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Collection TitleCL 80 Al Mallette PapersCreatorChemung County Historical Society
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Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. The Lou Paltrowitz roast turned out to be toast, who better to toast. The "roasters" in the crowd at the Elmira Campus Center heaped praise on Lou who has been involved in sports for 55 years as a player, coach, sponsor, commissioner, sports benefactor, volunteer and operator of sporting goods store.Newspaper Clipping070506
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Another's View, "The top ten sports stories sence 1900". We should include the great Bob Jones who capped a fabulous golfing career with monumental unrivalled "Grand Slam" in 1930.Newspaper Clipping070508
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette, "Oh Dem Jingling Phones". The telephone--that invention for the sports department that allows irate fans to "get it off there chest" to speak.Newspaper Clipping070509
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette, The Merriest. Twas the night before Christmas, So Santa thought it a good time to gather a group of the Twin Tiers's sport buffs and listen to their wishes for Chriatmas.Newspaper Clipping070510
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Jim Crowley will be in Elmira as principal talker (and joke teller) at Notre Dame Highs football drive kickoff dinner.Newspaper Clipping070512
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. A story of Courage, Danny Middaugh, a story of a scrappy competitor on sports lost his toughest battle to cancer September 6, on the small side of fourteen.Newspaper Clipping070514
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette, Press Imports' Big Winner, Vernon (Lefty) Gomez, the clown-prince of the great Yankee baseball team.Newspaper Clipping070515
Newspaper clipping, The All Sports banquet its sixteenth Birthday has been one success after another, may have been the appearance of Mel Allen January 24, 1966.Newspaper Clipping070517
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. The Neib: A hotbed for athletics. The Neib (Neighborhood House) on Fifth and Dickerson Streets which now is Fifth and Lake Street. Allie Quatrano says that was another time, another era. He was born June 16, 1909 in Naples Italy and is now ends forty seven years in Elmira recreation.ewspaper Clipping070518
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. The Mark Twain, The showcase of Elmira/Twin Tier Hotel opened its doors 1929 and closed 1973 it was sold and turned into apartments.Newspaper Clipping070519
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Star athletes Jack Gushue basketball, Jimmy Hunter golf, Don Greene track, Fran Little softball and Sal (Joe Chickey) Cicconi.Newspaper Clipping070520
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Star athletes recall thier most memorable moments.Newspaper Clipping070521
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Where fave all the great nicknames gone? Nicknames made the old sports idols something special. They nicknamed Earl Weaver the Banty Rooster for obvious reasons.Newspaper Clipping070522
Newspaper Clipping, By Al Mallette October 3, 1958. A Good Friend Departs. Ed Collins is setting his typewriter aside for a few months. He and his wife are going on a tour of Europe.Newspaper Clipping070523
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1981. Rocco (Rocky) Menechella recalls thirth five years August 18, 1946 when his Elmira LON Club Southern Tier its first New York State Softball Championship.Newspaper Clipping070525
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette December 9, 1960. Mike George, he got is night of the Marty Harrigan and Bill Wipfler Testimonial.Newspaper Clipping070525
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette January 26, 1961. Tommy Richardson related how his job (president of the International) is costing him. Rivealry between Francis (Junker) Johnston and Paul Minutello have rekindled this week as the report of Paul Minutello death in Claremont California.Newspaper Clipping070526
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. The world of music Top ten and Top twenty The Hit Parade. Here then is the Pigskin Parade in terms of song titles.Newspaper Clipping070527
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette May 18, 1969. The Lake Street Britro, closed after thirty one years. Stealing an old title Sykes has always been a "Friendly Tavern" jovial host as Art, Bill and Ferris Sykes.Newspaper Clipping070528
Newspaper Clipping, By Al Mallette December 1970. The ol' warhorse is packing it in, Howard Pierce is leaving the news beat after forty three years,he was sports editor of the Star Gazette January 1942 until July 1946.Newspaper Clipping070529
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1972. Banquet Tidbits, Tommy Bell footsball's "Super Ref", the most dynamic speaker the show has had since Jesse Owens. Newspaper Clipping070530
Newspapper clipping, By Al Mallette 1972. Small Fry 25th football season starts. Jim Nelson and Frank Gush, planned a celebration the 25th Silver Anniversary, then along Agnes the disastrous flood in the Twin Tiers. Wiped away the celebration plans and put the small fry people to work to get ready for the 25th season. Newspaper Clipping070531
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette June 27, 1972. Elmira sports recreational picture is bleak in the greatest disaster ever to strike our area. Dunn Field is in bad shape due to the flood, and there is no definite word on what the Elmira Pioneers will use for a home field, or when. Newspaper Clipping070532
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1973. The Powder Puffers. Mrs Barb Riggs the happiest person at the air port when Helen Wilkes and Kathy Long landed. She and her crew had worked long hours putting this 1973 Power Puff Derby together when that first plane landed, Mrs Riggs dream came true.Newspaper Clipping070533
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 18, 1973. A Sentimental "winner" of this 1973 cross-country Power Puff Derby was Joyce Wells of Larkspur, California. Miss Wells came in on a wing and a prayer eight minutes after offical finish time and had to be disquualified. Newspaper Clipping070534
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