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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

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Processed ByPat Wainwright

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These are slides pertaining to the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign: Clinton camped 3 night around Onaquaga Island; Dan Morgan; Joseph Brant; map, battle of Newtown; Iroquois warrior; Brig. General Edward Hond; Enoch Poor; General George Washington; Lieut. Boyd's grave monument; military man; Indian Council House at Letchworth; Col. John Butler; Hiakatoo, Native American; map, Montgomery Co., 1788; Tory Ranger, Blue Eyes, Indian. SlidesDrawer 1Sullivan-Clinton Campaign01
These slides pertain to the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign; Sullivan's March Historical Marker; map of Tioga Indian Village; corn in the pot, Butler's Rangers at Wyoming, PA, July 1, 1978; General Sullivan; painting of the Battle of Newtown by E. N. Clark; Sullivan-Clinton Bicentennial, troops re-enactment; 2 ladies in period costume.SlidesDrawer 1Sullivan-Clinton Campaign02
These slides pertain to the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign: powder horn, 2 shot flasks, lump of lead for forming own bullets; moving stones from RR car for new Sullivan's Monument, 1912; September 28 1929 dedication of Monument for the State of New Hampshire, Newtown Battle; plaque for Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Riverside Cemetery, Town of Chemung; 1919 road to Sullivan's Monument; map of General Sullivan's Campaign route; route of Sullivan Expedition in 1779; routes of armies of Sullivan, Clinton, & Brodhead; Sheshecunna plaque set in stones; Fort Sullivan plaque (2); Bloody Rock plaque, Wyoming, PA; Lowman Breastworks, August 29, 1779, Historical Marker; 1st PA Regiment at Wyoming, PA, July 1, 1978, re-enacters; Tioga Point; Sullivan Trail, Fort Sullivan, Athens, PA (Damon photo).SlidesDrawer 1Sullivan-Clinton Campaign03
These slides pertain to the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign: portrait, General Sullivan; Sullivan's route, Richard's Atlas (2); Sullivan's 4th camp, marker on Vanderlip Farm; Newtown Battlefield map (2); painting, Battle of Newtown; Newtown Diorama; re-enactment; Sullivan's protrait, General Sullivan; General Clinton portrait; full length, General Clinton; full length, Red Jacket; marker of Battle of Newtown on Sullivan's Monument.SlidesDrawer 1Sullivan-Clinton Campaign04
These slides are dublicate portraits of Joseph Brant, and General Sullivan.SlidesDrawer 1Sullivan-Clinton Campaign05
These slides are of the Sullivan-Clinon Campaign: dublicate protraits of buckskin clad soldier, and dublicates of Sullivan's Monument.SlidesDrawer 1Sullivan-Clinton Campaign06
This slides pertain to the Clinton-Sullivan Campaign: Private in the Light Co. 46, British Regiment; Artillery Gunner. Royal Regiment; fifer, 1st NY Regiment, Jan 1776; Grenadier, 21st British Regiment; German Grenadiers, 1777; Owasco longhouse entrance; historical marker on a campus near General Sullivan's New Hampshire home; cooking inside an Iroquois bark house; Indian warrior, Hanyara; Lieut Thomas Boyd, Genesee Castle; Thomas Boyd's monument on grave; portrait of Enoch Door; Brig. General Hand; Clinton building dam at Otsego Lake; Col Thomas Procter, Artillery Commander; colored painting or post card of Sullivan's monument; Major James Parr, Commander Detachment; Clinton going cross country, 1779; Color Guard Sargent, 2nd New Hampshire, July 20, 1776; 4th PA soldier.SlidesDrawer 1Sullivan-Clinton Campaign08
These are 20 slides of pen and colored drawings of different models of trolleys.SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads 04
These slides are of trolleys and railroads: 1936 map of streetcar routes, a Sheldon King, 1961 slide; trolley, Main St., Horseheads; c. 1915 open car, College Ave., Elmira-Horseheads line; 1890's double-decker trolley lithograph; County Court House and trolley, Lake St.; Elmira's last trolley, 1939, 2 horse hitch to one trolley and another trolley using electricity next to the first.SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads01
The following slides are of trolleys and railroads: Erie RR Station, September 1980; old DL&W Station, Tom Byrne 1980 photo; Erie-Lackawanna Depot c. 1961, orginally Erie (merger 1959); Leigh-Valley Station, Horseheads, c. 1925; Car #23, Maple Ave. RR Company; Sumirail (subway repair company)1988 graffiti; 2 slides of repairing the subway cars; Sumirail sign in front of shops in Elmira Heights; Conrail yard, 1981, Clemons Parkway, Elmira; North Central RR shops; old Erie RR Station, shows horses and carriage; Gibson wreck, Deleware-Lackawanna RR, July 4, 1912, 39 killed and 88 injured.SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads02
There are 12 slides of pen and colored drawings of different models of trolleys which are labled. There also 3 slides showing trolleys in urban settlings.SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads03
The following slides are from the Phillip R. Hastings Collection of the Pennsylvania Railroad (steam on the Elmira and Shamokin Branches): 785-21, 2-8-0 3437 engine in yards with disabled 4632 in distance, Elmira; 785-22, 4-8-2 6715 on southbound freight at Elmira; 785-23, 2-8-0 3437 hauls disabled 2-10-0 4632 at Elmira; 785-21, 2-10-0's 4616 & 4243 stuck on 1% grade, broken coupler knuckle in train, near Paxinos, PA; 785, 2-8-0 3437 locomotive at Elmira; 785-27, 2-10-0 4311 on turntable at Elmira; 785-28, 2-10-0 4245 used as hill pusher at Watkins Glen, also shows water tower; 785-29, 2-10-0 4245 at Watkins Glen, Seneca Lake in background; 785-3, 2-10-0's 4616 & 4414 on southbound freight at Canton, PA; 785-2, 4-8-2 6760 arrives at yard at Williamsport, PA; 785-25, 2-8-0 3437 at Elmira, locomotive and tender; 785-3, 2-10-0 4315 on southbound freight at Fassett, PA; 785-35, 2-10-0's 3445 & 4268 as pushers on ore train at Paxinos, PA; 785-33, 2-10-0's 4616 & 4243 take water at Crowl, PA.; 785-34 2-10-0's 4616 & 4243 with ore train approach 1.3% grade at Paxinos, PA; 785-32, 2-10-0's 4161 & 4243 on ore train, typical PRR crossing sign, Crowl, PA; 785-13, 2-10-0 532 as pusher at Leolyn, PA; 785-30k 2-10-0's 4616 & 4243 on 9000 ton ore train at Crowl, PA.SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads06
These slides are copies of photos in the CCHS collection. They pertain to the erection of the elevated railroad tracks in Elmira. SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads07
These slides are of various scenes in Elmira. Some are copies of photos in the CCHS collection: Regent Theatre on E. Water St., c. 1920-30's; street scene with a church in background, 1920-30's; unidentifed houses; Super Service Center c. 1920's; RR overpass; elevated tracks over water, buildings flooded; overpass construction; large brick building on corner of Erie St. & Railroad Ave.; construction of elevated RR tracks; view of an overpass from a brick street; view of Church overpass, looking west; Church St., Lackawanna RR tracks; from Erie Station looking south; construction at a RR Station; billboard on side of a store attached to a house; construction of an overpass; a lumber frame next to RR tracks; street scene with overhead trolley wires.SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads08
These 14 slides are of the construction of the elevated RR tracks, various views of tracks and overpasses plus a slide showing a group of men.SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads09
These slides are of railroad construction, underpasses, construction engineers, trolley tracks and overhead wires plus the following: Railroad Ave and Erie overpass at bus station; Erie St. looking north; Church St. looking west at Erie overpass, corner of Steele Memorial Library; Washington Ave. looking south to Erie overpass. SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads10
slides are the second part of the Philip R. Hastings Collection of the Pennsylvania Railroad Elmira and Shamokin Branches: 785-31, 2-10-0's 6779 & 6816 push northbound freight at Leolyn, PA; 785-31, 2-10-0's 4616 & 4243 star 9000-ton ore train, Crowl, PA; 785-6, 2-10-0 4315 southbound frieght at Troy, PA; 785-7, 2-10-0 4315 on southbound nears station at Leolyn, PA; 785-12, 2-10-0 4311 on northbound freight, Leolyn, PA; 785-11, 2-10-0 4632 as pusher (along with Alco Diesels 5756 & 5757) at rear of train headed by 20-10-0 4311 (see 785-10) at Roaring Branch, PA; 785-10, 2-10-0 4311 on northbound frieght at Bodine, PA; 785-9, 2-10-0 4311 on northbound freight at Trout Run, PA; 785-8, Cabose on southbound freight at Leolyn, PA; 785-1, 2-8-0's 4249 & 4293, 4-8-2 6734 & 0-6-0 1496 at Williamsport, PA; 785-19 Diesels 8626-8620 help 2-10-0 4311 pull train and disabled 2-210-0 4632 over the hill, Columbia Cross Roads, PA; 785-17, 2-10-0 4311 on coal train at Columbia Cross Roads, PA; 785-20 disabled pusher 2-10-0 4632 at Columbia Cross Roads, PA; 785-14, 2-10-0 4632 as pusher at Troy, PA; 785-15 2-10-0 4311 on coal train at Troy, PA.SlidesDrawer 1Trolleys & Railroads12
These 19 slides are of the archological diggings at the present CCHS building parking lot.SlidesDrawer 2ARCHOLOGICAL DIG 198401
These 18 slides are of the 1984 archological dig at the present CCHS building: excessive vegetation in parking lot; settling crack, south facade; east facade; east facade with brick barn; view of east parking lot; vegetation along east property line; artifacts in "pigeon room"; northeast room third floor; vegetation on west facade; out front Water Street; mortar problems, west facade; north wall, brick barn; growing stuff at NE corner of brick barn; deterioration east facade; rising damp north wall, main block; artifact, small glass bottle. SlidesDrawer 2ARCHOLOGICAL DIG 198404
These 10 slides are of the 1984 archological dig at the present CCHS building parking lot. Some slides show the archological panel discussion at the Steele Library, and TV interview of Rose McGuire.SlidesDrawer 2ARCHOLOGICAL DIGS 198402
These 20 slides are of chandeliers and lamps, 1958: Betty Lamp (?), brass, Dewitt Historical Society, Ithaca, NY; Betty Lamp, cast iron, Wadsworth Ath.; Betty Lamp with pick, Wadswworth; Betty Lamp on metal stand, Wadsworth; Witch lamp, nutting call, Wadsworth; rushlight holder, Wadsworth Ath, Hartford; spout lamp, Wadsworth; pair whale oil lamps from collection of Mrs. Chester Armstrong, Ithaca; pair whale oil lamps, sandwich glass, thumbprint pattern, Antique House, Ithaca; pair of whale lamps, used burning fluid, collection of Mrs. Leodora Rinwaldon, Elmira; oil can for whale oil, Dewitt HS; two whale oil lamps, one with prisms, Benington ware bases; "grease lamp" with 2 twisted cotton wicks, pewter, Dewitt; camphene lamp, pewter, Antique House; lamp used burning fluid after 1834, Dewitt; Argand burner type of lamp, prisms, now electrified, collection of Leodora, Rinwaldon; Kerosene (?), glass front chimney, iron base, Dewitt; kerosene lamp, pressed glass, lion's paw base, Dewitt; kerosene hand lamp, Dewitt. SlidesDrawer 2CHANDELIERS/LAMPS01
These 19 slides are of chandeliers and lamps, 1985: kerosene Hitchcock lamp, produced 1872-1900, property of Mrs. Longnecker, Ithaca; bottom of the Hitchcock lamp owned by Mrs. Longnecker; top of the Hitchcock lamp, owned by Mrs. Longnecker; kerosene student lamp, 1875-1900, collection of Mrs. Leodora Rinwaldon, Elmira; kerosene student lamp, from Dryden Church, Dewitt Historical Society, Ithaca; kerosene Rochester lamp, collection of B.J. Bjorvand; miniature kerosene Rochester lamp, B.J. Bjorvand; kerosene Rochester, Gadroon pattern, J.B. Bjorvand; 12 1/2" miniature kerosene Rochester lamp with pink shade, B.J. Bjorvand; 3 miniature kerosene lamps none over 8 1/4", one cobalt pressed glass of daisy pattern, 2 clear glass, spiral pattern, collection of Ellen Armstrong, Ithaca; 4 kerosene minatures, none over 8 1/4", all kerosene except little low bulgyone-whale oil, Ellen Armstrong; miniatures from Antique House, Ithaca; Victorian kerosene hanging lamp, Leodora Rinwaldon; 2 Gone With the Wind Victorian kerosene, Leordora Rinwaldon; Pierced Tin lantern, Dewitt; Lantern, tin and glass, Dewitt.SlidesDrawer 2CHANDELIERS/LAMPS02
These slides are of the 1960 construction of the Lake Street Bridge.SlidesDrawer1Lake St. Bridge Construction 196001
The following slides are of Rorick's Glen Park: old bridge piers April 1976; site of former theatre, April 1976; old entrance from W. Water St., April 1976; new road to Glen, April 1976; headquarters, April 1976; road to river, April 1976 (2); view of Glen across river, April 1976; south end of foot bridge late 1890's or early 1900's; old fort; early building; canoes tied up at Cotton's. April 1976 slides provided by Dick Seem.SlidesDrawer1Parks10
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