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Collection TitleCL 170 Chemung County Planning Department CollectionCreatorChemung County Historical Society
Processed By

The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by the Chemung County Planning Department in 2017.


This collection contains maps, aerial photographs, blueprints, slides, and papers from the Chemung County Planning Department.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Elmira Health-Housing Center Proposed Plan, corner of Water & Madison, January 1967.DrawingMC-01D-02F-08
Aerial photograph of the Water Street exit from Rt. 17, Elmira, ca. 1980s.PhotographMC-01D-02F-08
Map of Elmira-Chemung County Metropolitan Area suggested development pattern, 1962. MapMC-01D-02F-08
Map of Elmira-Chemung County Metropolitan Area land use, 1960. MapMC-01D-02F-08
Sanborn Maps of Horseheads, January 1931. MapMC-01D-02F-09
Map of Harris Hill Park, 1968. MapMC-01D-03F-01
Base map of the Village of Elmira Heights, 1967. MapMC-01D-03F-01
Map of undeveloped land west of the City of Elmira, 1958.MapMC-01D-03F-01
Zoning maps of the following Chemung County towns: Big Flats (1968); Catlin (1965); Town of Elmira (1967); Baldwin (1967); Erin (1964); Veteran (1968); Town of Chemung (1965 & 1917); City of Elmira (1981).MapsMC-01D-03F-01
(17) Aerial photographs of the following Chemung County locations, 1970-72: Downtown City of Elmira; South Town Plaza, Southport; Old Ithaca Road, Horseheads; Walnut Street Bridge, Elmira; Rout 17, Big Flats; Main Street Bridge, Elmira; Grand Central Plaza, Horsehads; Miller Street, Elmira; Village of Horseheads; Chemung County landfill; Park Station, Erin, Grandview Ave, Horseheads. PhotographsMC-01D-03F-02
Plans and plot maps for the following area projects: Big Flats Plaza (1989); Highland Terrace subdivision, Horseheads (1989); Ridge Haven subdivision, Horseheads (1989); Southport Correctional Facility (1987); Valley Acres subdivision, Horseheads (1979).MapsMC-01D-03F-03
Tax map of Breesport and eastern portions of the Town of Horseheads. MapMC-01D-03F-03
Zoning map of the Town of Horseheads, 1964. MapMC-01D-03F-03
Map of flood hazard areas in the Town of Erin, 1974. MapMC-01D-03F-03
Base development map of downtown Elmira, 1984. MapMC-01D-03F-04
Lot map of lands owned by Pyramid Company in Big Flats (Arnot Mall), 1978.MapMC-01D-03F-04
Map of Chemung County flood plain.MapMC-01D-03F-04
Plans and plot maps for the following area projects: Warehouse for S.M. Flicker Co., Elmira Heights (1976); Rea Express Building (1965); Chemung County Development Agency, Horseheads (1983); Coca Cola Plant, Elmira (1981); Optometric clinic, Elmira (1985); Chemung County Airport (1969); Airport runway extension(1974). MapMC-01D-03F-04
(2) Maps of Catherine Creek and surrounding area. MapMC-01D-03F-04
(10) Plans and plot maps of Park Station, Erin, 1967: park site plan; park boundaries; topographical study; dam site; youth camp site; recreation area. MapsMC-01D-03F-05
Map of Orchard Knoll-North Crane Road-Moss Hill Road area, Horseheads. MapMC-01D-03F-05
Department of Transportation study of Route 17 through Horseheads, 1969. MapMC-01D-03F-05
Department of Transportation District 6 functional classification of highways, 1969. MapMC-01D-03F-06
Site map of Chemung County Waste Disposal Milling Site and environs, Elmira, 1972. MapMC-01D-03F-06
Map of lands owned by the Village of Horseheads, 1967. MapMC-01D-03F-06
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