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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
This folder contains various images of the old Sullivan's Monument, 1889-1911.Photographs8201
This folder contains: small B&W photo of headstone "Our Foe ,Redmen & Briish who fell August 29,1779",at battle of Newtown,located(1943) in Ashland on the Abner Wright Farm; Major General John Sullivan; Major General James Clintin; Sa-go-ye-wat-ha(Red Jacket); Capt. Walter Butler; of painting of Newtown Battle; Tory Ranger ("Blue Eyed Indian); Hiakatoo, Seneca War Chief; Sir John Johnson, commamded "Johnson's Greens"; Col. John Butler, commanded "Butler's Rangers"; Hanyari, "Friendly Oneida Chief" who commanded Indian Scouts for Sullivan's Army; unidentified individuals assocaited with the Sullivan Expedition.Photographs8202
This folder contains: Elmira Star Gazette showing frnt page September 27,1929,showing map of Sullivan-Clinton Pageant to be held Sept.28th at Mark Twain Park; field scene near Sullivan's Monument; Tioga Point; Baldwin Cemetery at Lowman looking toward Bentley Creek valley; large sepia photo of the "standing stone" on the Susquehanna River;large sepia photo,Milan Pa. below Queen Esther's flats,opp. spot where Sullvan forded river;two large sepia photos of farmland where forest grew and Battle of Newtown took place;large B&W photo near Sullivan's Monument;large sepia photo of area where "Sullivan's Road" once existed,now being overgrown;small sepia photo showing field with Mr. Wright pointing where the concluding part of the Battle of Newtown was fought.Photographs8203
This folder contains:2 large photos of the 1912 commorative bronze plaques of the Battle o Newtown;photo of marker "Camp Gen.Clinton's Brigade",between Lowman & Chemung;"Line of rude Breastworks" marker in Lowman;Line occupied Rifle Corps under General Hand" at opening of battle,Lowman;"Encampment",Sullivan's Army,Sept 1779,across E. Water;marker on S. Main,Athens, for Fort Sullivan,August 1779;Athens,also known as Tioga Point,built 1786;Old Chemung marker just west of Chemung Vllage;large sepia photo of monument unveiling at Lowman, 1908;smaller sepia photo showing eight men around the granite monument; 2 large B&W photos showing monument to N.H. troops who fought in Sullivan's campaign;large B&W showing "Sullivan's March" sign (the 4th encampment)large B&W historic information plaques at Sullivan's Monument;small B&W of Newtown Marker;2 small sepia of a dedication,no name or date; (2)bronze burial marker at Fort Sullivan;large sepia,"This Ridge" sign on Wellsburg-Lowman highway;large B&W photo of Newtwon monument at western junction of Old Rte 17;"Army Camp" marker on river flats to south; 2small B&W, Newtown monument erected by Sons of American Revolutuon and two large sepia of same;sepia photo of large marker,Site of British Breastworks;2 smaller B&W "Sullivan's March",one at river lowlands, 8 & 9 of August,1779, & one on the Sheshequin Flats 9 & 10 August,1779; "Newtown" marker;Camp of Gen. Clinton's Brigade marker;"Owagea"(an Indian Village),burned by Clinton'd forces;large B&W "Sullivan's March" sign,camped Aug 5-7.1779 enroute to Iroquois battle; envelope with 22 small color photos of local monuments &markers;large B&W "Sullivan's March at Tunkhannock,Pa.;large B&W of stone marking houaes at Fort Sullivan;large B&W photo of Queen Esther's Town" marker,below Tioga Point;large B&W "Fort Sullivan" marker in Athens Pa.Photographs8204
Van Aken photo album, circa 1900. Album includes Elmira residences, public buildings, churches and unidentified individuals.Photographs8301
This folder contains the following images of Sullivan's Monument: original monument; new monument; Harringtons Ford, Lowman; land surrounding monument; aerial views of monument; park and picnic area near monument; visitors at the monument; monument under construction; monument dedication, August 29, 1912; Chemung Valley Living History Center views, September 1996; Revolutionary Soldier's uniform; Mr & Mrs Eustace at monument; monument dedication dinner party, 1912.Photographs8302
This folder contains: eight small color and eight xerox copies of a battle reenactment at Sullivan's Monument,August 1979.Photographs8303
This folder contains the following: 41 photographs and a CD of the 225th anniversary of the Newtown Battle & monumnet dedication, August 29, 2004.Photographs8304
This folder contains the following Civil War images: members of the NY 107th volunteers including Sgt. F.C. Johnson, Lieut. Frank Frost, Lt.Col. Wm. F. Fox, B. Frank Burgess, M. Morton Munson, Charles Mitchel, Hiram Locke, Oscar F. James, Sgt. Joseph Franklin, John Bollin; soldiers of the 197th (3); Sons of Veterans, Camp 77; 107th NYV staute in front of Elmira Courthouse (2); graves in Marietta National Cemetery in Marietta,Georgia of 107th N.Y. Volunteers (4); views of Kennesaw Mountain near Marietta (2); 107th N.Y. reunion on the courthouse lawn by "Glorious 107th" monument, (3); 107th N.Y. reunion,taken in front of Elmira Armory (2); 107th N.Y. monument at Gettysburg; flag carried by the 107th N.Y.; closeup of monument detail showing Johnson's Military Company--Regimental Record,Company C, New York Volunteer Infantry, 107th Regiment; 107th N.Y. reunion at Gettysburg; unidentified soldiers; unidentified members of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR); unidentified groups.Photographs8401
This folder contains the following Civil War related images: Clayton Wood Holmes, author of "Elmira Prison Camp"; case at Broadway School with Civil War artifacts; soldiers on parade, Elmira, Nov.18, 1861; 19th Vet. Res. Hoffman & W.Gray,1st Vet. on parade; Harper's Weekly cover, Sept. 16, 1865, drawing of original Andersonville Trial; The Flat and Chemung River; Ed Morris, last living Civil War Vet, 3/21/73; Gettysburg Address plaque at Woodlawn cemetery; Marietta National Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia, Fall 1995; G.A.R. Parade in Washington,D.C (2).Photographs8402
This folder contains images of Civil War soldiers: Captain R.Dumars; Sgt. Barry Benson (Confederate POW); Lt.Col. Stephen T.Moore; Melvin M. Conklin; Major Henry V. Colt; Father M. Kavanaugh; J.P. Putegnat; Ceerops Malone; Gen. E.O. Beers; Robert Box; men of the 23rd New York Volunteers (Brown, Maxson, Thatcher & Dexter); Gen. Lorenzo Thomas; Col. Benjamin Tracy; Col. Robert Van Valkenburg; Dr. William C. Wey; misc. unidentified soldiers. Photographs8403
This folder contains: 3 large B&W re-enactment of Civil War battle,Elmira,August 1982; 7 small B&W photos of recreation of Civil War camp,August 1984; small copy of Jefferson Davis; 5 large B&W photos of recreation of Civil War, 1983.Photographs8404
This folder contains: a "Commercial Cabinet Card", sepia, one of a series of Battle of Gettysburg views.Photographs8405
This folder contains the following photographs from the Civil War of the 23rd New York Volunteers, 1861-1863: Col. Henry C. Hoffman; Lt. Col. Nirom M. Crane; Major William Gregg; Pvt. Thomas Sanders; St. Duane Thompson; misc. members of Companies A, D, E & K. Photograph8405
This folder contains the following Underground Railroad related images: Underground Railway House in Burdett,N.Y.;Elizabeth McDowell, Mary Pratt(lived in U.R'way house) and Juliet Donner; plaque at site of "Oldest House in Town of Burdette"; underground railroad plaque re Luther Cleveland; insignia of Underground Railway; Cleveland house; Sept. 1955, people standing under oldest house sign, decendants(?).Photographs8406
This folder contains: large B&W photo of Elmira Prison Camp during the Civil War, no datePhotographs8501
This folder contains the following Prison Camp related images: United Daughters of the Confederacy monumnet to dead at Woodlawn, 1937; plaque in memory of 49 Confederates killed in a Railroad accident near Shohola,Pa. (2); plaque in memory of Union soldiers killed in the Shohola accident; Confederate graves in Woodlawn (4); Confederate monumnets monuments in Woodlawn (4).Photographs8502
This folder contains the following images relating to the Prison Camp: panoramic view of barracks #1, Arnot Field, Elmira Prison camp; Prison Camp Commander & staff; view of Prison Camp (2); photo of groundbreaking for Civil War Memorial; 54h New York Volunteers and Artillery camp near Foster's Pond, 1863.Photographs8503
This folder contains the following images of the prison camp: tents at the Prison Camp, summer 1864 (7); Prison Camp barracks; Prison Camp barracks and outer wall and barracks, 1864-65 (7); scale model of the Elmira Prison Camp.Photographs8503
This folder contains the following Prison Camp images: Hospital buildings at camp, 1863 (3); Officers' Quarters, Water Street near Prison Camp.Photographs8507
This folder contains the following images of the Prison Camp: various views of the Prison Camp (2); view of former site of Prison Camp, 10/10/1911; newspaper clipping,"The Genuine Barrack Grounds and Prison Camp in Elmira in Civil War Days" taken by J.E.Larkin who is the"Only Elmira Photographerof that time now living";(3)oversized sepia photo of Elmira Prison Camp showing entire camp,has "stats" of prison population.Photographs8508
This folder contains the following images of the Prison Camp: various views of the Prison Camp (3); prisoner's pencil sketch of a camp scene (4); sketches of Prison Camp and photos from which they were made(3); tents at the Prison Camp.Photographs8509
This folder contains: an oversized cardboard sepia photo of the Elmira Prison Camp.Photographs8510
This folder contains modern images of the former site of the Elmira Prison Camp from across the Chemung River.Photographs8596
This folder contains the following Prison Camp related images: groundbreaking ceremony for Prison Camp Memorial, August 1984 (2); Prison Camp Monument dedication, August 1985 (2);Byrne, Schieber, Lincoln and Squiers looking at Elmira Prison Camp information.Photographs8601
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