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Collection TitleCL 55 Lowman Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKatie Button

Lowman Family - Jacob Lowman, his wife, Hilda, and and his younger brother, Martin, first came to Chemung County in 1788. 

Seymour Lowman - Seymour Lowman, son of John and Fanny Lowman, was born October 7, 1868 in the town of Chemung.  On September 7, 1893, he married Katherine Harding Smith.  Their children include Caroline (b. May 31, 1904) and A. Marshall.  Lowman served in the New York State Assembly from 1909 to 1910 and the State Senate from 1918 to 1924.  He was Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1925 until 1927 when he became Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury.  During prohibition, he was in charge of enforcement until he was forced to resign in 1933.  He retired to Elmira and became president of the Elmira Savings Bank until his death in 1940. 


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Booklet, Lillie N. Lowman, Autograph Book December 21, 1871 to August 19, 1879 Booklet040725
card, September 23. 1964, received of Harry Kelsey the Morman Bible left in care of the Historical Society. A. M. Lowman.Card040801
Document, N. Idalene Lowman died January 27, 1889, aged 8 years,4 months and 14 days. Daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Lowman, Eleanor, Donald, Meldon, Dorothy, E. Louis and Elizabeth.Document040802
Genealogy, By Elizabeth Lowman Hall, Elizabeth the last of the Lowmans of the fifth generation, decended of Jacob Lowman Sr. and his wife Hild Bosworth, who settled in the area 1788. The death of my brother E. Louis Lowman Going through My Grandfathers desk, my nephew John Carr Lowman and his wife Alice (Toby) Lowman discovered old papers, deeds, mortgages, the orignial Bible of Jacob Lowman and most interesting letters from my grandmother to my grandfather, begging him to come from Port Deposit, Maryland. Jacob and Martin Lowman and Miles Hollenbeck help to open up our willerness. Miles Hollenbeck had clerk last name Perry who was an ancestor of the late Charles W. Perry. Jacob Lowman Sr. married Huldah Bosworth 1792. Actually the two persons we are intrested in this manuscript are William Lowman and his wife Mary Ann Beers, The Grandparents of Shara Elizabeth Lowman Hall.Genealogy,040803
NewsPaper clipping, Death Closes Eventful Career As Business, Political Leader; Saving Bank Head Since 1933. Seymour Lowman, Wednesday March 13, 1940 age 71. Mrs. Kate Harding Smith Lowman, widow of Seymour Lowman died Sunday Morning June 7, 1953.Newspaper Clipping040901
News Letter, Elmira College Bulletin 1939 - 1940. On Wednesday, March 13, the brilliant earthly career of Honorable Seymour Lowman, an active and interested member of the Board of Trustees of Elmira College was brought to a close by a fatal attact of bronchial pneumonia.News Letter040902
Newspaper clipping, Elmira Star Gazette Tuesday 14, 1928. Various Sentors Hold Up Comfirmation Of The Lowman Appointment, but Fail to Find Material on Which to Oppose Him. Charles Curtis "He's For Lowman"Newspaper Clipping040903
Newspaper clipping, October 7, 1925, Seymour Lowman has lifted the lieutenant governorship out of the obscurity of years and given it prominence it deserves.Newspaper Clipping040904
Newspaper clipping November 6, 1924. Lieut. Governor, Elmiran Victorious Over Lunn, Will Perside Over State Senate. State Senator Seymour Lowman of this city is today conceded victor in the race for lieutenant governor of the state.Newspaper Clipping040904
Newspaper clipping, Star Gazette November 6, 1924. Members of the Family of the New Lientenant Governor. Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lowman, A. Marshall Lowman, Miss Caroline Lowman, Miss Fanny Lowman, Mrs. Arthur Stiles, and Miss Catherine Lowman. Lowman's victory over his opponent george R. Lunn of Schenectady in a close contest at the polls Tuesday now assured.Newspaper Clipping040905
Letter, March 8, 1933, To Honorable Seymour Lowman, Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. From Mangy. Has been elected a trustee of The Elmira Saving Bank, and President. People expect the dollar to be worth fifty cents, and that was worring more than the bank closing.Letter040906
Newspaper clipping, Seymour Lowman of Elmira is to be the next lieutentant governor of New York State, an honor richly deserved and one which reflects great credit upon his native city.Newspaper Clipping040907
Newspaper clipping, March 1940, Former Lieutenant - Governor Lowman describes his first meeting with Alfred E. Smith, legislator, Governor and Democratic candidate for President of the United States. He shows his frienfly attuide toward those associated with him.Newspaper Clipping040907
Letter, March 13, 1933, To Honorable W. H. Woodin, Secretary of the Treasury, Washington, D. C. from Seymour Lowman. I hereby resign as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, effective March 15, 1933. Have been elected as President of "The Elmira Saving Bank" of Elmira, New York. Established in 1869.Letter040908
Newspaper clipping, January 13, 1929. On Ninth Anniversary of National Dryness Lowman Declares Liquor Sources Vanishing; Citizens May Force Police to Close Cafes.Newspaper Clipping040909
Letter, To Seymour Lowman, Elmira, New York. May 24, 1927, from W. B. Wheeler. General Andrews is assuming the right to go ahead and organize the prohibition bureau and make plans for the future that involve your success or failure when you take charge.Letter 040910
Letter, Seymour Lowman wsa sworn in as assistant secretary of the treasury in charge of prohibition enforcement in August, 1927. Lowman succeeded general L. C. Andrews, who resigned. Lowman said "Temperance and sobriety are commendable Virtues. We want a sober America"Letter040911
Letter, From a lady in upstate town May 12. Asking to help enforce the Prohibition law. His reply,If I receive letters from allover the state I will not help the Republican Party. Letter040912
Memo, July 1, 1949, Katheryn Lowman presented us (The Society) with ten copies of The Lowman of Chemung County to give them to any one who is interested in having one. She gave one to Charles Wheeler and to Harry Kelsey of Wellsburg, New York.Memo040913
Booklet, Patriotic Address by Honorable Seymour Lowman, January 21,1938.Booklet040914
Newspaper clipping, Former Newspaperman Declares Lowman Makes Quite An Impression in Washington, July 10, 1927. Thomas Wrigley Says it Quietly and as Painlessly as possible Wrecking the Andrews Prohibition Machine in Effort to Build up a More Effective Organization.Newspaper Clipping040915
Newspaper clipping.December 18, 1927. Committee to Cnfirm Elmiran's Appointment Is Washington Report. Members of Congress are Said to Feel That Seymour Lowman is doing Satisfactory Work in Difficult Position --- No Protests.Newspaper clipping040916
Newspaper clipping, September 10, 1919. Republican Committee Has Spirited Meeting. Senator Lowman Honored by Election as Chairman for 24th Consecutive Time by Members---Delivers Address---Other Officers are Chosen. Newspaper Clipping040917
Newspaper clipping, Candidates Are Cheered At Republican Meeting. Chairman Seymour Lowman Introduces Wilfrid I. Booth, Candidate for Mayor: Roe Dennis, Candidate For County Treasurer, and Raymond F. Nichols, Candidate for District Attorney---All Address Meeting and Received Cordially.Newspaper Clipping040918
Newspaper clipping, February 19, 1937. Seymour Lowman and Lewis E. Mosher. They agree "Pro and Con" on Court Issue.They debated the merits of President Roosevelt's changes in the Supreme Court. Newspaper Clipping040919
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