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Collection TitleCL 65 Thursday Morning Musicales CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByRachel Dworkin
Date Completed:July 2009
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by the members of the Thursday Morning Musicales in 2009.
Terms:Concerts; Elmira (N.Y.); Music; Music - Societies, etc.
Historical:Thursday Morning Musicales-The Thursday Morning Musicales was founded in 1908 with the stated goals of encouraging the serious study of music among its members and bringing music to Elmira.  To that end, the club meets Thursday mornings for music recitals and lectures.  Additionally, the group also served as the local sponsor for the Community Concert Association which brought performers from around the country and around the world to Elmira.  Since 1963, the Thursday Morning Musicales have awarded the Georgianna Palmer Scholarship to local youths intending to study music in college. 
Scope:The Thursday Morning Musicales Collection includes yearbooks from 1950 to 2005; programs from the 1930s through the 1980s; Financial and administrative documents from the 1990s to 2008; and scrapbooks from 1908 to the 1980s.
Extent2.5 linear feet
Date Span1908-2008
AbstractThis collection contains material from the Thursday Morning Musicales. 

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1945 - Walter Cassel, February 1; Elmira Junior League Glee Club, March 29; Betty Jane Whitehall & Dorothy Evertts Arnold, September 20; Barbara Jane Brown, Joyce Colburn, Marietta Hughes & Gertrude Lyon Crispin, October 18; Nikolai & Joanna Graudan, November 8; Student Recital, December 20. Programs011007
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1946 - Carlton & Hazel Macomber Burke, October 24; Clark Ice, Bertram Gable, Virginia Brooks Liddiard, Robert Liddiard & Elizabeth Byrne Baco, November 21; Student Recital, December 19. Programs011008
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1947 - Patricia Healy Hart & Fannie Stanton Wolcott in Enoch Arden, March 27; Vera Appleton & Michael Field, November 5; Student Recital, December 11.Programs011009
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1948 - Piano Symposium, March 4; The Revelers, April 8; Guy Harrison, Joseph Mariano, Robert Sprenkle, Rufus Arey & Vincenzo Pezzi, October 22; Richard Farrell, November 18.Programs011010
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1949 - Giles Hobin & Francis Iogha, February 3; A Spring Musicale, March 31; Mrs. Daniel Kennedy, Mrs. Dorothy Beard Little, Carroll S. Kennedy & DeWitt K. Botts, October 6; Watts & McNabb, October 27. Programs011011
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1950 - Bertha Coon and Robert Weaver Duo-Pianos, April 2; Mary Kinsman Monroe, September 21; Gladys Morrison Green, Helen Boleyn Stannard, Katherine Philips Dutton & DeWitt K. Botts, October 5; Jacqueline Blancard & Andre de Ribaupierre, November 9; The American Guild of Organists Elmira Chapter, November 16; Elmira Public School Music Department, December 7. Programs011101
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1951 - Mrs. John Roemmelt, Mrs. Marjorie Smith, Roger Prokop & DeWitt K. Botts, February 8; Of Sound and Scene by Carleton & Hazel Burke, March 15; Mildred Young Shoemaker, Florence Halliday 7 Marian C. Fischer, April 12; Woman's Concert Ensemble, September 27; Louise Streeter and Jeanette Cogrean, October 18; Elizabeth Sicard Booth, Elizabeth Wheeler Snyder, Ellen Abrahamian & William H. Morvan, November 8; Christmas Program, December 13.Programs011102
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1952 - Ruth Christian Welch, Beatrice Caro Roxin, Gertrude Lyons Crispin & Maria Harder, February 7; The Mozart Trio, February 21; Elmira High Schools Music Departments, April 3; An Evening of Opera, April 24; Sue Fairchild Roemmelt, Margaret Marshall Burch, Clara Brookman Wood, Marion Wagner Sutton & Eleanor Reynolds Arrandale, November 6; Harp Ensemble, December 4. Programs011103
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1953 - John B. Little, Jr., February 12; Sleeping Beauty, March 12.Programs011104
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1955 - Melva Bills, Lois Lines, Catherine Elliott, Ann Hartwig & Marjorie Baldwin, September 29; Emily Franz & Verne Thompson, November 17; Elizabeth Wheeler Snyder, Mrs. Eugene Fischer & Mark Fischer, December 8. Programs011105
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1956 - Tow Piano Quartet, September 27; Mozart Program with Georgianna Palmer, George King Driscoll & Edward Troupin, October 11; Mrs. Hobart Burch & Mildred Young Shoemaker, November 8.Programs011106
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1957 - Marion W. Sutton, Ellen Abrahamian & William H. Morvan, January 17; Don Wells & Joseph Tague, March 14; Annie Laurie Lee & John W. Colby, April 11; Barbara J. Cunningham & Mrs. William Baldwin, September 19; The Children's Choirs of the Park Church, December 12. Programs011107
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1958 - Two Piano Quartet, January 23; 50th Anniversary Annual Spring Luncheon and Program, May 8.Programs011108
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1960 - Faculty of Mansfield State College, January; William H. Morvan & Marion Wagner Sutton, March 3; A Gala Program, March 17; The Pavahn Trio from the Eastmans School of Music, April 14.Programs011201
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1962 - Angeline Scmid & John Magnus, January 25; An Opera Program, March 8.Programs011202
Program - Thursday Morning Musicales present Kathryn Asmussen & Kathryn Catlin, violin & piano, Beecher Hall, September 26, 1963.Program011203
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1968 - Opening Tea and Musicale with Stephan Berman, September 26; Christine Lindsay, October 17; James W. Hudson & Mrs. Charles E. Davis, November 14.Programs011204
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1969 - Chamber Music with the Fine Arts Trio, January 23; Ithaca Opera Workship presents The Old Maid and the Theif, March 13; Jane Burke, April 24; Findlay Cockrell, October 23; Searmonne Trio, November 20; Southside High School Concert Choir, December 18.Programs011205
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1970 - Baroque Chamber Music and Ellen Tifft poetry reading, January 29; Susan S. Amisano, Marcy Davis & Edward S. Clute, April 16; Roland Bentley & Inga Wilson, November 19. Programs011301
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1972 - The Atlantic Quartet, October 19; Susan Amisano & Jane Burke, November 16; Annual Christmas Tea, December 7. Programs011302
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1973 - Matthew Borrelli, September 20; Helen Boarwright, Susan Blumer & Virginia Pleasants, October 25; Elmira College Recorder Concert, November 15.Programs011303
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1974 - Albert Zabel, April 11; Opening Tea with the Griffes String Quartet, September 19; Voices in Opera, October 17; A Program of Choral and Piano Music, November 4.Programs011304
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1975 - Dino Losito, Matthew Borrelli and the Cello Trio, March 20; Annual Christmas Tea with Jane Patterson, December 11.Programs011305
Thursday Morning Musicales programs 1976 - Edith Stearns, March 20; Willard C. Lawton, October 21. Programs011306
Program - Thursday Morning Musicales present Geoffrey Kelafant, organist, Park Church, March 17, 1977.Program011307
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