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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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The following slides are of various parks: building in unidentified park; display of park photos (2); Pulaski Park plaque, Davis St., 1982 (2); Park Station, Erin, lads fishing (2); Ukranian Park Club House (2); McAnarney Coal Yard, Watkins Glen 1963; Tanglewood Nature Center; Teal Park, Main St., Horseheads; Kiwanis Park, Mt. Zoar; Fort Plain, site of DuBois Camp, historical marker, (A. Smith slide); creek site of Camp Cahojoharie, Erie Blvd. (A. Smith slide); Seebers Lane Marker over looking Mohawk Valley; Finger Lakes boating (2); Clark's Glen.SlidesDrawer 1Parks01
The following slides are of Eldridge Park; statuary; T. Byrne photo of the lake, 1980; bear pit; Maid of the Mist; Casino tower with lake in foreground; 3 different views of the Casino; fountain; rustic bridge; Dance Hall/RR station, 1984; misc. views, ca. 1890s.SlidesDrawer 1Parks02
The following slides are of Eldridge Park, October 1986: main rollercoaster; Little Toot sign; Speedway rollercoaster; The Whip; Bandstand.SlidesDrawer 1Parks 03
These slides are of Brand Park, corner of Maple Ave and Sly Streets: postcard views, ca. 1905; the dyke with sand bags during 1935 flood; Memorial Pool.SlidesDrawer 1Parks04
The following slides are of the Legion Park, Elmira Heights: Vietnam and Korean War Memorials and flag pole.SlidesDrawer 1Parks05
These slides are of the Harris Hill National Soaring Museum: museum interior; various gliders; children playing on Harris Hill; view of Big Flats in the valley; arial view of museum; glider in tow; Soaring Museum logo.SlidesDrawer 1Parks06
The following slides are of the Harris Hill National Soaring Museum: views of gliders; children with gliders.SlidesDrawer 1Parks07
These slides are of the Mark Twain Riverfront Park, East Water Street, Elmira. SlidesDrawer 1Parks08
The following slides are of Wisner Park, North Main St.: Excedra (War Memorial)in front of First Baptist Church (3); Civil War Memorial on Winsor Ave.; World War II Memorial; views of the Park; bandstand; the Park in 1880's; cemetery; Victory Arch, World War I. SlidesDrawer 1Parks09
These slides are of the following people: General Sullivan; Judge Hiram Gray & wife; 1910 rural letter carrier, Allen F. Sherman, R. F. D. #2, Pine City, NY, standing next to a team of mules and a buggy; Rev. James J. Bloomer, Pastor of St. Patrick's Church; John Butler; Col. John Butler in uniform; Lombert (Bill) Pope, c 1934, "The Old Swingeroo"; Ester Baker Steele; Matthais Arnot; Geoff Bodine; Ernfred Anderson with portrait of Mike George; Thomas K. Beecher; Zebulon Brockway; artists Lars Hoftrup and Armande Wargny, c. 1940, Pine City; Mr. Bundy with horse and sleigh at Lehigh Valley RR Station.SlidesDrawer 1People01
These slides are of people: Major Parr; Mary Dove; W. Lowman & Mary Ann Beers; Daniel Morgan; Andrew Brunnet & Michelle Cotton, August 25, 1985; Edward J. Dunn plaque at St. Joseph's Hospital (3); J. John Hassett, St. Joseph's; Sister Rose Alice Conway, St. Joseph's; Dr. Murphy, St. Joseph's; Lambert "Bill" Pope, c 1934.SlidesDrawer 1People02
These slides are of people: 7 slides of a man in uniform; 7 slides of a bearded man in civilian clothes; Civil War renactors; St. Nicholas Ukrainian Amatuer Play, c 1922; a Van Aken photo of a man and boy reading a book; Washington's Barber Shop on East Side of Elmira, African Americans pictured; German Band.SlidesDrawer 1People03
These 6 slides are of Z. Brockway. SlidesDrawer 1People04
These slides are portraits from Towner's History: Lucus Robinson, Jervis Langdon, John Murdoch, John T. Rathbun, Seymour Dexter; Augustus Woodruff Cowles; J. Monroe Shoemaker; General Alexander S. Diven; Robert M. McDowell; James Henry Loring; Ferral C. Dininny; Dr. J Dorman Steele; Samuel Selden Hamlin; Grandison A. Gridley; John Charles Roe; Thomas Flood, Sanford Klock, Robert Tifft Turner.SlidesDrawer 1People06
These slides are of portraits from Towner History: Edmund Miller, W. H. Burt, Abram B. Rockwell, George Bennitt, Josiah Bennitt, David Decker, Hiram Gray, Edward Danforth, Solomon L. Gillett, Henry W. Rathbone, Francis Hall, John I. Nicks, Socrates Ayers, Hosea Hunt Rockwell, Ransom Hart Guinnip, Thomas Gerity, S. H. Laney, Simeon Benjamin, Col. John Hendy, Jr.SlidesDrawer 1People07
The following slides pertain to the Pre-emtion Line: Bower's Old Canal Store, March 1913; Chemung Canal, aerial view looking north east, Montour, 1867 (2); tavern at Croton's Corners, looking north (2); old tavern at Croton's Corners, looking south; lithograph of Glenn Springs Hotel and other Watkins' scenes; state marker & Pre-emption Stone, Big Flats; Pre-emption marker on Steuben and Chemung Counties line, NYS route 17; aerial view of Watkins Harbor from the west, 1963; Pomeroy Atlas 1874, Schuyler Co., Havana, Dix, and south; houses along "state land", Montour Falls, 1913; village of Havana, 1853 map (Baker), Chemung Co.; Catherine's Landing historical sign, Montour; old canal bridge, moved from Montour to below the Shepard-Niles Plant, September 1963; aerial view of Midway on NYS route 14; old canal Post Office and grocery store, Millport, July 1963, Barbara SlidesDrawer 1Pre-emption Line01
The following slides pertain to the Pre-emption Line and the Chemung Canal: old bridge moved from Montour to below the Shepard-Niles Plant (2); atlas map of Millport; Croton's Corners, Chemung; 1874 atlas map of Montour and south; Montour Falls aerial view after the canal closed, about 1860-1890; 1874 atlas map of lock #1 and south, Schuyler County; 2 areial views of unidentifed locations; maker on bridge between locks 4&5, Chemung Co.; 1874 map of lock #2, Montour; 1874 map of area between locks 1&2, Schuyler Co.; aerial view of Montour, about 1860 or 1875; lock 49, spillway, Water St., Elmira; atlas map of Millport; Pre-emption Line marker, DAR, Steuben-Chemung County line, NYS route 17; Pre-emption Line state marker (stone)route 17 east, 1963 (2); arial view of oil tanks, location of Pre-emption Line marker to the west; Queen Catherine's grave marker.SlidesDrawer 1Pre-emption Line02
These slides are of the Elmira Reformatory: Reformatory building (5), some are old prints, or post card views; Eldridge Park in foreground with Reformatory in background; parade ground; 1984-5 Merry Christmas letters on hill in front of building; corridor with three floors of cell blocks (2); inmates at a lecture in auditorium; 1955 aerial view of the buildings; Dress Parade; four drawings; first reformatory, 1876; Z. R. Brockway reviewing regimental parade.SlidesDrawer 1Reformatory01
These slides are of ineresting places in our area: Asilum on Susquehanna River, Marie Antoinette look out (2), 1959; juncture of Chemung River and Susquehanna at Tioga. PA (2), 1959; Pennsylvania, NY line marker, 82 miles from Delware River; Cross shaped monument on the spot where Mrs. Sherman Voorhees died July 5, 1914; The Bluff, Sodus Point, 1958; coal trestle, Sodus Point, NY, 1959; corner of Paradise Alley, Dansville, NY, 1959; octogon machine shop. orginally a blacksmith shop, built about 1827; Wiliwanna Road old fireplace; Troy Road.SlidesDrawer 1Regiinal Show Places01
These slides pertain to Ross Marvin and his trip to the North Pole: Admiral Perry (5 duplicates); Proteus (5 duplicates); Captain Bartlett; Greeley's signature (5 duplicates); Greeb's crew; Roosevelt Crew (2); Marvin monument.SlidesDrawer 1Ross Marvin01
These slides pertain to Ross Marvin's trip to the North Pole: Marvin monument (2); ship Roosevelt at Sidney (2); Greeley's signature; Marvin taking observation (2); dog sled (2); stopping for lunch (2); ice passage; Ross Marvin; map (3); deck of the Roosevelt (3).SlidesDrawer 1Ross Marvin02
These slides pertain to Ross Marvin's trip to the North Pole: Ross Marvin (2); Eskimo woman (2); Roosevelt among icebergs (3); single sledge; Borup; dog wearing harness (2); supply ship (2); Marvin with dogs and sled (2); Goodsell (3).SlidesDrawer 1Ross Marvin03
These slides are of the schools in Chemung County: new Southside High; 1984 Broadway School (2); Old Elmira Academy; Hendy Ave.; Spencer-Van Etten High, State Route 224; 1986 Elmira Free Academy; 1957 Ridge Rd., Horseheads; 1983 Notre Dame, Maple Ave.; 1903-4 Lowman, Old 17 Rd.; unidentified school, Horseheads; Horseheads High; Elmira Free Academy built 1960 (1st one built 1859).SlidesDrawer 1Schools02
These slides are of Chemung Co. Schools: Old Elmira Free Academy; 1984 Ernie Davis School (was EFA); 1984 Southside High; Spencer-Van Etten, 1986 photo by Tom Byrnes (2); 1984 Wellsburg; new Elmira Free Academy, 1986; old Big Flats High; 1983 Notre Dame High building; 1984 Notre Dame campus; Horseheads Jr. High East; 1957 Ridge Rd., Horseheads; #4 Diven, old photo; new school, Lowman, 1903-4.SlidesDrawer 1Schools03
These are slides of Chemung Co. Schools: Elmira College campus; Elmira College Campus Center; 1987 Elmira Free Academy; old Horseheads High; No. 2 School 2nd & Davis; 1862 Academy. SlidesDrawer 1Schools04
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