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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

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Collection TitleJAK J. Arthur Kieffer CollectionCreatorChemung County Historical Society
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
This folder contains articles about previous Chemung County Historians, including William Arnold, Abner Wright, Clark Wilcox, Harry Kelsey, Martha Kelsey, Thomas Byrne, and J. Arther Kieffer.Newspaper0205
This folder contains Board of Supervisors Minutes from 1848-1850.Minutes0206
This folder contains essays and various documents about the Revolutionary War, "Of Indian Affairs in Chemung County," and Dan Morgan.Essay0207
This folder contains booklets, essays, and lists about the various historical markers places in Chemung County, as well as meeting minutes from the Historic Markers and Observances Committee.Booklet0208
This folder contains maps and lists of historical markers and landmarks.Map0209
This folder contains maps, essays, and articles about transportation and land markers.Map0210
This folder contains the constitution and By-Laws of the Chemung County Historical Society. from 1947.Constitution0211
This folder contains minutes, lists, schedules, and assets of the Chemung County Historical Society Board of Trustees.Minutes0212
This folder contains the minutes of the Municipal Historians meetings from 2003-2004.Minutes0213
This folder contains minutes from the Chemung County Historical Society from 2004.Minutes0214
This folder contains a lengthy letter sent to Ted Kerr detailing the history of Indian artifacts in the area and correcting the research of R. J. McCracken.Correspondence0215
This folder contains an essay titled "About Boys in the Revolution," a chronology of American events, an article about the Revolutionary War titled "George Washington's Retreat," pages from the Los Angeles Times from 1910, Volume 11 of the Historian's Exchange, Volume 22 of the Pathfinder Newsletter, Number 190 of Banknotes from 2005, Volume 21 of the NSM historical journal, an article about the dedication of the Reinstein Tower and completion of Emerson Hall, maps of Chemung County, newspaper articles about local elections and historic land markers, and various other papers.Essay0216
This folder contains a map from National Geographic about "sunken treasures," a booklet titled "A Working Capital for New York State," a map of Italy from the National Geographic, an article titled "Carillons: making heavy-metal music with staying power," handwritten notews about the 2002 Annual Report, a booklet about the Chemung County Soil and Water Conservation District, a series of emails, an essay titled "Known facts of St. Charles" by Kieffer, a program from Chemung Valley Living History Third Annual Awards Dinner on January 21 of 2002, a newspaper clipping about John Gridley, a photocopied image of Carp Wood, an article about Kimberly Richards, a newspaper ad about the "1900" Gravity Washer, an edition of the New York Herald from 1865 about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and a photocopied map of Havana.Map0217
This folder contains correspondence between Judge Albert Rosenblatt and J. Arthur Kieffer about the Chemung County Courthouse.Correspondence0218
This folder contains newspaper articles from the series "Bygone Days" written by Nadine Myers Farraioli, as well as a photocopied image of Nadine Farraioli, and articles about her and her husband's deaths.Newspaper0219
This folder contains photocopied newspaper articles about golf in Chemung County.Newspaper0220
This folder contains correspondence between Lisa Becker and J. Arthur Kieffer about Chemung County's newsletter mailing base, a copy of the CCMH meeting from 2003, newspaper articles about St. Patrick's Day in Erin, Kelly Falck, sunken treasures in local lakes, the purchase of St. Celcilia's Roman Catholic Church by a congregation in Brooklyn, an edition of the Elmira Sunday Telegram from 1954, an article from the Elmira Sunday Telegram in 1954 titled "Network of Hard-Surfaced Highways Build Since 1906," an article about "Trolley Days in Elmira" from 1948, an article titled "Elmira in the 1830's," pamphlets from the Chemung Valley History Museum, an edition of the Elmira City School District newsletter "District Dialogue" from 1998, editions of "Banknotes" from 1990-2003, an unbound copy of the Chemung Historical Journal from 1999, the Pension Certificate for Margaret Lydon from 1881, photocopied photographs, an essay titled "The Walking Purchase and the Wolves of West Elmira," a guide to the Elmira Historic Trail, a chronology of Elmira College, an edition of "American Canals" from 1984, an edition titled "Why the JAC' O'Lantern," and a sketch of the covered bridge over the Chemung River.Miscellaneous0221
This folder contains a photocopied sketch of Mayor Andre made at the Tapp[an Prison House, a photocopied map of the French and British Frontier in Canada, an edition of the Quarterly Newletter of the North Central Chapter Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology with a doodle on the front cover, an edition of "The Land Steward" from 2001, an essay about the circus in Chemung County, a photocopied section of a map of Elmira, a newspaper article in a plastic bag titled "old Photos Recall Building of Ill-Fated P.B. & E. Railroad Between Monroeton and Canton" from 1973 in the Daily Review, a list of the CCHS Staff in 2002, correspondence to J. Arthur Kieffer about the John W. Jones House's listing on the Register of Historic Places, partial photocopied maps, a newspaper article about William Tryon's death, and a record of payment from 1779 to John Laurence.Newspaper0222
This folder contains biographical articles about Pauline Sanders, Judge Charlie Swartwood, Jack and Maggie Howe, Richard Seem, Rev. Robert McNamara, Jean Sweeney, Rev. Edward Foy, Judge Samuel Castettino, Gary Stephens, Jemm Nelson, Theresa Hofbauer, Joan Nash O'Dell and Lucy Rossi Cesari, Joyce M. Tice, Floyd Sweet, Anthony Morrell, Sgt. John Denny, Sam Iraci, and Bob Oppenhaim.Biographies0223
This folder contains newspaper articles about the Elmira RotaryNewspaper0224
This folder contains a caricature of Archie Turner, a certificate of appreciation from the Kiwanis Club for J. Arthur Kieffer, the Annual Report for 2010 by J. Arthur Kieffer, a newspaper article about Clarence Briggs, a photograph of Pat and John Flory, the Municipal Historians Minutes from 2001 and 2003, the Historians Report for the Town of Chemung for 2012, Chemung County Historical Society Proposed 2004 Budget, and a newspaper article titled "Feeling Pull of Roots."0225
This folder contains an index of J. Arthur Kieffer's Photograph Collection.Index0226
This folder contains an essay titled "Marine Corps Command and Staff College: The Wartime Journals of Major General John Sullivan" by Lieutenant COlonel David P. Olszowy.Essay0227
This folder contains photocopied pages of "A Brief History of Chemung County," writing about the Sullivan Expedition from Kieffer, quotes from Kieffer about history, and an essay about Veterans Day 2006 by Kieffer.Essay0228
This folder contains photocopied images, handwritten notes by Kieffer, contact information for the Municipal Historians of Chemung County in 2005, photographs of Rorick's Glen Theatre, CCHS Board of Trustees Meeting in 2011, correspondence between Kieffer and Ruth Pierpont, and more photocopied photographs of people in Elmira.Papers0229
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