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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 26 Health Care/ Hospitals/ MedicalCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Document - Listing past and present status of Appendicitis, medical and surgical. Includes information regarding inflamation and bursting of appendix. Includes case histories of patient's from 1878 - 1893. DocumentB0406
Medical Essay: Looking Through an Old Case Book, dated March 21, 1868. Case histories of interest to physicians.DocumentB0406
Document - Regarding Leukemia in 1903; includes case histories, Doctor Unknown. Also discussed are symptoms of Tuburculosis.DocumentB0407
Several loose pages regarding bone fractures and/or dislocations with names and dates of injury.Earliest year is 1873, latest 1889DocumentB0409
Pamphlet: Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, dated 1872, with illustrations of the nursery rhyme, extolling the virtues of several patent remedies by Dr. Pierce such as "Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets". Coutesy of J.L. Everitt, Elmira, N.Y., dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Fine Toilet Soaps, Brushes and Perfumery, Pure Wines and Liquors for medicinal use.PamphletB0410
C.C.H.S. Journal dated December 1986, titled "Medical Society's 150th".Contains many interest short "bios" of long ago doctors, including women, a history of the society, the creation of local medical facilities, what was available in the 1880's,etc.BookletB0411
Document - Regarding gun shots to the liver and the abdomin, complications of said ammunitions, and treatment of wounds. The year is about 1872.DocumentB0501
Program: Centennial of the founding of Chemung County Medial Society, 1836-1936, held November 21, 1936, Mark Twain Hotel.Lists addresses given,"The Doctor's Dream"(a playlet), officers of the Society in 1836 and the current(1936) ones.ProgramB0501
Document:a hand written address of several pages, appears to be given to the local Medical Society, on its function and the responsibilities of its members. Very hard to read.DocumentB0502
Document - A case of Primary Cancer of the Breast in a 49 year old Mother in 1874. In 1878 she applied to Dr. Leonard of Webb Mills for a medicine to purify her blood. On February 16, 1880, she was told she needed operative treatment. They removed the left breast.DocumentB0502
Document: hand written, dated August 1879,an address to The Elmira Academy of Medicine.11 pages.DocumentB0503
Document - March 17, 1888, C.F. Tud, in regards to a joint by the tibia on the right arm, which was swollen and painful. The doctor describes his treatment.DocumentB0503
Document: five hand written pages,appears to be a treatise on the symptoms of "delirium tremens" caused by alcoholism and its treatment, mostly medicines recommended.DocumentB0505
Document - Treatment of Stricture of the Urithea in the males. Includes methods of treatments, method of cutting, somewhere in the late 1800's.DocumentB0505
Document: a hand written treatise on the subject of "Pyaeuria" by E.A.Reilly, no date, appears to discuss "blood poisoning" as it is known today, septicaemia, and a beginning of understanding of Pasteur's theories regarding their causing infections.DocumentB0506
Document: a medical treatise titled: "Rational Surgery-Applied to the Teatment of Fractures", no date or names, appears very old.DocumentB0506
Document - About an old case book regarding the bowels, March 21, 1868. It gives different case histories of obstructions and cancer patients.DocumentB0506
Document - "Organic Stricture of the Urethea" according to Perreve, late 1800's.DocumentB0507
Document:hand written document of 12 plus pages, titled "Bronchial Cysts" E.A.M., April 1906.DocmentB0507
Document: a medical treatise on "Rectal Anaesthesia", noted Elmira Academy of Medicine, 1884, five pages.DocumentB0507
Document: hand written treatise titled:"Three Cases of Fracture in the Neck of the Femur".20 plus pages, no date or names.DocumentB0508
Testimony - Medical testimony by Dr. May Swan in Elmira's recorders court, February 15, 1869, regarding the use of opium.TestimonyB0508
Document:list of diseases and medical conditions,1884, 1892, 1895,possibly topics for study or lectures?DocumentB0510
Booklet - Constitution and By-Laws of the Elmira Academy of Medicine with membership list, 1910.BookletB0511
Document: hand written treatise titled:" Angular Curvature of the Spine", twenty one plus pages. No date or name.Indications and treatment particularly in the new born child.Documentb0513
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