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Collection TitleMC 02 Civil War CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKimberly Richards, Calvin Brewer
Date Completed:Spring 2006
Provenance:The Civil War Collection was donated to the Booth Library by various donors, including Historians George Farr, Michael Horigan and Carl Morell, as well as purchases made by George Farr on behalf of the Chemung County Historical Society.


Historical:Elmira, New York played a very important role during the Civil War. In 1861 Gov. Edwin B. Morgan designated Elmira as a Military Depot and in 1863 the US Government named Elmira as a Draft Rendezvous. Officers and enlisted men totaling 20, 796 were sent south from Elmira, who served in some of the most prestigious regiments including the 107th New York Volunteers and the 50th New York Engineers. Elmira first served as a place for mustering troops, some of the more famous being the 107th New York Volunteers and the 50th New York Engineers. In 1864 commanders at Elmira received word that they would also serve as a place for Prisoners of War. The Elmira Prison Camp existed for a year and four days, from June 6, 1864 to July 10, 1865. During that time over 12,000 confederates at one time or another were stationed in Elmira. Due to miscommunication, personality conflicts and malnutrition, 2963 men died over the period of that year. These men were buried by John W. Jones, an ex-slave, who became a prominent citizen within the Black Community. The Confederate War Dead are in Woodlawn National Cemetery, accessible by the Davis Street Entrance.
Scope:The largest series in this collection are boxes j-o. These boxes contain all the research information Michael Horigan put together for his book Elmira: Death Camp of the North, published in 2001. The Chemung County Historical Society is still actively collecting documents for this collection and it will continue to grow.


Extent4.5 linear feet
Date Span1860-Present
AbstractThe Civil War collection contains originals and copies of letters, diaries and documents produced during the Civil War, 1861-1865, including the Elmira Prison Camp, 1864-1865, as well as recent articles and research.

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Articles, reports, letters and copies of books regarding Seth Eastman.DocumentsK11
Articles, reports and drawings regarding Elmira Prison Camp.DocumentsK12
Photocopies of newspaper articles regarding the Town of Elmira and it's citizens.DocumentsK13
Photocopies of newspaper articles regarding escapes and attempted escapes at Elmira Prison Camp.DocumentsK14
Photocopies of newspaper articles regarding the March 17, 1863 flood in Elmira.DocumentsK15
The Chemung Historical Journal Vol. 20 No. 3 March 1975, an article from The Chemung Historical Journal Vol. 20 No. 3 March 1975 and excerpts from the diary of Wilbur Grambling, prisoner at Elmira.DocumentsK16
Notes and an article regarding General Ulysses S. Grant.DocumentsK17
A letter written to Alice from William Hammond of Co A 107th Regt. NY Vol. Letters property of Margot Magnusen.DocumentsK18
Newspaper articles, articles, pictures and notes gathered and written by former Chemung County Historian "Chick" Hilbert regarding the Barracks at Elmira.DocumentsK19
Newspaper articles, articles, pictures and notes gathered and written by former Chemung County Historian "Chick" Hilbert regarding the Civil War and the Elmira Prison Camp.DocumentsK20
Letters, articles and notes regarding Co. William Hoffman. Some material from the National Archives Record Group 249 Entry 16 Box 1 and Record Group 94 Entry 4647 ACP 1872. (ACP: Appointment, Commission, Personal).DocumentsK21
Articles and notes regarding the Elmira Prison Camp Historian Clay Holmes.DocumentsK22
Handwritten copies of the Letters of Joseph Harvey Co. G. 26th Regt. NY Vol. Infantry. Includes his stay as a recruit in Elmira Barracks (1861) pp 1-10. Source: The Harvey Letter Collection, property of Miss Grace Harris, Elmira, NY.DocumentsK24
Articles and notes regarding Anthony Keiley, prisoner at Elmira Prison Camp. Keiley was a citizen when captured by Union Troops.DocumentsL01
Letters and The Chemung Historical Journal Vol. 43 No. 4 June 1998 regarding Major John S. Kidder, Union Army Officer.DocumentsL02
Articles from and about Frank Leslie's Illustrated History of the Civil War.DocumentsL03
Articles and a paper entitled "Libby Prison: An Illinois Colonel's Story", as related by Col. Terrence Clark, regarding Libby Prison Camp.DocumentsL04
Letters written from Charles McDougall, Union Medical Officer from the National Archives Record Group 94, Box 361.LetterL05
Letters, newspaper articles and "Reminiscences of the Civil War from a Surgeon's Point of View" by Major and Surgeon S. C. Gordon, regarding medicine during the war.DocumentsL06
The Chemung Historical Journal Vol. 45 No. 4 June 2000, notes and newspaper articles regarding the Michigan "Woodchoppers".DocumentsL07
Miscellaneous notes and letters gathered while researching the prison camp and the Civil War.DocumentsL08
Circulars from and notes on MOLLUS or the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.DocumentsL09
Newspaper articles and notes regarding Col. Stephen Moore.DocumentsL10
Excerpts from the "Journal of Charles Condit Mosher", an article entitled "Brief Sketch of Charles C. Mosher" and notes regarding Charles Condit Mosher.DocumentsL11
Letters and notes gathered while Horigan did research at the New York State Archives/ Libraries.DocumentsL12
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