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The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Printed Court Calendar for 1914, Sixth Judicial District, with Broome Motion Terms,Chemung Motion Terms & Application for Naturalization information.Court CalendarC0303
Letter dated November 20, 1879 from Reynolds & Collin, Attorneys to George B. Bradley, re the "Bank Case"& Judge Smith.LetterC0308
Letter dated January 4, 1879, Erastus P. Hart,Attorney to George Bradley regarding legal matters.LetterC0401
Letter dated Corning,N.Y., January 11, 1879 from B. W. Payne & Sons to Mes. Bradley and Kendall, a check for $135.31 "enclosed in settlement of your claim to date".LetterC0402
Letter dated January 22, 1879, from Erastus P. Hart, Attorney to George Bradley, asking if he(Bradley) will be able to attend Circuit Court.LetterC0403
Letter dated February 20, 1879 to Hon. George Bradley from John A. Reynolds of Reynolds & Collins,Attorneys, re Smith vs. Rathbun.LetterC0404
Letter dated March 1, 1879, to Hon. George Bradley from Reynolds & Collins, re First National Bank et al vs. Rathbun re filing pape.LetterC0405
Letter dated March 6, 1879, from Charles A. Dolson, Attorney to Messrs. Bradley and Kendall, re Guttenburg et al vs. Dracce(?).LetterC0406
Letter dated March 17, 1879 from L. Rosenbaum & Sons to Messrs. Bradley & Kendall, enclosing a "draft in settlement of judgement & interest of Drake's matter". LetterC0407
Letter dated March 20, 1879, from Reynolds & Collin,Attorneys to George B. Bradley, re: the "Bank Case" & Judge Smith.LetterC0408
Letter dated March 5, 1879 from E.B. Youmans,Attorney ,to George B. Bradley, re an extension of time for Miss Woodward.LetterC0409
Letter dated March 20, 1879 from Rufus King,Attorney to George Bradley, re _?__ __?_ N.S. & Co. vs. Grnmt(?) & Shinus(?). Very poor writing, unable to read the majority of the letterLetterC0410
Letter dated March 21, 1879, from J. Liddy,Shoe Manufacturer(Letterhead) to George Bradley, requesting an appointment "next week".LetterC0411
Letter dated April 3, 1879, from C.C. Drake,Tioga Railroad Company to Bradley & Kendall,"Delaney signed the papers today, the 3rd.".LetterC0412
Letter dated April 28, 1879 from John A. Reynolds of Reynolds & Collin,Attorneys to Hon. George B. Bradley requesting an appointment to go over the "W.A. Smith case".LetterC0413
Letter dated April 28, 1879 from the "state of New York, Executive Chamber"(letterhead)from J.C. Robinson(Lieut. Governor) to George Bradley saying that the "bill to which you refer" was passed two or thre weks ago, after an amendment".LetterC0414
Letter dated May 22, 1879 from Jerome B. White, Attorney to George Bradley, requesting him to "sit" & hear evidence on Goff vs Redner & Redner vs Goff.LetterC0416
Letter dated May 26, 1879, from J. R. Ward, Attorney to George Bradley regarding "William J. Dounce et al vs John P. Farmer et al, requesting that he(bradley) hear it the first week in July.LetterC0417
Letter dated May 27, 1897 from J.R. Ward to george Bradley, requesting him to "sit" at Dounce v Farmer on July 1st.LetterC0418
Letter dated June 19, 1879, from C.H. Fletcher(?),Attorney(from Erastus Hart's office?) to George Bradley, regarding the Judge Freer estate, will contested?LetterC0419
Letter dated March 12, 1893(1?), from J.L. Smith to A.S. Kendallregarding a legal matter.LetterC0501
Letter dated March 6, 1891 from T.J.Cassada, Sheriff of Chemung County to A.S. Kendall, enclosing "proof of service, our fee $2.50".LetterC0502
Typed Letter dated March 18, 1891, from Gabriel L. Smith,Attorney to A.S. Kendall, re serving notice on Jacob Schwartz.LetterC0503
Letter(typed), dated March 21, 1891 from E.G. Herendeen, Attorney to A.S. Kendall, re Robert F. Cummings vs James A. Drake et al,"stipulation to extend defendants' time to answer".LetterC0504
Letter dated March 24, 1891 from G.L. Smith to A.S. Kendallregarding Jacob Schwartz and his reluctance to "accept the money".LetterC0505
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