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Collection TitleCL 13 Williamson Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByAlyssa Hickey
Date Completed:March 2009

Elmira (N.Y.); Genealogy--Williamson family


Williamson Family- E. Duff Williamson (1886-1966) of Elmira married Marbury Esther Clark, also of Elmira, on April 22, 1907.  The couple had two children, H. Duff and Esther (1915-1973).  E. Duff ran the Williamson Company and worked as a building contractor.  He was also involved in local Democratic Party politics.  From 1934 to 1936, he served as Chemung County Purchasing Agent and as Clerk for the Board of Supervisors.  His wife Marbury was also politically active and served as chairwoman for the Chemung County Vocational Education and Extension Board in 1935.  E. Duff died on May 29, 1966 and his wife followed a number of years later.

The couple's daughter Esther was born on July 17, 1915.  In her youth she studied piano and organ with local music teachers and went on to study music and composition at Bennington College from 1933 to 1937.  She earned her Masters in 1938 from Wells College.  After graduating, she taught piano and scored some films for Disney before going on to do post-graduate work at Juilliard.  On August 10, 1950 she married Harold Ballou and moved to Washington D.D. where she worked as a teacher, performer and composer. She died on March 12, 1973. 

Scope:The Williamson Family Papers contain Marbury Williamson's diaries and notepads from the 1930s and 40s; Williamson family correspondence from 1932 to 1963; Chemung County newspaper clippings relating to marriages, births, deaths and various social events, 1940-1970; and miscellaneous papers associated with the Williamson family.


Extent1 linear foot
Date Span1896-1970
AbstractThis collection contains materials related to the Williamson Family.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Receipt from Railway Express Agency to E. D. Williamson, August 13, 1934. Receipt010506
Trade Card - Hotel Manger, New York City.Trade Card010507
Receipt from Railway Express Agency Inc. to E. Williamson, January 4, 1936. Receipt010507
Obituaries of: Miss Evelyn Bosworth, James A. Cooley, Mrs. Hattle L. Clark, Miss Elizabeth Hoyt, Miss Mildred I. Gardner, Alice P. Smith, and Lee S. Seeley. Obituaries 010601
Letter to Mrs. Williamson from Marie concerning daily life, October 8, 1935. Letter010701
Letter to Mrs. Marbury Williamson from Florence H. Edmonds about a reception dinner, November 1, 1935. Letter010702
Letter to Mr. E. Duff Williamson from Florence H. Edmonds about a reception dinner, November 1, 1935.Letter010703
Letter to Mr. Duff Williamson from Thomas Jacob Banfield concerning Banfield's satisfaction with Williamson's work, January 2, 1934.Letter010704
Letter from Esther Williamson to her parents on daily events, September 1, 1963.Letter010705
Letter from Esther Williamson to her parents concerning daily life, April 5, 1963.Letter010706
Letter to Miss Esther L. Williamson from Mrs. Ruth W. Crawford concerning the Scholastic Aptitude Test, July 16, 1933.Letter010707
Letter From Alice Smith to Mrs. Williamson, no date.Letter010708
Letter from Esther Williamson to her mother concerning daily life, February 9, 1949.Letter010709
Letter from the Office of the Secretary of State to E. Duff Williamson, December 4, 1956. Letter010710
Letter to Marbury Williamson from Harold Ballou concerning daily life, July 11, 1963.Letter010711
Christmas Card from Mr. and Mrs. E. Duff Williamson, no date.Greeting Card010712
Two pencil sketches. Drawings010713
"To Marbury" by C. D. Curren. It is a poem about him reminiscing with his friend, Jan. 23, 1939. Poem010714
Newspaper articles about the County Home and the inadequate food supply and service that it provides.Newspaper Articles010801
Divorce Announcement: Eleanor Lucille Kennedy divorced Mr. Harold Kennedy. Marriage Announcements: Miss Phyllis Louise Tyler to Mr. Joseph Franklin Throopa and Miss Gayle Marbury Kinner to Mr. Robert M. Carpenter. Betrothed Announcement: Miss Sue Pelone to Mr. Harry Clifford.Newspaper Clippings010901
Newspaper clippings concerning social events related to the following people and organizations: Mrs. George Mann; F. Trubee Davison; Pvt. Joseph Van Duzer; Carl W. Ritchie; Mrs. Baltz and various assistants; Mr. and Mr. Martin T. Purtell; Florence M. Wlech; Mrs. Anna M. Clark; Girl Scouts; 4-H Club.Newspaper Clippings011001
Seventeen newspaper clippings about various charitable organizations in and surrounding Chemung County. Newspaper Articles011101
Eighteen newspaper clippings about government issues, canidates and officials, and events on the county and federal level.Newspaper Articles011201
Sixteen newspaper clippings of miscellaneous events in Chemung County and the people effected by them. Newspaper Articles011301
Marbury E. Williamson diaries for the following years: 1932- 1938, 1942-1944, 1946, and 1970.Diary020001
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