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Collection TitleCL 38 Smith Irwin & Co. CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed BySue Rogan
Date Completed:February 2009
Terms:Grocers; Grocery trade; Horseheads (N.Y.); Small business
Historical:Smith Irwin & Co. - Smith Irwin & Co. was a grocery, meat and dry goods store located at 5 Turner St. in Horseheads from 1907 to 1908. 
Scope:The Smith Irwin & Co. Collection contains receipts and invoices from local and national businesses for goods and services purchased by Smith Irwin & Co. from 1907 to 1908.
Extent1 linear foot
Date Span1907-1908
AbstractThis collection contains invoices, receipts and bills for goods and services purchased by Smith Irwin & Co. 

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Eighteen receipts from Morris & Company,Packer & Provisioner,Elmira,NY dated from March to June 1908.Receipts012701
Seventy-five receipts from the National Biscuit Company,Elmira. dated from September 1907 to June 1908.Receipts012801
Four receipts from the New York & Pennsylvania Telephone and Telegraph Company, dated from September 1907 to January 1908.Receipts012901
Two receipts from H.C.Nichols,Blacksmithing,October 1907 & June 1908.Receipts013001
Forty-four Bills of Lading(receipts) from the Northern Central Railway Company dated from November 1907 to June 1908.Receipts020101
Twenty-four receipts from Exchange Mills,Horseheads(T.R.Peck & Son) dated from November 1907 to February 1908.Receipts020201
Two receipts plus several small itemized bills from Rockwell & Hammond,Stoves,Ranges & Hardware,dated December 1907.Receipts020301
One receipt from S.B.Rogers,Elmira,General Commiaaion,specializing in maple sugar & syrup, dated February 18, 1908.Receipt020401
Recipts from Smith Irwin by customer name for the years 1907 & 1908: 18 for Treat;84 for L.E.Mosher;14 for Nicols;4 for Pierce;6 for Hoch;15 for Dunham;11 for Zimmer and 12 for Zimmer.Receipts020501
Thirty-seven receipts from The Irwin Company,Grocers,Horseheads from December 1907 to June 1908.Receipts020502
Twenty-two receipts from C.M. & R. Tompkins,Elmira,"Wholesale Groceries and Jobbers of Teas", dated from November 1907 to January 1908.Receipts020601
A receipt dated January 6, 1908 from The Thomas Hibbard Company,Horseheads,"Stoves,Ranges,Furnaces,Hardware,Seeds,Steam & Hot Water Heating,Plumbing".Receipt020701
A receipt dated March 9,1908 from N.J. Thompson & Company,Elmira,"Dry Goods,Notions, Hosiery,'French Brand'Overalla,Shirts,Coats & Pants".Receipt020801
Twenty-nine receipts from G.Archie Turner & Company,Grocers,Horseheads dated from May 1907 to January 1908.Receipts020901
Two receipts from W.E.Tuttle,Horseheads,"All Kinds of Lumber" and dated March and May 1908.Receipts021001
Twenty-two receipts from the United States Express Company and dated from December 1907 to July 1908.Receipts021101
A receipt dated September 18,1907 from E.K.VanGorden,Horseheads,"Carriage Ironing & Repairing".Receipt021201
Four receipts from tne Village of Horseheads Water Works and dated October 1907 to April 1908.Receipt021391
Nine receipts from Wm.F.Wenz Market,Elmira, and dated from December 1907 to January 1908.Receipts021401
Nine receipts from J.F.White,Manufacturer of Fine Laundry Soap and dated from November 1907 to April 1908.Receipts021501
Twelve receipts from York State telephone Company, and dated from December 1907 to June 1908.Receipts021601
Ten receipts from Zim Cigar,Horseheads,Havana & Domestic Cigars,dated from September 1907 to May 1908.Receipts021801
Sixteen receipts from Emery & Dutton, Seaford,Delaware,Oyster Packers & Planters, dated from November 1907 to January 1908Receipts021902
Six receipts from Jos.Baumiller,Baltimore,MD.,Oyster and Fruit Packer, and dated February & March 1908.Receipts022001
Five receipts from purveyors of coffee,tea & spices: George T.Matthews & Co Elmira,B.Fischer & Co.,NYC,(2)Edwin J. Gillies& Co.,NYC and one from the "Preservaline Co NYC dated between October 1907 and May 1908.Receipts022101
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