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Collection TitleMC 17 Theater CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByLee Kiesling
AbstractInventory still in process.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Program - Bells of Normandy, presented by Sallie Holman's Jollities and Comic Opera Company, Grand Family Matinee, Madame Angot's Daughter,& last appearance of Maratana, Opera House, September 14, 1878. ProgramA0211
Program - Concert by the Chemung County Musical Convention, Opera House, October 19, 1878.ProgramA0212
Program - Otto, A German, presented by Mr. & Mrs. Geo. S. Knight, Opera House, October 30, 1878. The Water Mill, an original recitation by Geo. S. Knight, Opera House, October 30, 1878ProgramA0213
Program - Jack the Giant Killer, presented by the only Liliputian Opera Company, Opera House, May 3, 1879ProgramA0214
Program - Big Bonanza, featuring W.H. Lytell & Clement Bainbridge, Opera House, August 28-29,1879.ProgramA0215
Opera House Programs - Kit, the Arkansas Traveller, starring F.S. Chanfrau, no date; Fatinitza, presented by the Ideal Opera Company, January 28, 1880; Unknown, starring John A. Stevens & Lottie Church, January 29, 1880; Pirates of Penzance, presented by D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, February 26, 1880; Humpty Dumpty, presented by Tony Denier's Pantomime Troup, April 22, 1880.ProgramsA0216
Program - Felicia, Or A Woman's Love, adapted from the french by A.R. Cazauran, Opera House, September 30, 1880. (Opera Glass).ProgramA0217
Opera House Programs - My Aunt's Advice & Patchwork, presented by Salsbury's Troubadours, November 25, 1880; A Woman's Faith, starring Agnes Leonard, presented by Frank F. Chapman's Superior Dramatic Company, December 6, 1880; Mme. Rentz's Minstrels, December 10,1880; My Partner, starring Louis Aldrich & Charles T. Parsloe, presented by the Superb Star Company, December 17, 1880; Shiela, An Irish Idyl, December 25, 1880; Minstrels!, presented by Barlow, Wilson, Primrose & West, December 30, 1880; Otto, A German, starring Mr. & Mrs. George S. Knight, January 1, 1881.ProgramA0218
Program - King of Babylon, venue & date unknown; excerps from an unknown play.ProgramA0219
Program - Otto, A German, starring & presented by Mr. & Mrs. Geo. S. Knight, Opera House, January 1, 1881; Herrmann and his European Specialty Company, venue not given, January 14, 1881; Messenger from Jarvis Section, presented by the B. Macauley Combination, venue not given, January 22, 1881; Jame Eyre, starring Maggie Mitchell & R. Fulton Russell, Opera House, no date; The Banker's Daughter, under auspices of A. M. Palmer of Union Square Theatre, no venue or date given; Our Goblins, presented by Wm.C. Mitchell's Pleasure Party, venue & date not given. ProgramA0301
Booklet - The Jubilee, 1881. Articles about the Fisk University Jubilee Singers, appearing at the Opera House, January 31, 1881 & February 1, 1881. BookletA0302
Program - The Hunchback, staring Miss Mary Anderson, Opera House, October 5, 1881. Opera Glass.ProgramA0303
Program - Macbeth, presented by Mayo's Grand Legitimate Company, Opera House, October 10, 1881. (Opera Glass)ProgramA0304
Program - Baron Rudolph, presented by & starring Mr. & Mrs. Geo. S. Knight, Opera House, October 14, 1881. (Opera Glass)ProgramA0305
Program - Humpty Dumpty, presented by Adam Forepaugh, Humpty Dumpty Comicalities, starring Geo. H. Adams, Opera House, October 25, 1881. Opera Glass.ProgramA0306
Program - Olivette and Fra Diavolo presented by Emma Abbott's Grand English Opera Company, Opera House, October 26, 1881. (2 copies) Opera Glass.ProgramA0307
Program - The Rivals, starring Jos. Jefferson, Opera House, November 4, 1881. Opera Glass. (2 copies)ProgramA0308
Program - School for Scandal, presented by Fanny Davenport and her Grand Company, starring Fanny Davenport, Opera House, November 8, 1881. Opera Glass.ProgramA0309
Program - Widow Bedott, starring Neil Burgess & George W. Stoddart, Opera House, December 7, 1881. Opera GlassProgramA0310
Program - Danites, starring Mr.& Mrs. McKee Rankin, Opera House, December 12, 1881. Opera Glass.ProgramA0311
Program - Patience, presented by Rice's Opera Comique Company, Opera House, December 17, 1881. Opera GlassProgramA0312
Program - My Partner, starring Louis Aldrich & Chas. T. Parsloe with a Superb Star Company, Opera House, December 19, 1881. Opera Glass.ProgramA0313
Program - All The Rage, presented by J.M. Hill's Original Comedy Company, Opera House, December 22, 1881. Opera Glass.ProgramA0314
Opera House Programs - Richard III, starring Thos. W. Keene, February 17, 1882; Harry Miner & Pat Rooney's Combination, February 23, 1882; The Professor, date unknown. ProgramA0401
Program - A Gay Time at Whymples, witten by William Gill, probably Opera House, January 30, 1882; Prairie Waif, presented by Buffalo Bill, (W.F. Cody), probably Opera House, no date; Haverly's New Mastodon Minstrels, presented J.M. Haverly, probably Opera House, no date; Edgewood Folks, starring Sol Smith Russell, probably Opera House, no date.ProgramA0402
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