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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Letter dated March 24, 1891 from G.L. Smith to A. S. Kendall regarding tendering Jacob Schwartz "the money for his costs" on his return to town.LetterC0506
Letter (typed), dated April 1, 1891, from G.L. Smith to A.S. Kendall,regarding Jake's(Schwartz) "seeking to change the order".LetterC0507
Letter(typed), dated April 2, 1891, from G.L. Smith to A.S. Kendall,regarding Jake's(Jacob Schwartz) "getting rid of some papers or striking out some recitals of fact" YOU MUST CERTAINLY BE ON HAND IN ORDER THAT WE MAY HAVE THE WORD OR THE OATH OF TWO WHITE MEN AGAINST ONE JEW"because Jake will make the fight on the principle of Old Moses in Butler's Poem of :General Average"......"When truth stepped aside, and conscience withdrew,LetterC0508
Letter datd April 7, 1891, from G.L.Smith to A.S. Kendall,that he "Will be up tomorrow".LetterC0509
Letter dated April 16, 1891 from G.L. Smith to A.S.Kendall, requesting that Kendall "make the argument in the Schwartz would make a better argument than I....this is my sober judgement".LetterC0510
Letter dated April 21, 1891, from G.L. Smith to A.S., a note exclaiming over the death of one "Corlett",known to Jacob Schwartz(sarcastic??)LetterC0511
Letter dated April 22, 1891, from G.L. Smith to A.S. Kendallregarding Butle v Townsend,applicable to Cone's case?LetterC0511
Letter dated May 14, 1891, from G.L. Smith to A.S. Kendall regarding the Jacob Schwartz case, involving the "Cole case" "so as to hve it on ay Buffalo"(by "Jake").LetterC0513
Typed letter dated May 18, 1891,from G. L. Smith to A.S. Kendall,regarding stipulation in Cummings vs. Drake & Co."giving us until July first to serve amended complaint""I have not yet begun my brief against Jake(Jacob Schwartz) for the Buffalo term".LetterC0514
Letter dated July 1, 1891 from James A. Douglas,Attorney, to A.S. Kendall, thanking him for his(Kendall's) suggestion in the Rhoda M. Stafford & husband matter".LetterC0515
A clipping: names of Justices, 6th Judicial District 1897 and names of Court Stenographers.DocumentC0701
Newspaper Clipping dated January 9, 1963, titled "bar Honors Memory of Otis Gardner".Newspaper ClippingC0702
Dated June 1897: cut outs of Chemung County Bar,Supreme Court Calendar- 6th Judicial District, Appellate Division & U.S Courts.DocumentC0703
Document: "Tioga Books" by A.Dann, dated 1806,list of taxpayer and amount owed(arrears?).DocumentC0801
Notary Public certification for Walter C. Garey,Chemung County, dated August 9, 1935.DocumentC1101
Notary Public Certificate for Walter C. Garey, Chemung County, dated October 19, 1945.DocumentC1102
Deed of Child - Adoption agreement between Dewitt & Mary Storms and Jonas & Amanda VanDuzer, May 27, 1875.DocumentC1106
Will of Charles Thomas, May 24, 1893. DocumentC1301
Will of Nettie J. Snover, February 25, 1911.DocumentC1302
Will of Hettie Sheely, September 10, 1920.DocumentC1303
Will of Nellie A. Potter, January 25, 1921.DocumentC1304
Deed for the sale of 602 Partridge Street, Elmira from Eyrle & Mildred Briggs to Jennie Hopkins, Jessie Hungerford and Shirley Hungerford, June 16, 1944.DocumentC1401
Deed for the sale of shares of 602 Partridge Street, Elmira from Shirley Hungerford Hyde to Jessie Hungerford, December 24, 1964.DocumentC1402
Deed for the sale of 602 Partridge Street, Elmira from Jessie Hungerford to June Conte, July 24, 1967.DocumentC1403
Patent for 288 acres of land in the Town of Chemung granted to Gilleam Bartoff by the State of New York, April 16, 1790. DocumentC1501
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