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Collection TitleESG Elmira Star-Gazette People FilesCreatorChemung County Historical Society
Processed By
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated the Booth Library by the Elmira Star-Gazette newspaper in 2016.

Chemung County (N.Y.); Clippings (books, newspapers, etc.); Elmira (N.Y.); Newspapers; Newspaper office libraries


Elmira Star-Gazette (1907-present) is a daily newspaper published by the Gannett Company. The paper covers the Twin Tiers region with a focus on Elmira and Chemung County, New York. It continued the older papers Elmira Gazette and Free Press and Elmira Evening News which merged in 1907.  In 1963, it merged with the Elmira Advertiser and operated until 1967 under the name Star-Gazette and Advertiser. It is currently the only daily newspaper in Chemung County.

Scope:The Elmira Star-Gazette People Files contain newspaper clippings and headshots of the nearly one million people who were mentioned in the paper from 1960 through the early 2000s. People are listed alphabetically by surname.
Notes:The collection was maintained by the Elmira Star-Gazette for their own reference. It does not include those who appeared in the paper regularly such as politicians or other prominent local individuals. Larger files on such individuals were stored separately and remain in the custody of the newspaper.
Extent11 linear feet
AbstractThis collection contains newspaper clippings and photographs related to people who appeared in the Elmira Star-Gazette newspaper between 1960 and 2010.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Sister Jane Scully, Sister Janet Elizabeth Meeker, Sister Janet Wahl, Sister Jean Rodman, Sister Joachim Pearson, Sister Joan Cawley, Sister Joan Francis Hauser, Sister Jose Hobday, Sister Joseph Mary, Sister Josepha TwomeyC-14D-68Sis
Sister M. Ambrose, Sister Mary Antoinette, Sister Mary Beatrice Curran, Sister Mary Carmella, Sister Mary Colgan, Sister Ignatius Connelly, Sister Mary Consilia, Sister M. Cornelius, Sister Joanne Cullen, Sister Mary Edwina ButlerC-14D-68Sis
Sister Angeline, Sister Ann Carapella, Sister Anne Marie Mathis, Sister Arlene Semesky, Sister Barbara Gulino,Sister Barbara Moore, Sister Marie Castagnaro, Sister Carmella Coene, Sister Carmel Kruckow,Sister Carmella GoeneC-14D-68Sis
Siskin, Doris, Siskin, David, Sisk, Doug, Siskin, Lisa, Siskin, Dr. Stewart B. Sisler, Daniel G., Sisler, David D., Sisson, Jon F.,Sisson, Rev. Kenneth L., Sister Alphonsus Kruckow, C-14D-68Sis
Sister Carol, Sister Carolyn Lattinville, Sister Catherine Gibbons, Sister Clare Francis, Sister Clare F. Mogenhan, Sister Corona Sharp, Sister Deanna Gears, Sister Diane Marie, Sister Edmond Gathier, Sister Edwardine WeaverC-14D-68Sis
Sister Margaret Anne, Sister Margaret Louise Snider, Sister M. Walter Hickey, Sister Margot Mann, Sister Marguerite, Sister Margie Flynn, Sister Marguerite Dynski, Sister Maria, Sister Marie Alice, Sister Marie Michael Miller.C-14D-68Sis
Sirignano, Gerard C., Sirois, Raymond A., Sirrine, Cathleen, Sisak, Michele, Sisco, Joseph J.,Sisco, Kenneth R., Sisemore, Jerry, Sisisky, Rep. Norman, Siskal, Gene, Siskin, David E.C-14D-69Sir
Smith, Clifford J., Smith, Clifton L., Smith Connie, Smith, Coraleen A., Smith, Cynthia, Smith, Cynthia, Smith, Cynthia J., Smith, Dale, Smith, Dana M., Smith, Daniel, C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Florence, Smith, Floyd, Smith, Floyd R. Jr., Smith, Fran, Smith, Dr. Frances A'Hern, Smith, Francis E. Jr., Smith, Francis E., Smith, Francis H., Smith, Francis J., Smith, FrankC-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Emery F. Jr., Smith, Emery E. & Raymond L., Smith, Emery Ernest, Smith, Emery L., Smith, Erle R., Smith, Eric, Smith Ernest L., Smith, Dr. & Mrs. Ernest P., Smith, Evette M. Smith, Faye M. & John S.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Eleanor, Smith, Elizabeth, Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, Smith, Ellen, Smith, Elly, Smith, Elmore, Smith, Rev. Elton O. Jr., Smith, Elver, Smith, Emery E., Smith, Emery F. Jr.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Duick, Smith, Dwayne, Smith, E. Eloise, Smith, E. Payson, Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Ed., Smith, Edmund C., Smith, Edward E., Smith, Edward L., Smith, Edward M., Smith, Edwin E., C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Donald L., Smith, Donita Marie, Smith, Donna J., Smith, Dora B., Smith, Doreen E., Smith, Dorothy F., Smith, Doug, Smith, Douglas, Smith, Douglas E., Smith, Douglas P., Smith, Duane R.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Deborah, Smith, Deborah K., Smith, Denonald "Skip", Smith, Desmond L., Smith, Don, Smith, Donald D., Smith, Donald E., Smith, Donald Earl Sr., Smith, Donald K. Smith, Donald E.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, David R., Smith, David R., Smith, David R. Jr., Smith, David S., Smith, Dawn, Smith, Dean A., Smith, Debbie L., Smith, Denise M., Smith, DeWitt, Smith, Dean, Smith, Deborah, Smith, Deborah Ann, C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Daniel R., Smith, Danny, Smith, Darwin, Smith Darrell, Smith, Daryl J., Smith, Daryl M., Smith, Dave, Smith, David & Alice, Smith, Dave, Smith, Dave, C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Jonathan E., Smith, Joseph, Smith, Joseph D., Smith, Joseph M., Smith, Joyce L., Smith, Joyce M., Smith, Judy, Smith, June, Smith, June, Smith, Justin.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Christopher D., Smith Christopher W., Smith, Cindy, Smith, Cindy J., Smith, Clara, Smith, Clarence, Smith, Clarence G., Smith, Clark, Smith, Cliff and Priscilla, Smith, Clifford G.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Charles W., Smith, Charles W., Smith, Chelsea, Smith, Cherie, Smith, Cheri E., Smith, Chester, Smith, Christine, Smith Christina Monroe, Smith, Christopher, Smith, Christopher A.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Carolyn D., Smith, Carrie A., Smith, Chad Jason, Smith, Dr. Charles, Smith, Charles D., Smith Dr. & Mrs. Charles K., Smith, Charles L., Smith, Charles W., Smith Charles, Smith, Charles Gilbert.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Bruce M., Smith, Rev. & Mrs. Bruce, Smith, Bryn, Smith, Bubba, Smith, Buzz, Smith, Calvin, Smith, Carl, Smith, Carl, Smith, Carl A., Smith, Carol, Smith, Carol, C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Bonnifer C., Smith, Mrs. Brenda, Smith Brenda, Smith, Brian, Smith, Brian, Smith, Brian C., Smith, Brian E., Smith, Brian J., Smith, Brian R., Smith, Bruce,C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, David & Dale, Smith, David, Smith, David E., Smith, David E., Smith, David E., Smith, David G., Smith, David H. Jr., Smith, David L., Smith, David L., Smith, David L., Smith, David L. II.C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Joan, Smith, John, Smith, John, Smith, John A., Smith, John, Smith, John C., Smith, John, Smith, John D., Smith, John D., Smith, John D., C-15D-69Ski-Smi
Smith, Freeman, Smith, G. Robert, Smith, Gary B., Smith, Gale Wolfe, Smith, Gary L., Smith, Gayle I., Smith, Gene, Smith, Gene H., Smith, George F., Smith, George R., Smith, GeorgeC-15D-69Ski-Smi
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