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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

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Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
This folder contains: a large B&W photo of Conscientious Objectors harvesting hay.Photograph9304
This folder contains: woman watering her victory garden; float during a wartime loan parade,1944;girl prparing to complete a milk delivery route;2 photos of USO workers;picture of three service women.small B&W of women's CD meeting;large picture of Civil Defense Corps women on Headquarter steps.Photographs9305
This folder contains: B&W photo of members of Chemung County Building Dept;3 of Newtown Towers,one B&W, 2 in color dated 1973; 3 pen & ink sketches of what appears to be garden apartments. no location or date; B&W of Langwell Hotel dated 1959;three of Robinson Bldg; one of Heritage Park under construction;5 photos of model renderings of redone" downtown Elmira;small color photo of Medical Arts Bldg. at Arnot Ogden;Chemung County Nursing Facility under construction; B&W of razing of Lehigh Valley Station on E.Fifth Street;areial view of Elmira Psych center. Photographs9401
This folder contains: five aerial views of proposed urban renewal sites: E. Water St, W.Water St.E.Washington Ave.Rte 17 crossing E.Church,area showing Parker Field upper left; NW corner of State & Water(razed 1978;southside of E.Water,approx State to Baldwin;Health Center under construction 1971;view of family at work in Heritage Park kitchen;exterior view of Health Center 1974; building new Walnut Street Bridge;Heritage Park under construction;Idalene Johnson,secretary for Urban Renewal;first time windows washed at the Clemens Center; "building coming down" sign c. 1975; B&W o Villa Serene.Photographs9402
This folder contains: five aerial views of proposed urban renewal sites: E. Water St, W.Water St.E.Washington Ave.Rte 17 crossing E.Church,area showing Parker Field upper left; NW corner of State & Water(razed 1978;southside of E.Water,approx State to Baldwin;Health Center under construction 1971;view of family at work in Heritage Park kitchen;exterior view of Health Center 1974; building new Walnut Street Bridge;Heritage Park under construction;Idalene Johnson,secretary for Urban Renewal;first time windows washed at the Clemens Center; "building coming down" sign c. 1975; B&W o Villa Serene.Photographs9402
This folder contains: an envelope of small B&W photos labeled "Elmira & Big Flats Buildings": four of county courthouse;three of City Hall,one showing roof detail;two photos of house at Water and Davis; two photos of house 300 block W.water St;four pics of bldg. on S.Main St in vicinity of Top's Market;three pics of W.Water St. house next to McInerney's Funeral Parlor;seven photos of unidentified houses;two of the "Christmas House" on Maple Ave.;one in front of Colonial Retirement on W.Water St.;one of upper story of Mechanic's Bank Bldg.Photographs9404
This folder contains: building and opening of Centertown Garage (18); buildings on Water St., before and during demolition (5); architectural details of the Robinson Building (14); Central Chistian Church, S.Main & Partridge; aerial views of urban renewal area (2); Villa Serene in the Heights; buildings & demolitions on Carroll St (5); Armory Building cornerstone ;old Penna Ave. School; Vegards Hotel, E.Water St; demolition activity in Wellsburg (2); building demolition in Elmira (4); buildings on Water St. that were eventually razed (5); Southport Towers sign(Under construction); 1987 Hoffman St garage, 1987; W.Church west of R.R.Ave; W.Gray St at R.R.Ave; Gladke Bldg. on W.Water; Heritage Park exteriors; bldg. at Water & Madison; bldg. SW corner of Baldwin & Market; west side of State St; bldgs at Lake & carroll; model & pen & ink sketch of proposed urban renewal area; Odd Fellows Temple, 1965; Box & Moore Storage bldg.; corner of Gray & State; bldg. on ray just east of Mark Twain Hotel; view of R.R.Ave. at W. GrayPhotographs9493
This folder contains the following newspaper related images: Frank E. Gannett; Tripp, Gannett & Davenport; Star Gazette staff, 1953; Star Gazette work room, 1980;Star Gazette press room, 1980; Star Gazette press, offices and staff, 1908; The Facts Printin Co. staff c. 1898-1902; Mr. Tripp & Mr.Gannett, 1954; Frank E. Tripp; Gazette staff celebrating Frank Tripp's return from Japan at the Coldbrook Club; Sunday Telegram staff; Gazette news room, ca. 1900; Armory Home Show, 1960's showing Gazette display; Star-Gazette Building; "The Colonel", St. Bernard mascot of the Elmira Telegram; Mayor Strachen, Tripp, Milliken & Stockton at radio broadcast; entrance to the Elmira Teleram Building, pre-1900; Gazette newsroom, 1975; Star-Gazette 150th birthday party celebration, August, 1978; female Telegram employees, March 1913; files of Gazette in basement before 1946 flood; Telegram press room, 1902; Telegram building; Advertiser job ptinter; type setting machine; officers of The Elmira Advertiser Association, 1875; unidentified newspaper employees, various dates.Photoraphs9501
This folder contains:2 sheets with 9 small photos each, 13 full size photos of the activities durin the dedication of the Chemun County Health Center, no date; small photo of cornerstone by A. Kieffer,1972.Photographs9601
This folder contains the following images of Chemung County Government: proceedings of the County Legislature, 1975; lawyers & judges in County Courtroom, 1976; Judge Walter Reynolds; Judge E. Swartwood; Dedication of the Legislative Chamber, May 16, 1977; members of the County Legislature, 1975, 1976, 1983;John Hazlitt, 1976; John Fiester, County Treasurer, 1928; members of the Board of Supervisors, 1920-21; Superintendent of Highways and staff, 1911; interior of Horseheads Town Hall. Photographs9602
This folder contains: eight small color photos of replacement (1895-1998)of City Hall cornerstone and placing time capsule in it by Mayor Hughes;2 small B&W of "new' City Council,1976;large B&W John Fiester,County Treasurer;small copy of Star Gazette front page, 9/6/1933; City Council pic,no date;George Warner speaking at City Council,no date;large old(poor condition) photo labeled "mayor's Group, 1920", Mayor Peck;photo of 5 men,dated 1972."Eddie Mooers center"Photographs9603
This folder contains:21 small color photos of men & women at a dinner(?) meeting in 1994 who hold positions in Chemung County government; five additional color photos of people, no date or place.Photoraphs9604
This folder contains: lae B&W of overnor Cuomo at Chemung County Airport,no date; Judge Marshall swearing State Senators Marshall & smith;photo of State Senator Chauncey Harriman(/) with Assemblyman Harry Tifft.Photographs9605
This folder contains the following images of automobiles: (2) Hungerford Rocket Car, c. 1950; Elmira Popcorn Truck, 1971 (with Frank & Mustico Romeo); 1908 Rambler diesel 34 with Mark Twain sitting in the rear; "Rube" Morrison & his car, 1900; (3) 1912 Hatfield Truck; Mini Coopers on Gray St., 1975; harvest festival at the Rathbun Hotel, ca. 1900; 1927 Whittier Floredellen model bus, exterior, interior and rear deck; (3) Chalmers 36 after an accident, 1914; (2)the Watson Triplex; (3) Model T Ford; (2) 1914 Selden truck; (2) State Street Bus Terminal, Elmira; Ward LaFrance truck; Chemung Speedrome; car showroom, 1930s; Oakland Show Room, ca. 1925-29; Elmira's first automobile club; train station platform; Branch Motor Express Terminal in Elmira, 1970; Trailways Bus loading passengers for Buffalo; Auto Club showroom, 1932; Dr. Van Beck's 1901 air-cooled three-wheeled Knox; Dr Carey's Remington, 1913; farm truck, c. 1909-1910; open car, 1917; minivan, ca 1970s; Horseheads school buses, 1975; The Brand Family cars, 1910 to 1932; road construction crew with steam-powered tractor & grader; assorted unidentifed cars and trucks, various years.Photographs9701
This folder contains the following aviation images: Chemung County Airport, various years; Schweizer Teal II Amphibian; Schweizer's first helicopter; Clarence Chamberlain; Curtiss flying biplane over Keuka Lake, circa 1910; American Airlines plane & stewardess, 1934 (4); Chemung County Airshow, 1956, 1960, 1961; Curtiss biplane at Chemung County Fair, July 1911; "Miss Albany" plane; members of the Aerial Experimental Association; plane "June Bug," circa 1907 (2); biplane "Mary Warner"; accident at the "Wings of Victory: Armada airshow" at Chemung County Airport, 1945; U.S. Navy dirigible "Los Angeles," 1929; Lincoln Beachy; Rene Simon; activities at the Harris Hill Gliding Center (12); first soil/cement runway being built at Chemung County Airport; Clarence Baker's biplane (2); Elmira's "Air Circus",no date; CAA Communication Station (3); Glen Curtiss; National Soaring Museum dedication, 1978 (10); interior of Soaring Museum; opening of Chemung County Airport,1960; US Air's beginnings at Chemung County Airport; glider field,1937; Schweizer "crop plane"; Caton Avenue Airfield; Clarence Baker & plane (5); "Colonial" biplane; US map re Powderpuff Derby of 1973; planes leaving for overseas, June 1973; dirigible,July 1937 (2); helicopter at Chemung County Airport Show, August 1956; Mowhawk plane; Franklin glider at Harris Hill; National Soaring Museum opening, 1978; Radio "Hamfest" at Harris Hill, July 1934; Jones Airship; Ruth Blackman & Leon "Windy" Smith; Windy Smith's plane, Bly's Flat, Millerton, Pa.; Caton Avenue Airport, 1928; plane crash in the Chemung River; assorted views and events at Harris Hill; unidentifed planes and people.Photographs9702
This folder contains views of the Elmira Transportation Center, ca. 1990s, including surrounding area and architectural details. Photographs9703
This folder contains images of the California Arrow Airship, 1906-1909.Photographs9704
This folder contains images of row boats and a steam ferries.Photographs9705
This folder contains the following sports images: Cotton's Canoe Livery on W.Water St., c.1910; EFA track team, 1899; first tee on Municipal Golf Course on City Farm; opening Mark Twain Golf Course; various unidentified golfers; golfers Frank Murphy and John Boehm; Elmira Country Club; bike marathon; polo team; unidentified equestrians; SCUBA diver; Elmira Athletic Club, 1897; Amateur Athletic Club, 1899; proposed arena site, E.Henry St., 1986; Community Tennis Courts,c. 1925,southside Elmira; Hunter(?),Didrikson(Babe) & Bonnar,no date; young boys in J.J. Cummings dance review;(2)canoe trips on Chemung, 1918; (2) harness racing,"Goldsmith Maid",c. 1874; Powder Puff Derby,1973; deer hunters and their game,1931 & 1932; tourist boat at Seneca Lake doc; trout season opening, Catherine Creek; trout season opening at Millport, 1975; John Cassetta, Lee Trevino & Frank DeSocio(golfers); County Officials for Girls' Week; Elmira recreational committee, 1930; skier at Harris Hill; (9) early motorcycle activities; Twin Tier Amateur Hockey Association, 1988-89; Soaring Capital Soccer Club, 1993; "Greenwald Gunners" of the Chemung Valley Soccer Association, 1988.Photographs9801
This folder contains the following football images: (2)EFA vs Mynderse, ca. 1920s; Elmira Free Academy (EFA) football team 1892, 1899, 1911, 1921, 1946, 1954, 1963; YMCA football team, 1893; EFA's Parker Field; Thomas Edison football coach with players, ca. 1960s; unidentified teams.Photographs9803
This folder contains the following basketball team images: YMCA basketball teams, 1907, no date; St. Casimir High players, 1963; Willys-Kinght ladies team, 1919-20; officials at first inter-city basketball game; Granny's Attic ladies team, ca. 1970s; Southern Tier Champions, 1915-16; KC basketball team, 1931; unidentified teams.Photographs9804
This folder contains: 3 B&W of exterior sign at CCHS when first remodeling;5 small color of CChs exterior,190-81; 11 B&W photos in varying sizes of 415 E. Water before and after renovation; six xerox copies of 415's exterior,one a small sketch; four small color photos of elevator installation at CCHS.Photographs9901
This folder contains:mall B&W photos of property designated as "Historic Trust Houses: 2 of the Barber Funeral Home;ARC training center,Hshds;the Day Farm,the Rickey Farm;Van Duzer Farm,Hikory Grove Road;501 Ithaca Rd. Hshds;321 Lattabrook Rd.Hshds.Photographs9903
This folder contains: 15 small color interior shots of CCHS,mostly offices but some of the museum being remodeled;8 large B&W of remodeling of CCHS,4 interior,four on the roof;five xerox copies of exterior of CCHS,B&W of bank vault door; B&W of CCHS original entrance.Photographs9903
This folder contains: eighteen small color photos of exhibits at the CCHS; four color photos of a dinner/meeting in the Educational Room at CCHs,no date;nine color photos of workers at CCHS dated 1995.Photographs9904
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