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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Book - School District #2, Town of Ashland. Giving minutes of annual meetings from 1843 - 1946.BookG0201
Document - Town of Baldwin Schools. A listing of students for the following years: 1905 - 1906, 1906 - 1907, 1908 - 1909, 1909 - 1910, 1910 - 1911, 1912 - 1913.DocumentG0301
Booklet - Souvenir Booklet from Oak Hill School, District No. 8, Baldwin Township, Chemung County, New York, 1912 - 1913. Listing of Teacher, Pupils, Trustees, and poems "What I Live For" and "Success".BookletG0302
Document - A letter acknowledging payment to Carroll C. Keeton, $4.50, for insurance on school building, Collector School District #4, Town of Baldwin, Lowman, New York. On other side is a listing of expenses in the district and to whom they were made for the school year, 1914 - 1915.DocumentG0303
Letter - To Z.S. Decker, Town of Baldwin, New York from Carroll C. Keeton regarding the expiration of policy covering the school house building and the renewing of said policy for $300.00 for 3 years, September 1, 1914.LetterG0304
Receipt - From School District #4 to G.D. Smith, M.D. for 12 vaccinations & inspections, for a total of $9.00, October 19, 1914. Also on back is a receipt for $9.00, dated November 5, 1914.ReceiptG0305
Statement - Baldwin School District, #4, dated September 1, 1914, from Carroll C. Keeton, Insurance Agency, regarding insurance for school house building for $4.50. StatementG0306
Documents - Baldwin School District, #4. Paystubs for account of wages for Bertha D. Gardner; September 25, 1914, $35.64; October 23, 1914, $35.64; December 8, 1914, $12.72; January 11, 1915, $ 35.64; May 13, 1915, $7.45.DocumentsG0307
Document - Baldwin School District Tax List for the years 1917 - 1918, signed by the Board of Education.DocumentG0308
Booklet - City of Lowman, Town of Baldwin, School District #7, Red School House, Grade 1 - 8, with teacher Bertha D. Gardner. A Register of Attendance for July 1, 1954 - June 30, 1955. Included are 2 "Transfer or Discharge Notice" - form A5. 1 Annual Report of School Health Service by Dr. Raymond Stoddard.BookletG0309
Booklet - Town of Baldwin School District No. 5 listing financial information for the district from 1879 - 1895.BookletG0401
Document - Report Card from Big Flats School District, #1, dating anywhere from 1880 - 1920.DocumentG0601
Letter - To Mr. Carlton J. Jackson, District Superintendent of Schools, from the Board of Education regarding merging our district with the Elmira Board of Education & the 29 outlying District, (Hendy Avenue School Board of Education of West Elmira, New York), dated September 21, 1956.LetterG0602
Booklet - Giving Boundaries of the following School Districts; Chemung, Baldwin, Elmira, Erin, Van Etten, and Veteran, for years 1880 - 1911.BookletG0701
Document - Souvenir from School District, #1, North Chemung, Chemung County, New York 1896 - 1897. Presented by Luella Courtright, Teacher. It includes a list of the pupils.DocumentG0702
Document - Dated 1906. A shipping request for one set of PATHS TO KNOWLEDGE in 45 volumes, bound in English Silk Cloth, in an oak case, freight paid, for School District #13, Town of Chemung, and a promise to pay Ginn & Company $25.00.DocumentG0703
Booklet - A School Souvenir for Warren School, District #11, Chemung Township, 1915 - 1916. Teacher, Clara Groves. A listing of pupils, school officers, and a couple of sayings. BookletG0704
Certificates - For Kathleen Jacklin, District #13, Town of Chemung: Pupil's Perfect Attendance Certificate for School Year 1933 - 1934, Pupils Reading Circle Certificate, June 15, 1934, June 5, 1935, June 11, 1936, and June 18, 1937. For Eva Lucile Jacklin: Pupil's Reading Circle Certificate, June 15, 1934, June 5, 1935, and June 8, 1937. For Kenneth Miles Jacklin: Pupils Reading Circle Certificate, June 5, 1935, June 11, 1936 and June 8, 1937.CertificatesG0705
Booklet - A record from the First National Bank and Trust Company of Elmira, New York from 1937 - 1953, of deposits and payments for District #15, Town of Chemung.BookletG0706
Document - Annual School Budget for 1955 - 56 for District #15, Town of Chemung. DocumentG0707
Letter from "Susie" to the Barr children reminiscing about her time as a teacher at the Putnam Hill School No. 7 in the Town of Chemung during the 1920s, March 12, 1991.LetterG0708
Booklet - Showing a list of scholars who attended school in District # 19 in the Town of Chemung from the years 1850 - 1864.BookletG0801
Booklet - Records of School District #4, Town of Southport from 1817 - 1893. Reporting minutes of meetings, financial information and resolutions.BookletG0901
Booklet - Minutes of the Southport School meetings in District #2 for the years 1867 - 1939.BookletG0902
Booklet - Town of Southport, District 10, minutes of school meetings from 1941 - 1957.BookletG1001
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