopied hand written documnt(three large pages),contains an "indenture" between Sylvanus B. Dusenbury of the Town of Horseheads and John Wanamaker of the same place, dated March 19, 1854, consideration: $8,700, property: Town of Horseheads,lengthy description and former owners follow(Abstract of Title?)301 Sing Sing Road, Horseheads.DocumentB0802
"Abstract of Title" for 301 Sing Sing Road, Horseheads, first recording: April24, 1854 Sylvanus Dusenbery & Wife to John Wannamaker, latest recording: William & Margaret Vanderlip to Rodney & Beverly Squiers, August 10, 1960.Abstract of TitleB0803
"Deed": The Elmira & Southport Bridge Co. to The City of Elmira, recorded October 2, 1969, selling the Lake Street Bridge for $14,000DocumentB0901
Baldwin& Johanna Kolb to Jacob Kolb, recorded November 21, 1868, consideration: seven thousand dollars, property:City of Elmira, bounded west by Wisner Street, east by Magee Street.DeedB0903
"Deed". Baldwin & Johanna Kolb to Jacob Kolb, recorded October 10, 1872, consideration: seven thousand five hundred dollars, property:City of Elmira, S.E. corner of Lake and Water StreetsDeedB0904
"Discharge of Mortgage": J.D. Baldwin to Baldwin Kolb, recorded March 3, 1863, paid mortgage: $3,000, dated September 9, 1861.Discharge of MortgageB0906
"Deed": dated July 29, 1850, Socrates & Susan Ayres to Elmira and Southport Bridge Co., consideration: $170.00, property: south side of Water Street, strip of land about 4' by 20', L18,P519.DeedB0908
"Warranty Deed":Calvin L. Hathaway to Sutherland DeWitt, recorded August 15, 1865, consideration: $416.00, property:City of Elmira,written on face: 610 & 612 W. Water. Warranty DeedB1001
"Personal Mortgage". E.S. & D.N.( D.H. Roberts to Thomas Noyes, filed December 15, 1842, consideration: $1661.00, money is for several hundred feet of lumber as well as uncut logs,several lumbering tools, livestock, "new buggy waggon", "one black man", logging chains and hay. MortgageB1002
"Master's Deed":Between Andrew K. Gregg,Master in Chancery for the State of N.Y. and Thomas Noyes, dated February 22, 1847, property formerly owned by Ebenezer S. Roberts, Sarah Roberts and Oscar B. Roberts and sold at auction, consideration:$850.00, property: Old Town of Chemung,"usually called Watson's fourteen thousand acre tract by lots 70,71, 72, 73 &75".Master's DeedB1003
"Receipt": a down payment of $100.00 toward the purchase of lots No. 74 & 75 in Bonaview Heights by G. & M. Eddy,full price is $500.00, dated May 17, 1947, by McCorkle Realty Company.ReceiptB1004
Copy of a Deed: Ezra Holmes & Wife to Thomas Noyes,recorded May 6, 1854, property: Town of Big Flats,property of Charles Reynolds, deceased,"supposed to be between 5 and 6 acres, more or less", consideration: $1,000.DeedB1005
Tax arrears notice, dated November 27, 1815, in the amount of $17.57, Tioga County & Flints hinch(?), Township No. 8. Bottom has receipt for Ben Johnson, dated Albany Nov. 28, 1815,taxes paid.DocumentB1108
Deed between The Junction Canal & Railroad Company of New York, to Matthias H. Arnot, dated March 4, 1887, sum of One Dollar. Property: City of Elmira, all of the lands of the Junction Canal & RR Co. between the east line of Lake Street and the dividing line beteen the State of N.Y. & the State of Pennsylvania.DeedC0101
Assignment of Junction Canal Stock, signed by Matthias H. Arnot, sole surviving executor of the Last Will & Testament of John Arnot, deceased, dated July 28, 1906.DocumentC0102
Letter dated November 22, 1878, from Attorney George M. Diven,Attorney and George B. Bradley advising him that the State Legislature will adjourn before Thanksgiving,"if they can".LetterC0201
Letter from E.B. Youmans,Attorney, to George B. Bradley, dated July 22, no year, advising him to attend a hearing in Binghamton tomorrow if possible. LetterC0202
Letter dated August 16, 1878, from H. Cray to Hon. George Bradley, sending him as well his(Cray's)opinion on Rogers & Others vs. Stephens & Others(not included) as well as other legal issues.LetterC0203
Letter from John A. Reynolds,Attorney of Reynolds & Collin to Hon.George B. Bradley, dated Sept. 17, 1878, re P. Oliver et al vs. Miller with payment for services rendered.LetterC0204
Leter dated September 20, 1878, from Reynolds & Collin,Attorneys to George B. Bradley, enclosed stipulation(not included) in Palmer & Assoc, vs, Sherwood.LetterC0205
Letter dated December 1, 1878 to george B. Bradley from Richard Panitar, regarding legal matters involving a "Neilson", penciled notes by Bradley.LetterC0206
A note to G.B. Bradley from M.H. Arnot, dated December 20, 1878.DocumentC0207
Printed list of Supreme Court Justices - 6th Judicial District.DocumentC0301
Printed list with dates of Supreme Court Justices - 6th Judicial District 1 / 1 / 1920 to 6 / 15 / 1978.DocumentC0302
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