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Collection TitleMC 32 Penal System/ PrisonsCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByLaura Zanda
Date Completed:Winter 2006-2007
Date Updated:August 2007
Provenance:This collection is a series of donations made by various donors.
Extent1 linear foot
AbstractThe Penal System/ Prisons Collection contains booklets and reports relating to the New York State Elmira Reformatory.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Annual report of the Educational Program of Elmira Reformatory. June 1937.BookA0201
Elmira Reformatory Department of Education annual report. 1937-1938.BookA0202
Chemung County Sheriff's Department Correctional Facility Visiting Rules and Guidelines. Inmate package list effective November 9, 1989.DocumentsA0301
Guide to Records of the Department of Correctional Services in the New York State Archives. (Draft) 1990.BookletA0302
Mary Dove information card: "Mrs. Mary Dove, domestic. House at entrance of Cemetery on Wanut St."DocumentsA0401
Newspaper issued January 13, 1884. Sunday Telegram.NewspaperA0501
Reformatory letter from Z. Brockway to Miss Gillette. September 28, 1881.LetterA0601
Letter from Miss Brockway to Billings Company? No specific date (1880s)LetterA0602
Listing of Dove family reisidences dating from 1876 to 1905.DocumentsA0603
Photograph of Mary Dove at 61 years of age. No date.PhotographA0604
Receipt for a brass gate valve from the Kennedy Value Manufacturing Co. March , 1914RecieptsA0605
Bills for roasted coffee for the reformatory dating from 1918 to 1930.DocumentsA0606-28
Pamphlet for "Laffs' and Chuckles'" (1934) and news article on the loss of Policeman August R. Machalke (August 1928).DocumentsA0629
"A Short History of the Board of Visitors: Elmra Reformatory, 1926-1969." Written by Asaph B. Hall (former member). February 9, 1976.DocumentsA0630
State of New York Select Committee on Correctional Institutions and Programs, Report No. 1. January 24, 1972.DocumentsA0701
State of New York Select Committee on Correctional Institutions and Programs, Report No. 2. March 15, 1972.DocumentsA0702
State of New York Select Committee on Correctional Institutions and Programs, Report No. 3. May 23, 1972.DocumentsA0703
State of New York Select Committee on Correctional Instituitons and Programs, Report No. 4. Interim Monitoring Report. September 15, 1972.DocumentsA0704
Series of letters of various subjects ranging from the resignation of the superintendent of the Reception Center at Elmira (1975), a letter to him from the commissioner (1970), a letter from Sheriff Draxler regarding the 1972 flood in Elmira (1972), and resume of Chester D. Owens, Superintendent of the Reception Center at Elmira.LetterA0801
Letter to John B. Wilmot from Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller and response letter from Wilmot to Rockefeller. 1976LetterA0802
Letter from Senator James L. Buckley to Superintendent Wilmot and response letter from Wilmot to Buckley. 1976LetterA0803
Letter to Mr. Andrew O'Hanlon from Superintendent John B. Wilmot. February 13, 1976.LetterA0804
Letter to the Honorable John B. Wilmot, Elmira Correctional Facility Superintendent, from Glenn M. Kendall. February 4, 1976.LetterA0805
Letter regarding "race partiality" in the Elmira Reformatory, possibly from an inmate to a higher official or historian. February 4, 1976.LetterA0806
Letter to Superintendent Wilmot from Senator William T. Smith. February 14, 1976.LetterA0807
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