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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
This folder contains the following images of the Arnot Art Museum & Gallery: exterior views, 1900, 1914, 1973 & 1977; interior views showing assorted artwork; children in art education classes. Photographs5004
This folder contains: six small color photos of the Warplane Museum,Horsehead exterior, c. 1995 to 1998.Photoraphs5005
This folder contains Rufus Stanley's Rambling Club photo album, 1886-1894. Album includes images of Rambling Club members and outings with notes by Stanley. Photographs5101
This folder contains the following images of the YMCA: original YMCA building in Elmira at Church & State Street; YMCA camp site at Rorick's Glen, ca. 1880-90's; YMCA Glen Rock Cabin above Rorick's bridge, ca. 1880s; YMCA building under construction, September 14, 1924; group photo of Judge Personius, M.Doyle Marks & Horace Reed,YMCA Sec'y, 1924; group of men, "Campaigning YMCA," 1924; solar or lunar eclipse, January 24, 1925; YMCA building at E.Market & Lake, c. 1910; campers at YMCA Camp Iroquois, 1951; YMCA building at State & Church, 1951; Elmira YWCA, 1987; YMCA membership recruitment signs on Church St, ca. 1940s; assorted campers at YMCA events.Photographs5102
This folder contains: 11 photos of varying size of Rufus Stanley's "Rambling Klub", 9 of the boys in outdoor activities c. 11886-1892, 2 c. 1926, with photos of Rambling Klub "alumni"with a written description of this meeting at which Mr. Stanley died;18 sepia photos of Stanley's Achievement Club (C.1909-1914)mostly oversized with boys at outdoor activities and a portrait shot of the members; a small copy of member pic;six photos of Stanley's Omega Club,c.1914-1916,a small sepia of the cabin at Stanley's Farm;small sepia view of Chemung River from YMCA Camp,c.1888;oversized sepia of boys' club trip to Albany,c. 1912;oversized sepis of boys' club visit to Washington,D.C.,c. 1914;oversized sepia formal portrait of boys at a Rochester conference in 1915;a printed card with names and dates of clubs that Rufus Stanley founded; a small color photo of the Rufus Stanley Memorial Plaque at Stanley Woods.March 1985Photographs5103
This folder contains the following Millport images: first snow plow on Main St., 1900; Glen Route trolley on Main St., 1900; canal locks near Millport(sketch); Main Street, 1973; Main Street looking south; Main Street looking north; St. Mark's Episcopal Church; old Masonic Temple creek falls; fishermen in the creek at Millport; aerial photo of Millport.Photographs7301
This folder contains the following images: Katydid Cottage, Chemung; Main Street, Montour Falls; downtown Montour Falls, circa 1950; aerial view, West Elmira, over the Country Club toward Fitch's Bridge; Sullivan's Minumnet; Village of Hicks; Voight house, Center Mills; Swartwood Trestle, Swartwood; Pine Valley Rug Co.; Sullivanville, PA; Elmira heights, 1894; Old Home Day in Hicks Orchard,Hicks, July 1927; family reunion, Breesport; Erin Post Office, circa 1900; large B&W building the Swartwood Trestle at Swartwood,N.Y,; Lowman from Wellsburg Road; Baldwin Creek bridge looking north, 1907; Lowman schoolhouse (4); Breesport firehouse (2); Southport Corners;sepia country view,no date or locale; Erin, 1905, 1907; Lowman,looking south, 1904; street looking east, Breesport; feeder canal Kahler Road; Riley's Gardens, circa 1919; Rodbourn Store, Erin; railroad trestle at Wiliwanna; preparing to set a marker,Lowman (3); Breesport School, 1973; Elmira Heights Historical Museum (2); Lowman Crossover sign; various unidentifed villages and homes.Photographs7302
This folder contains the following Wellsburg images: Schuyler Building; Tannery, Berwick Turnpike,circa 1900; barn at foot of Berwick Turnpike & Rte 427; Wellsburg looking west from reservoir, circa 1900 (2); fire in Wellsburg, April 1912 (3); Front Street, looking west from reservoir (2); corner of Front St & Mechanic St (2); Wellsburg looking east from hill above Berwick Turnpike (2); Wellsburg looking NW from reservoir; Schuyler's Feed & Grain; G.M.Wood Tobacco Factory; Coffee's Carriage House on Rte 427 into Wellsburg (3); fireplace on Batterson, then Hillman, south of Wellsburg (3); new Crossover being built(4); Main St; Wellsburg High School; Wellsburg High School class of 1941; road between Lowman & Elmira, 1908; Wellsburg Turnpike, 1916; Lockwood home, Main St (2); Coffee's Crossing(2); Judd Smith home, Wellsburg; Edward Miller home, Southport, on road to Wellsburg; various views of the river at Wellsburg; Main Street, ca. 1913; Wellsburg trolleys, pre-1912; Masonic Temple, Lower Maple Ave.; various views of Wellsburg.Photographs7303
This folder contains the following images: Comfort Hill Road; Breesport County Farm, 1970; Christian Hollow Rd to the Bird Creek Rd, 1910; road near Daggett,Pa; Coffey's home and stable just past Erie RR Crossing, Rte 427 into Wellsburg; Birch Hill Road,entering it Elmira-Millport Road & Johnson Hollow Road (7); building at Sickles Rd & Watercure Hill Rd; Carr's Corners; Between Mt Zoar and Rorick's Glen; Mt Zoar Road, May 30, 1911; unidentifed roads; unidentifed country scenes.Photographs7304
This folder contains the following Harris Hill images: plane towing glider, 1973; 2 gliders being towed, Harris Hill, 1951; skiers at Harris Hill, 1950; glider 2295M at Harris Hill; valley looking north from Harris Hill; view from Harris hill showing Big Flats & Chemung River (3); hangar at Harris Hill, 1940 (2); views of Harris Hill, 1946 (4); soaring winch next to old Ford at Harris Hill; Dick Brown & Art Kieffer, Architects of Nationsl Soaring Museum; "The Sprite" Schweizer's sailplane; view at the Outing Center, Harris Hill, 1971; Judy Holiday at Harris Hill, July 1957; unidentifed gliders at Harris Hill.Photographs7305
This folder contains the following Bulkhead images: view of Bulkhead looking north when new concrete bridge was under construction (3); Old Plank Road Toll Gate near Bulkhead, 1885; Pine City School; MCQuade Paints building; Troy Road underpass; Bulkhead, 1959(22); old underpass near Bulkhead, Elmira, N.Y.Photographs7306
This folder contains the following Antrim images: Blossburg Coal sign near Antrim, PA; various views of Antrim, PA.Photographs7307
This folder contains the following Catlin images: Breed Hollow Rd.(3); Edna Relyea's Farm, 1969; Broad St by George Lee's; north of Edna Relyea's Farm on Breed Hollow; east of Tompkins Corners; autumn trees (7). Photographs7308
This folder contains the following farm images: stone silos on Strauss Road; Wood Farm, 1952; Theurer Farm, N.Kahler Road (3); Colwell family farm, circa 1895 (2); George S. McCann Farm; farm on Hendy Hollow Rd., circa 1890 (2); John St. John farm, Middle Road, Horseheads, 1903; Charlie Woods' dairy farm, Pine Valley (2); Hofbauer Farm on Dutch Hill; Turner Farm (2); Stanley Wilcox farm, Big Flats; Eveden Dairy Farm, Pine Valley (2); Webb Mills near Dug Hill Road on old plank road above Pine City; Thundering Hooves farm; haying at Elston Family farm, Van Etten, 1916; watering trough; chickens; cows; unidentified Chemung County farms; unidentified farm familes.Photographs7309
This folder contains the following mill images: Chemung Grist Mill, exterior (9); Chemung Grist Mill, interior (12).Photographs7310
This folder contains the following images:"Curves" (3); "Rails to Trails" (3); 2004 political rally (4); Wellsburg-Lowman sign;Big Flats Commons (2);Brookwood Hills construcrion; Crystal House, Fisherville; Raymour & Flanagan under construction (2); Courser showing wind damage; Strawberry Flats Tre 352,under construction; Trooper Sperr Memorial Park (12); Shops at Chambers (11); Sikorsky at airport (6); emergency balloon landing on Sing Sing Rd, 2005 (4); Maltinec expansion,Canal St, Big Flats (6); Synthes, Industrial Park (5); Big Flats Museum Open House, 2005 (9); Kost Tire,Rte 64 (3); Big Flats High School Open House,2005 (6); Model T Rally, 2005 (5); Dr. Lederer Memoial Park (2); Big Flats Community Park (4); razing Lum's Restaurant (9); controlled burn of Rhodes Farm, Lowe Road, 2005 (5); Target/Best Buy building site (6); Indutrial Buildings,Daniel Zenker Drive (12); Soaring Ridge Subdivision (3); water tower on Rte 64 (3); Telco Credit Union, Rte 64 (3); miscellaneous scenes around Big Flats.Photographs7401
This folder contains the following Van Etten images: Ennis Inn, circa 1900; Rainbow Sweet Shop (2); Van Etten Lehigh Valley siding; abandoned church (2); Clark Block (5); former Creek Hotel (2); first District Schoolhouse (2); old Van Etten Hotel (2); razing an unidentified building in Van Etten, April 1982 (3); Hayne's Gas Station, Main Street, circa 1938; horse drawn Van Etten "school bus" during, circa 1925s; Whitney's Mill; Moreland cabin off Langford Creek Road; White's Mill; Van Etten Elementary School (3); former Banfield home; former Banfield Baker Store site (2); Van Etten Methodist Church (3); Tumble Inn and surrounding area (3) ; various unidentified Van Etten homes.Photographs7402
This folder contains the following Big Flats images: The Narrows, Big Flats; Tag's expansion,Rte 352,Big Flats (3); Raymour & Flanagan, Cononial Drive (2); Dean duplex on Main St; vinyl covered tobacco shed at Esprit Motoe Sports, Airport Road; West end of H.T. Cable to Big Flats; Synthes construction, Sing Sing Road; Pharm-tek construction, Daniel Zenker Road; Big Flats Presbyterian Church; D L & W Station; Big Flats Historical Society open house, 6/22/2008; Big Flats progress photos, 2007/08.Photographs7403
This folder contains the following images: Jackson Creek Dam, September 1999 (4).Photographs7404
This folder contains the following Horseheads images: Hanover Square, various dates(85); Erin-Horseheads Road; progress pictures in Horseheads, 2005 (4); Firemen's Parade in Hanover Square, circa 1940 (23); South Main St. (13); Middle Road, 1944; Ithaca Road out of Horseheads, pre-1900; Bradley's Store, Davis Hotel & Cluchis Wall, circa 1853; Murphy Hill Farm, Catlin (2); (2) Rose Family Farm with A.J. Rose, Laverne & Lucy Sylvester & Nellie Thompson, Sullivanville, 1915; Mary Van Duzer & Alida Marshall at Teal Park; Mrs. Van Duzer; corner of Grand Central & John Street, 1921; Grand Central Ave, 1921; Main Street, circa 1900; Trembey House, Platt House and bank building at Hanover Square; opening of Zim Center, 1975; Zim memorial plaque in Teal Park; Zim House (Pine & Mill St.) Platt House at N.Main Street; Miracle Mile at Rt. 17, ca. 1980s; 116 Fletcher Street; 401 & 601 Grand Central Avenue; 112, 201 & 208 West Mill Street; 502 & 606 Pine Street; 206, 208 & 214 Steuben Street; Horseheads welcome signs; Horse wall mural, Hanover Square, 1997.Photographs7405
Folder contains the following images: Quail Hollow Subdivision construction, County Rte. 64, 1996-97 (7); construction Bottcher's Landing apartment buildings, 1996-1997 (7); Garden Lane Estates, Chambers Road, Horseheads; Midtown Plaza Dedication plaque; houses torn down for the Dewittsburgh Housing Project(41); Flannery Apartment Building, S.Main St., Elmira (7).Photographs7505
This folder contains the following images of Strathmont: Fassett residence (1890s-1929) exterior & organ room; Women's Federation fundraiser at Fassett residence, ca 1910s; Rathbone residence (1929-present) exterior and interior. Photographs7701
This folder contains the following images of The Cobbles, Judge Hiram Gray farm, Cobble Street, West Elmira: exterior, grounds and Gray family. Photographs7702
This folder contains the following images of Willowbrook, Diven Family Estate, Lake Street: exterior including surround grounds & fields; interior rooms; stables, interior & exterior; Diven family cannon; club meeting at the house; house during demolition (4).Photographs7703
This folder contains images of the interior & exterior of John Hendy's cabin, near Rorick's Glen Drive, West Elmira. Photographs7704
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