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Collection TitleESG Elmira Star-Gazette People FilesCreatorChemung County Historical Society
Processed By
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated the Booth Library by the Elmira Star-Gazette newspaper in 2016.

Chemung County (N.Y.); Clippings (books, newspapers, etc.); Elmira (N.Y.); Newspapers; Newspaper office libraries


Elmira Star-Gazette (1907-present) is a daily newspaper published by the Gannett Company. The paper covers the Twin Tiers region with a focus on Elmira and Chemung County, New York. It continued the older papers Elmira Gazette and Free Press and Elmira Evening News which merged in 1907.  In 1963, it merged with the Elmira Advertiser and operated until 1967 under the name Star-Gazette and Advertiser. It is currently the only daily newspaper in Chemung County.

Scope:The Elmira Star-Gazette People Files contain newspaper clippings and headshots of the nearly one million people who were mentioned in the paper from 1960 through the early 2000s. People are listed alphabetically by surname.
Notes:The collection was maintained by the Elmira Star-Gazette for their own reference. It does not include those who appeared in the paper regularly such as politicians or other prominent local individuals. Larger files on such individuals were stored separately and remain in the custody of the newspaper.
Extent11 linear feet
AbstractThis collection contains newspaper clippings and photographs related to people who appeared in the Elmira Star-Gazette newspaper between 1960 and 2010.

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This section contains news clippings on the following people: Kelly Sidari, Kendrick D. Sidden, Shawn Sidey, Dr. Naveed Siddiqi, Lisa S. Siebel, Kim D. Sieberkrob, Michael Sieberkrob, Tyrone C. Siebel, Robert C. Sieberkrob, Waneta Sieberkrob, Rosemarie J. Siebert C-14D-68Shu - Sim
This section contains news clippings on the following people: William Siag, Joseph Sianni, John B. Sias, Joanna Siaway, Denny Sibajene, Roger Sibley, Sara Sibley, Han Si Hae, Mrs. Charlotte Sibly, Dr. Donald Sibley, Dominic J. Siciliano, Nathan J. Sicilliano, Allen W. Sick, Claudia Sick C-14D-68Shu - Sim
This section contains news clippings on the followin people: Mrs. Laura Siebold, Kathleen Siefferman, Megan G. Siefried, Gary Siegel, Ruth Siegel, Robert K. Siegel, William C. Siegel, Dawn M. Siegfried, Andrea L. Sieling, Rev. Robert A. Sienkiewicz, Raul Sierra, Rudolph G. Sievers C-14D-68Shu - Sim
This section contains news clippings on the following people: Gordon Sick, Jerry Sick, Kathleen A. Sick, Steven M. Sick, Victor F. Sick, William A. & Patricia L. Sick, William R. Sick, Jim Sicker, David Sickler, Terry C. Sickler, David R. Sickles, Jason Sickler, Jeffrey Sicklers, William Sickles C-14D-68Shu - Sim
This section contains news clippings on the followin people: Rev. Alan A. Shumway, Dr. Clare N. Shumay, F. Ritter Shumway, Grant C. Shumway, Judith Shumway, Margaret C. Shumway, Dr. Norman Shumway, Robert & William Shumway, Greg N. Shupp, Park E. Shupp, John J. Shurtleff, Jane Ann Shusko, Mrs. Lillian Shusko, Bob Shuster, Daniel Shuster, Mrs. Hazel Shuster, Leo F. Shuster, Richard D. Shutt, Sandra L. Shutt, Scott Shutt, Terrance R. Shutt, Richard J. Shutt, Joyce M. Shutt C-14D-68Shu - Sim
This section contains news clippings on the following people: Earl A. Shultz Jr., Harold G. Shults, Mary Shults, George Shultz, Joe Shultz, John F. Shultz, Richard A. Shultz, Tim Shultz, Virginia Shultz, Clifford Shumaker, Arthur R. Shuman Jr., Charlesd B. Shuman, Linda K. Shuman, Mike Shuman, Tom Shuman, John Shumate C-14D-68Shu - Sim
This section contains news clippings on the following people: Michael and Sharon Sifnakis, Jeffrey A. Sigel, Martin Siegel, Judy U. Siggins, Dexter Siglin, Richard Siglin, Thomas Siglin Jr., Carl Siglin, Daniel P. Signor, Robert Signor, Cindy Malanoski Signore C-14D-68Shu - Sim
This section contains news clippings on the following people: Allan T. Shuttter, James R. Shutter, George Shutter, Randy Shutter, Timoty W. Shutter, Delores J. Shutts, Douglas M. Shutts, James B. Shutts, James L. Shutts, Jim Shutts, Robert B. Shutts, Dan Shwam, J. Brent Shypulefski, Carl S. Shyman C-14D-68Shu - Sim
Siuda, Kevin, Siuda, Richard, Siuniak, John R., Siuda, Miss Mary Catherine, Sivananthan, Dr. Nagalingam, Sivers, Donald W., Sivers, Teresa McConnell, Sively, Benny, Sizemore, Ted, Sizemore, Ronnie, C-14D-68Shu-Sim
Skinkle, John H., Skinkle, Mildred A., Skinkle, Thomas, Skinkle, Tina, Skinle, Wayne K., Skinkle, William, Skinner, B.F., Skinner, Colin, Skinner, Doug, Skinner, Edie, Skinner, William J.C-14D-68Shu-Sim
Skezas, Dr. Jacob W., Skidmore, Amy, Skidmore, Susan, Skidmore, Tom, Skidmore, William, Skiles, Scott, Skillings, Jeremy B., Skillman, Andrea, Skillman, George E., Skinkle, Cheryl Ann.C-14D-68Shu-Sim
Skelly, Gene C., Skelly, Mrs. Hattye, Skelly, Beth, Skelly, Donna, Skelly, Jennifer, Skelly, Joe, Skelly, Kris, Skelly, Richard M., Skelly, William F., Skerpon, David B., Skerpon, Mary, C-14D-68Shu-Sim
Skaggs, Dave, Skaggs, Ernie, Skaggs, Timmi, Skakal, Robert C., Skala, Carole Jo, Skalko, Kathleen A., Skalko, Michael S., Skalko, Mickey, Skalko, Mike, Skalko, Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. C-14D-68Shu-Sim
Sister Patricia Macdonald, Sister Patricia Gilbert, Sister Rita Malone, Sister Robert Mary Kosty, Mchenry, Sister Ramigia, Sister Roberta Tierney, Sister Rosaria, Sister Rose Alice, Sister Rose Gertrude, Sister Rose Regina La Pergola.C-14D-68Shu-Sim
Skalko, Russell I., Skalko, Shirley, Skeybey, Marilyn, Skebey, Robert J., Skebey, Thomas, Skellett, Stephen G., C-14D-68Shu-Sim
Sister Mary Phillip, Sister Mary Rene Mcniff, Sister Mary Roch Basso, Sister Mary Sarto, Sister Mary Rose Schum, Sister Mary Sebaphim, Sister M. Susanne, Sister Mary Terrance, Sister M. Thomasita, Sister Mary Walter Boyle.C-14D-68Shu-Sim,
Sister St. Joseph, Sister Sean O'Reilly, Sister Vincent Joseph, Sister Wilma Osborne, Sisti, David A., Sistrunk, Otis, Sitma, RNv. Enock, Sitterly, Arlene, Sisulu, Walter, Siu, Pui Cheung, C-14D-68Shu-Sis
Silvers, Chad, Silvers, Coy J., Silvers, Mr. & Mrs. Edward, Silvers, Gerald, Silvers, Gerald R., Silvers, Mrs. Ivy, Silvers, John, Sills, Chad M., Sills, Jeanette, C-14D-68Sil-
Simpson, Paul W. Fullwood, Simpson, Paul W. & Phillip D., Simpson, Phillip D., Simpson, Ralph E., Simpson, Raymond S., Simpson, Robert, Simpson, Robert, Simpson, Robert J., Simpson, Ron. Simpson, RonaldC-14D-68Sim
Simonson, Kristi Y., Simonson, Paul, Simovic, Alexander M., Simpson, Dr. Alan., Simons, Lewis M., Simons, Lou Ann, Simpson, Alberta, Simpson, Barbara, Simpson, Bob, Simpson, Carl, Simpson, Carl L., C-14D-68Sim
Simpson, Talitha S., Simpson, Terry S., Simpson, Thomas C., Simpson, Walter, Simpson, William S., Sims, Rev. Bennett J., Sims, Billy, Sims, H., Sims, James L., Sims, Jim, C-14D-68Sim
Simpson, John R., Simpson, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence, Simpson, Mary, Simpson, Mrs. Marian, Simpson, Michael, Simpson, Michelle, Simpson, Mrs. Natalie, Simpson, Patricia A., Simpson, Paul E. and Tammy, Simpson, Paul W.C-14D-68Sim
Simpson, Caroline, Simpson, Charles, Simpson, Charles A., Simpson, Charles F., Simpson, Clayton E., Simpson, Clayton F., Simpson, Clinton, Simpson, Craig L., Simpson, Don, Simpson, Donald W., Simpson, Donald, Simpson, Douglas W. Jr., C-14D-68Sim
Simonet, Henri, Simonetti, Joseph and Nan, Simons, Richard, Simonni, Ed, Simonis, Richard, Simonovich, Bill, Simon, Alyce, Simons, Alicia, Simons, Anya L., Simons, Daniel, J., C-14D-68Sim
Simonds, Clifford O., Simms, Phil, Simon, Dr. Morton, Simon, Raphael A., Simonds, Christian M., Simonds, John., Simonds, Rachel A., Simonds, Rick, Simonds, Ronald S., Simone, Frances, C-14D-68Sim
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