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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleCL 98 U.S.S. Chemung PapersCreatorBooth Library
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Mimeographed fragment stating that naval personnel on active duy may not engage in trade either aboard ship or on a base.Document012001
A full newspaper page,in color, titled "Insignia Of The United States Navy".Back of page notes"Sunday News .May 14,1944.Document012101
A forty-two page booklet titld "Naval Reserve Indoctrination Guide for Enlisted & Officer Personnel"It is "a compilation of facts regarding the Naval Reserve". Reviewed and approved for issue January 8, 1965.Booklet012201
A forty-four page multiple choice exams titled (Asssignment 1) "Gun and Guided Missile Fire Control Problems"(Assignment 2)Preview of a Shipboard Naval Weapons System and Basic Components;(Assignment 3)Computers and Gyroscopes;(Assignment 4)Servos,Transistors and Magnetic Amplifiers;(Assignment 5)Lead Computing Sights--Publications,Reports and Forms;(Assignment 6) Maintenance,Testing and Troubleshooting.Booklet012301
A twenty-five page booklet with the following title page: Handouts For, Curriculum For, Naval Reserve Training Preparatory For ACTIVE DUTY. Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington 25,D.C. April 1959.Booklet012401
Two stencils: one with D.M.Gross, 591 21 66, he other with just the ID number.Stencils012401
A sixty six page booklet titled YOUR Third Naval District MILITARY Requirements STUDY GUIDE.Consists of many fill in the blank questions.Booklet012501
Seven page "Enlisted Clasification Record"(Corrected Copy) for Douglas Martin Gross, dated August 21,1961.Document012601
Four page "Statement of Personal History" filled out in pen presumably by Douglas Gross.not signed or dated.Document012602
Four page document titled "Record of Practical Factors" for Douglas M. Gross.inclusive dates 2/18/63 to 8/2/63,signd by supervising officer R.Downing.Document 012603
History of Assignments record for Douglas page; separated September 20,1965.Document012603
A "Special Request Chit" by Douglas Gross for early separation from the Navy in order to be able to attend Corning Community College,dated and approved March 9,1965. Attached is a letter from Director of Admissions Williams stating that Gross has been accepted as a full time student at CCC.Document012701
Copy of honorable discharge from he U.S. Naval Reserve for Douglas Gross and dated December 15,1971.Document012702
An original and one copy of "Active Duty Release(Enlisted)" for Douglas Gross,signed and dated September 15,1965.Documents012703
Military discharge of Douglas Gross,certified by Elizabeth L. Davis,Recorder of Deeds, Soldiers Dischaege Book 13 at page 558.Military Discharge012704
Original "Standard Transfer Order" for Douglas M. Gross from Brooklyn,NY to Long Beach,Calif. dated December 31, 1963.Document012801
Three sheets of "Requisition and Custody" clothing for Naval Reserve,for Douglas M. Gross, ddated December 1963.Documents012901
Two copies of "Assignment Completion" for Douglas M. Gross,course was "Fire Control Technician 3" dated March 2, 1964 by J.M.Rideout IIIDocuments013001
An original and copy from the U.S.Naval Correspondence Course Center to Douglas M. Gross certifying that he has satisfactorily completed the correspondence course for Seaman,dated October 11,1962.Documents013002
Certificate of Acceptance into the United States Naval Reserve for Douglas M. Gross and dated August 14, 1961.Certificate013101
A certificate appointing Douglas m. Gross "Fire Control Technician G(Gun Fire Control)Second Class, dated July 16,1965 by K.C.GummersonCaptain of th U.S.S.Chemung.Certificate013102
A certificate awarding Douglas M. Gross the rating of Petty Officer Second and Third Class,on completion of the courses and dated June 25, 1963.Certificate 013103
A certificate from the Department of the Navy,Bureau of Naval Personnel,to Douglas M. Gross for satisfactorily completing the USN School Fire Control Technicians,Class "A",Service School Command,Great Lakes,Illinois,August 2, 1963.Certificate013104
An Honorable Discharge and a copy from The US Naval Reserve for Douglas M. Gross and dated August 13,1967.Honorable Discharge013105
One sheet titled "Data Sheet for Annual Inspection" 14 May 1962.Names and ranks of officers that will be involved.Document013201
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