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Collection TitleMC 06 American LaFrance CompanyCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKimberly Richards, Rachel Dworkin
Date Completed:Spring 2006
Date Updated:February 2010
Provenance:This collection is a series of donations made by former employees and members of the LaFrance family.
Terms:Aerials, American LaFrance, Asa LaFrance, Blazes, Fire Trucks, The Phoenix, Pumpers, Truxton LaFrance.

American LaFrance, originally called the LaFrance Manufacturing Company, was established by Jon Vischer and Truckson LaFrance in Elmira in 1873. The company manufactured steam fire engines and other firefighting equipment. In 1900, it merged with several other firefighting apparatus manufacturers. In 1903, this new company became known as American LaFrance Fire Engine Co. In 1985, the Elmira plant was shut down by American LaFrance’s parent company, Figgie International, Inc. After years of financial difficulties and multiple owners, American LaFrance ceased production in January 2014.

Notes:More information can be found in the following collections: Biography Files (BF20-425, BF39-500); Archival Collection (CL 18 - Tom Byrne Papers, CL 11 - John Huonker/ Hi-Bar Collection, CL 91 - Broadway Middle School Library Files); Manuscript Collection (MC 12 - William Lacey Collection); Postcard Collection (PTC.2); Photograph Collection (PC 14, 15); Stereographic Cards (SC 04);  Maps, Architectural Drawings, Oversized (MP); and Subject Files (VF 265-020, VF265-025, and VF265-062).
Extent1.5 linear feet
Date Span1906-1996
AbstractThe American LaFrance Company Collection contains product guides, brochures, specification manuals, blueprints and publications regarding the company's fire engines and other fire equipment.

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Booklet - What you should know about modern Fire-Fighting Devices, American LaFrance, 1948.BookletA0605
Catalog - American LaFrance Fire Department Supplies, 1957.CatalogA0606
Blotter - Profits! The better your trucks, the better your profits. American LaFrance advertisment.BlotterA0701
Pamphlet - American LaFrance & Foamite Protection: A Complete Engineering Service for Extinguishing Fires, ca. 1920s. PamphletA0702
Pamphlet - Look Out Below! American LaFrance Fire Ladders, ca. 1920s. PamphletA0703
Pamphlet - The LaFrance-Yablick Smoke and Gas Mask for Firemen, ca. 1920s.PamphletA0704
Pamphlet - From Coast to Coast in Every State...American LaFrance Apparatus Leads, 1928. PamphletA0705
Pamphlet - Ladders Up! American LaFrance Fire Ladders, 1929. PamphletA0706
Pamphlet - Look Under the Paint and Nickle of American LaFrance Fire Apparatus for the Secret of Dependability, 1929. PamphletA0707
Pamphlet - American LaFrance Equipped...A Practical Piece of Fire Apparatus for Smaller Towns and Communities, 1930.PamphletA0708
Pamphlet - Wrecked! American LaFrance Service Branches, 1930. PamphletA0709
Advertisement - Guard Against Poisonous Gases with a LaFrance Gas Mask, ca. 1940s.HandbillA0710
Advertisement - A Truly versatile Airfoam Turret Nozzle by American LaFrance, ca. 1940s.HandbillA0712
Advertisement - American LaFrance Model 150 Stationary Dry Chemical Engine, Model 350 also available.HandbillA0713
Handbill - U. A. Air Force O-11A Crash Fire and Rescue Vehicle by American LaFrance, 1946.HandbillA0714
Advertisment - Foamite Air Foam Truck, American LaFrance, ca. 1940s.HandbillA0715
Advertisement - Alfcospray: The Adjustable Nozzle with a Real Wallop, 1948.HandbillA0716
Advertisment - Now…You can have From 300 Gallons to 4500 Gallons of Foam per minute! with American LaFrance Foamite Airfoam Generating Nozzles, 1955.HandbillA0717
Advertisment - American LaFrance Dry Chemical Engines: Stop Flammable Liquid or Electrical Fires with Quick-Smothering Dry Chemical, 1957.HandbillA0718
Booklet - American LaFrance Foamite Airfoam, Fire Extinguishing Systems, Trucks and Portable Equipment: Engineering Data and Other Useful Facts, 1958.BookletA0719
Advertisment - American LaFrance Equipment for 1st minute Fire Control: Fire Protection Equipment, 1958.HandbillA0720
Advertisment - American LaFrance Fire Extinguisher Chart, 1958.HandbillA0721
Advertisment - Fire Hose, American LaFrance, 1960.HandbillA0722
Handbill - Witten's Protectall Top from American LaFrance, ca. 1960s.HandbillA0723
Advertisment - The Metropolitan, American LaFrance, ca. 1920s.HandbillA0801
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