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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
This folder contains the following images of Willowbrook, Diven Family Estate, Lake Street: exterior including surround grounds & fields; interior rooms; stables, interior & exterior; Diven family cannon; club meeting at the house; house during demolition (4).Photographs7703
This folder contains images of the interior & exterior of John Hendy's cabin, near Rorick's Glen Drive, West Elmira. Photographs7704
This folder contains the following images: unidentified house under construction (4).Photographs7801
This folder contains the following images of unidentified homes: House on Old Route 17, 1973; Home at the corner of Gray & Main; home at the corner of Beckwith Rd. & Pennsylvania Ave; demolition of house on Pennsylvania Ave., 1969; home on Durland Ave; Jones Court Construction, 1951; rear of home on riverside of West Water Street at Davis; Row houses on the south side of West Water; northwest corner of West Water & Walnut; 700 block, West Water; house on East Union; Chemung Place home; Eastside homes in Elmira; exteriors of various unidentified residences; interiors of unidentified residences, ca. 1890s with Christmas decorations. Photographs7802
This folder contains the following images of buildings designed by Pierce & Bickford or Pierce & Dockstander: sketches of the J.H Pierce residence, columns for Smith's Opera House, Elmira City Hall and Ladies Hall Mansfield Normal School (Mansfield PA); floor plans for the old Elmira Free Academy, the J.H. Pierce residence, Elmira City Hall, the Buck residence and the Wickwire residence (Cortland, NY); Ladies Hall, Mansfield Normal School, exterior and architectural details; Home at the corner of Admiral Place and Maple Ave; National Protective Legion building, Waverly NY; Vassal-Longfellow house, Cambridge, Mass.; Dr. J.K. King cottage, Watkins Glen; Clifton Springs Sanitarium; Julia Reynolds apartment house (DeFilippo Law Firm); Gillet house (Elmira), interiors; Cuba High School, Cuba NY; Westfield High School, Westfield NY; Wickwire house (Cortland NY) interior: Buck House, Elmira; Steele Memorial Building; Gates to Woodlawn Cemetery; 415 E. Church entrance.Photographs7804
This folder contains images of Charles Ganung developments: homes on Larchmont Road, 1928; first homes on Sunnyside Drive, 1926; first homes on Morningside Drive, 1926.Photographs7804
This folder contains the following images: downtown Elmira at Lake & Water intersection,1920's;Elmira, East Water Street, circa 1900; East Water St, Elmira, 1890, Brophy & MacMahon Store; removing trolley tracks on East Water Street (4); Dey Brothers & Co. 301-303 East Water St; East Water Street at night,showing Telegram (newspaper)fire in distance; 1968 photo of bldgs between State & Exchange Place on Water St; removing or putting up Christmas decorations, E.Water St, opposite the Regent Theater; building or tearing down at 202 E. Water St around 1910, abutting Elmira Crockery Store; views of East Water Street,& Water & State, during the 1889 flood (3); betwen Main and State on West Water; Water from Baldwin and corner of Water & Baldwin with views of both streets; winter views(lots of snow) of intersection of Water & Lake, 1914; views looking down Water from Main, pre-1900 (2); construction in downtown Elmira (5); late 20th-century downtown Elmira (5); Elmira Savings Bank,1975.Photographs79A01
This folder contains the following images: Water St. from Main, 1890-95; 1940-50's shoppers crossing at Main & Water; SW corner of Water & Main; crowd gathered on Water St, pre-1900; Main & Water,various years (9).Photographs79A02
This folder contains the following images: gentleman "parking" his horse at a meter on Water St; rear view of buildings on Water St from Main St. bridge (2); Water St. during the 1886 flood; Water St,early 1900's; East Water from Lake, pre-1900; Water St, circa 1920; aerial view of Water Street; putting up Christmas decorations on Water St in front of the Regent Theater; view or rear of Water St. buildings from across the river, 1933.Photographs79A03
This folder contains the following images; looking west from Lake & Water, various dates (4); panoramic view looking Weest from E. Water befor Walnut St Bridge was built; Arnot Building, 335 E. Water (2); view of Rathbun Hotel in winter, corner of Water & Baldwin; intersection at Water and Clemens Center Parkway; flood scene,looking west on E.Water, 1889; E.Water intersection at Route 17, 1973.Photographs79A04
This folder contains the following images: E.Water between State and Exchange Place, circa 1920's; W.Water St. above overpass, circa 1946; constructuon on W. Water, above overpass; south side of E. Water St, R.R. Ave on left,down to State St; E. Water at foot of State St.; Water St looking East from R.R.Avenue; looing East along Water from Main St., circa 1895; corner of Lake & Water, circa 1860; looking east on Water from Main, circa 1900; aerial view looking East on Water showing Madison Ave & Lake St Bridges, 1973; south corner of Main & Water, looking East from Main St; W.Water St downtown,1950's (3); 415 E.Water St. circa 1959; Water St. looking east from Erie, June 1, 1889 (2).Photographs79A05
This folder contains the following images: row houses on Water St, 300 block (3); houses looking East on Water (8); corner of Water & Columbia (2); looking East on W.Water St., circa 1900 (2); row houses, looing east on Water St from College Avenue.Photographs79A06
This folder contains the following images: Elmira's Great Labor Day Demonstration,Sept. 8, 1895, turning north into Main from Water; looking east on Water from College; 242 to 252 West Water St, circa 1914; from WCTU building, winter scene circa 1895; W.Water St., circa 1939 (2);"end of Trolley Line" House, 1989 (2); old town hall, Elmira(2); S.E. corner of Water and Hoffman; 402 W.Water; Water St from old prison ground circa 1911 (2); looking West on Water from Columbia; W.Water St from Walnut; downtown W. Water Street St; W.Water St houses, no address; winter scene, downtown Water Street (2); 140 West Water, circa 1885; W.Water Street from Main; 400 block W.Water (2); Charles Bradley home, 1212 W.Water St.; Water at R.R. Avenue looking West, circa 1920's.Photographs79A07
This folder contains the following images of homes on Water Street: 756 East Water; 307, 401 (backyard), 402, 408, 502, 507, 511, 514, 520, 528, 722, 818, 820 (interior), 1209, 1210, 1212, 1234, 1648, 1814 West Water; corner of W. Water & Columbia; corner W. Water & Walnut; corner W. Water & Hoffman; Richardson Co. Row Houses (W. Water foot of Davis); S.W. Clark house; Evergreen Estate on W. Water; Foster House; Jabez Beer's home; William P. Yates home (former 140 W. Water); Kurr Homestead; misc. residential street views.Photographs79A08
This folder contains the following images of Elmira Streets: Langdon Plaza; corner of Baldwin & Water; traffic tie-up on Gray St between Main and State; Clemens Center Parkway opening, Nov. 20,1979; intersection of College & Thurston (2); street sign, Maple Ave. & Tory Meadow Dr., Hall Lane, River Road, Elmira; Pennsylvania Ave at Erie R.R. Crossing; Carroll St.; house corner of Walnut & W.Second; Exchange & Nick St (4); north view from Park Church tower of Langdon home; intersection of Hatch & E. Washington; Murray's Saloon, corner of Balsam & Broadway; McCann Blvd, Elmira heights; Benjamin St; razing of Cedar Street overpass; Southport Corners,Caton & Pennsylvania Ave; Cedar St & Caton Ave Street sign; Southport St sign; Watercure Hill & Hardscrabble Road sign; S.Walnut repairs(3); Tuttle Avenue, frozen waterfall; St. Patrick's Church and school; W.1st Street in winter (17); 13th st, Elmira Heights; 636 Winsor Ave C. 1972; Walnut & Second Sts.; Spaulding St crossover; Exchange Place looking north from Water St; looking up Walnut Street, Nov. 1896 (2); Euclid Avenue; West 2nd Street; State & Gray Streets; Thirteenth & Grand Central, Elmira Heights; Fourteenth St, 1974; 621 East Third (2); Jack's Esso Station, College & Thurston (2); East 2nd St at Lake; Grove Street from 4th, ca. 1890s (2); Westmont Avenue, 1940 (2).Photographs79B01
This folder contains the following Church Street images: views of downtown Church St (2); E.Church & State St, looking North; traffic tieup on W. Church at viaduct, 1934-35; Sullivan St, looking north at D L & W crossing; former Post Office bldg. (2); Arnot House, corner of Lake & Church; City Hall; Church St near Davis St (7); Church at Main (2); Church near Columbia (3); State & Church, 1903 & 1920; Solomon P.Bowles home, SE corner of Church & Davis; Erie RR crossing (3); 300 Block, south side; corner of West Church & Walnut, circa 1880; 214 E.Church, Century Club Building; SE corner of Church & Walnut, first home of J.Sloat Fassett family; east on Church from R.R.Avenue; Second St at State looking west, 1953; Church & Durland Ave.; Thomas Maxwell home; Church St at RR viaduct(with train),circa 1975 (2); west from Lake; homes at 301 East Church and 215 (interior & exterior), 218, 310, 359, 420, 460, 464, 500, 510, 718, 900, 916, 1064, 1720 (Botsford) West Church Street. Photographs79B02
This folder contains: seven sheets with fifteen small color photos per sheet of various aspects of several homes on Chemung PlacePhotographs79B03
This folder contains the follwing Baldwin Street images: buildings being razed near the Southeast corner of Gray & Baldwin, 1958-59 (2); Baldwin looing north from Market, circa 1910; Baldwin looking toward Water, 1950's; Baldwin & Market, 1940-50's; Baldwin St south from Church St; State St & Baldwin West Side Railway stop, 1893 (2); North on Baldwin from E. Water, ca. 1890s; Rathbun House Hotel, Baldwin & E. Water; Star Gazette Building on Baldwin St, circa 1940's; Baldwin & Church intersection looking north; Baldwin Street razing.Photographs8001
This folder contains the following images of Railroad Avenue: West side of street after the big fire, 1896; view of avenue from Gray St. parking, ca. 1930s; R.R. Ave. south from Second Street, ca. 1930s; R.R. Ave. north from Church Street, ca. 1930s; R.R. Ave. north from Gray Street, ca. 1930s; R.R. Ave north from Market St., ca. 1930s; R.R. Ave. under viaduct, 1942; R.R. Ave at depot, 1979.Photographs8002
This folder contains the following images of Main Street: looking south from E. Market, 1900; Water and Main, putting up Christmas decorations, circa 1950 (2); N. Main and College divide with St Patricks in the background; NW corner of S. Main & Partridge; Main Street with trolley tracks (2); Elmira's Great Labor Day Demonstration, Main & Water; off Main showing Washington Ave. Bridge; S. Main, 1983 (2); Main & Water showing bridge being closed; corner of W. Gridley Place and S.Main St.; Henry St at S.Main, NW corner; looking north from Water; looking east on W.Water; winter, Main St looking North; N.Main & Water, various years; Gosper Kelly Shoe Store; original Izard building on Main St.; Main & Park Place showing Flat Iron Candy Store; corner of W.Gray & Main; Main St& Water, circa 1900; snow loader at Main & Second, 1958; various view of Main St., various dates (5); looking north up Main St with Langdon House on left; looking north on S.Main St in Horseheads; N. Main towards Gray, 1944; Langdon Plaza, 1944; homes at Main & 2nd St., and 129, 150, 152, 401, 409 & 616 N. Main Street.Photographs8003
This folder contains the following images: crowd at the openign of the Southern Tier Expressway, August 1999 (7); Clemens Center Parkway at Water St.; Clemens Center Parkway at State Street.Photographs8004
Ths folder contains the following images of State Street: Benjamin Carpenter's, 1910; razing site next to Elmira Storage & Supply Co. Building; corner of State and Market Street; buildings on NE corner of Church & State (2); Armour & Compay building on State Street; repair work on State Street next to Hotel Langwell; putting up Christmas decorations in front of the Hotel Langwell; Erie Depot; State Street looking North; Elmira(Keeney)Theater; State & Gray; State and Church, circa 1950; State Street, Schanaker's Diner across from the Capitol Theater; Empire Produce Co.; train passing through Centertown; State & E.Church; Second and State; Empire Produce outing at Coldbrook Club 1934; building at State & Gray St.Photographs8005
This folder contains the following images of Gray Street: corner of State & Gray; Centertown parking lot; NYS Electric & Gas Corp. bus; corner of Main & Gray, pre-1928; corner Gray & Railroad Ave; L.D. Clute Motor Co.; Cornish Used Cars; West Gray St. homes at 141 (interior, exterior & Nafe family) 207 (Billings home), and 211; misc. street views.Photographs8006
This folder contains the following Lake Street images: aerial view, circa 1920; Lake St looking North, showing S. T. Arnot home, James Rathbone home and Arnot Art Gallery; Lake St looking South, Arnot Art Gallery on right, 1930-40's; looking toward Lake St Bridge; Lake & Water, 1880s, 1890, 1950, 1980; Lake St North from Water; Southeast corner of Lake & Market, 1893; Fire at the Goostrey building.; winter parade at Southeast corner of Lake & Market, circa 1890; unidentified house on Lake St; south on Lake from Carroll, circa 1960; rear view of 230-236-240 Lake Street, parking lot, circa 1940; parade on Lake St, 1927 (2); Chemung County Court House Building; Pigeon Point, Lake and Oak Street at Division; Eastside buildings on Lake St between Carroll & Market; corner of Lake & Market; New England Kitchen; Robinson Building; razing of 240 Lake St, former home of Edwin Stancliffe (2); Elmira City Hall, corner of Lake & Church; Lake & Clinton; looking west on Lake St(2); looking south on Lake; Lake at East 4th, 1966; Lagonegro's Cigar Store, 157 Lake, 1960s; Lake at 5th St; Pigeon Point showing P.P. Garage, 1936; homes at 221, 312, 501, 503, 505, 508 & 1106 Lake; misc. street scenes.Photographs8101
This folder contains the following images Market Street images: Market fom East Clinton; side of old building at Carroll & Lake; looking east on Market from Main St., 1917; intersection of Lake & Market, 1935; Steele Memorial Building, corner Lake & Market; Mayfair Diner on Market Street, 1950s; old hay market building, 300 Block East Market, 1899; Seward home, 465 E. Market, 1890s; street view, 1903.Photographs8102
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